BlackBerry Torch promo video shows off some features of BlackBerry 6

By Adam Zeis on 6 Aug 2010 03:09 pm EDT

Rolling right along with all the crazy news on the BlackBerry Torch and BlackBerry 6 we have a new promo video. The video shows off the device and some of the main selling features of BlackBerry 6. Its a pretty good spot and while obviously way too scripted actually shows off some great features (but I'm not sure that things like zooming on photos really needed to be included). In any case, it definitely gets me pumped for next weeks release. Check out the video above and if you haven't yet, read our BlackBerry Torch Review and BlackBerry 6 review.

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BlackBerry Torch promo video shows off some features of BlackBerry 6


of having a trackpad AND a touchscreen? Wouldn't you just choose one or the other for your navigation? Seems kinda pointless to me. Maybe others have some insight they'd like to share.

Try copy paste-ing precisely with the touchscreen.. Just try.. That's all I ask of you.. (Obviously you haven't owned the storms)
Seriously speaking I'm settled with the storm 2 form factor just make it thinner, double the processor mhz, quadruple the memory, better camera and battery life, oyeah add a trackpad and I'll jump ship in blink of an eye.. That would be my jizzphone...
I'm not too fond of phones with moving parts coz they tend to break faster..

Agreed copy-n-paste on my Storm is quite a pain, even just adjusting the cursor position.

Yeah and a higher res screen, better screen contrast. A larger screen. A more reliable/stable OS. Better graphics support (OpenGL), a more sophisticated JVM. Ability to store apps off of the RAM....

After each feature was mentioned in this video, I thought, "Finally". All this video does is show how far behind RIM is.

RIM are addressing the multimedia side of their business and thankfully this is in the right direction.

you could say the same thing about other smartphones and their security.

I'm going to bother reading comments on this site anymore, maybe the forums are better but there's way to whiners and android/iphone lovers on a blackberry fan-site

My BlackBerry 7250 had icons on the home screen before iPhones and Android phones existed....And all cars look the same.

ok, so the first chick is hot, but a few things that bug me, when the woman shows off search, whats up with that? either hit the search key and use the sceens keyboard, or just use the physical keypad without hitting anything, why why why add that extra unnessecary step

everything I have read, so far, indicates that what she did was unnecessary. You only need to hit the magnifying glass first when using the soft keyboard.

i know from first hand that she didnt need to hit that search button, just seems like adding confusion to a wicked function.

Will it run OS 7, or Blackberry 7 or whatever the hell they want to call it?

Nope probably not because RISM has no interest in supporting their consumer base. Want a marginally better Blackberry? Wait a year and they will will tack a little more memory and a slightly better camera in it.

What about the Processor?

Screw it we don't need it, we have a few spare processors from the 9700's we put out 8 months ago, lets just use those.


I can see the headlines a year or two from now...

Press Release

Former Blackberry giant Research In Motion purchased by HP NEW YORK, July 23, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) --

I'm excited about the Torch, but these ads are straight up cheesy, as someone said above. Not to mention they're showing all the functions that most other smartphones have. Lets inject a little creativity here, RIM.

Why everyone on this video is using BB with two hands.. One of the appealing features of BB is that you can operate it quite comfortably with one hand (apart of typing)..
Two hands operation remind me of Windows Mobile 5/6 with stylus.. hate it..

This has to be the cheesiest video from a large company I have ever seen... This would not make me want to buy that phone....lame!

I do still plan to get the Torch but if I had to judge my purchasing decision on these promos...I'd stick with my 8900. The features mentioned were not worth the camera time...only the webkit browser, BBM, and social feeds were worth mentioning to me...I'm sure there's better more marketable ways for RIM to promote this device.

Who the heck was that targeted at? "zoom in, zoom out, zoom in, zoom out". "Isn't that easy?" Don't be scared honey...It's just slow tecnology, it won't hurt you. I promise! That promo clip was almost offensive. Personally, yes...I'm looking forward to OS6. I don't need/want all the A/V bull sh*t of iOS or Droid. I want information, fast and clean. I think most BB users feel this way...hell, most have an ipod touch for their A/V stuff anyway...o well, I guess I'm officially old. Goldurn kids and their fangled trinkets and gadgets!

It's obviously aimed at the average person and not us BB nerds! LoL I'll be sticking with BB for a while. I'm about function and durability, which BB has. Being a police officer, I can communicate with my shift as a group off the radio when it's needed, and have photos sent to my phone instantly from dispatch when I need a positive I D right then. All on a device that fits in my pocket. I've had many phones over the years and my BBs are definately the best for me...

That was a very dry run. As if they mistakenly edited together all the first takes of the actors making sure they knew their lines.

i was just at AT&T....and was playing around with the TOURCH 9800. OS6 was totally awsome, the features and overall feel was great!!!!......BUT....OS6 running on that touch device was terrible. its was very sticky and lagged really bad. i was very surprise that the device performed that badly. My 9650 with OS6, bet it would run better on that compared to the TORCH. it was a great phone and felt great in my hands but the overall speed was awful. for all you guys wanting to cancel your contract with your current provider to go with ATT. think twice or go in and really get the feel for the torch. great looking but performance was terrible.

This could be the 2007 promo video for the original iPhone. Wow look, you click and it zooms into the area on the website where you click! And look at those on-screen movie controls! And TABBED BROWSING! Yawn.

EXACTLY what I would say in my comment to this.
:( It's so sad. Everything was so cliche and they only showed shit that every smartphone has done forever now. Boring...

You mean like if Apple made an iPhone4 commercial about how you can create now folders, multi-task (sort of) and have themes, like a 2007 BlackBerry promo?

At least when Apple implements something that was already on another device, they actually improve or at least redefine it (folders that automatically name themselves based on content, multitasking that doesn't hog memory or battery, etc) before claiming it as a "feature."

Apple multitasking doesn't hog battery because it's not real. You switch a program off the screen and it stops running. No updates, no progress, no loading, no anything.

2:08 mark. "This is better than my computer"...REALLY what computer you got that doesn't all bookmarks and past search history? His computer is just like the Torch, OUTDATED!!! All the features they showed other platforms already had since like 2008. How you announce a flagship device and your stocks fall?!?!?!

That first woman's pin so I can add her to my friends list! haha. I think I would pretty much buy anything she was selling!!!

How is that stupid? I observed that, too. Marketing images can be very powerful. As someone who doesn't feel represented in this ad I feel a little put off as well. Not a very good move by RIM.

You're really trying hard to be offended by something. The BBM ads covered a wide variety of racial and ethnic groups.

I didn't see a single actor in RIM's ad who was obviously born with innate German ancestry mixed with fifty percent Mexican genetics, sprinkled with some Italian and French heritage.

Maybe you're right. RIM must have something against me and wish that I not use their devices. You are sharp.

kinda sad after I watched this video, most of the "new" features exist already on other plateforms since long time.......

Did you notice OS6 is not very FRIENDLY touch for finger? OS6 is version of Palm OS or WinMo4/5 stylus..

Did anyone noticed how even on the RIM promos it has little lags when zooming in the browser or the "...zoom in, zoom out..."? amazing, RIM keeps making millions by selling us cheap outdated hardware that can barely support 6 months of updates as the ultra top must have... pathetic... and more so pathetic that i keep waiting for the really good one to switch, good thing I'm sitting down as I think I'll keep waiting... lets see if they kind of fix it with the Storm 3 but somehow I think I'll be disappointed again...

All I hear is, 2010 and it is too late for you RIM...

All those apple fanboys claim this device has nothing of revolutionary, but I say to them.

1.- IT IS 2010 and you've just got multitasking???
2.- IT IS 2010 and can you asure me that you can do whatever you want IN ANY situation? for example,
using gloves?,
while you are runing and sweating,
while you just want to rest your tumbs in the screen but cant touch anything to avoid activating it?,
can you do it all with one hand?
how about copy and paste?...

3.- IT IS 2010 and no apple fanboy can beat me to write on the keyboard but yes they all beat me at drinking fake beer and emulating an overlaping mouth.
4.- IT IS 2010 and how much time you had to wait to use BLUETOOTH!!!??
5.- Could you send and receive an email faster?
6.- IT IS 2010 and can you put a shortcut to ANYTHING in the screen?

My needs relays on production, not data comsuption, Won't buy an iToy just to play around with my HD cam recorder. I work, I dont have enough time to go to the park, or to hunt hotspots to make video phone calls. And if im at home I wont call from my cellphone.

But I do need to have control of what I type and what I do, and no keyboard is even close to the magnificient bb qwerty.

does rim really think everybody is retarded.
didnt the apple os system think of this over 2 years ago? its about time you caught up. i'm surprised you can copy almost all the same visual-like patents apple has. if only rim had come up with this a year ago then maybe i would have decided to keep my old blackberry a.k.a my exiting bold 9700, now that the new iphone 4 came out.. srry but your a bit too late.

But these are some of the worst ads I have ever seen...these people are almost creepy and all they are doing is talking about a phone...thats bad.

wow, this was pathetic, RIM - stop trying to be the poor man's Apple....

I am sad, this was such a horrible launch. It would be OK if they released a phone that was to spec with this generation of phones, but they aren't even close. This will be the first launch since my 7800 where I don't race to the store to upgrade. For now, I will stick with the 9700.

Really soft video here. Probably the cheesiest thing I've ever seen a company of RIM's calibre release. But honestly the whole slider thing and the people they chose for the video....zoom in zoom out zoom in zoom out airhead types...this is RIM trying to get 15 year old girls excited about BlackBerry. I think the rest of us should turn a blind eye and pretend this didn't happen seeing as right now I feel like they just labelled BlackBerry users as retards.

Furthermore, that's probably the worst first line of an advertisement, ever. "I love that I can update my friends while I'm doing...what I'm doing." SORT IT RIM, what is this, amateur hour?

actually this video promo could me much better if people be there more recognizable like celebes or something like that , but if not than video needed to be more motion than just colection of mini clips, but anyway well done!

Yes RIM is behind the curve. I think they know that. Is the video lame? YES IT IS! I must say that I'm a Verizon customer so I won't be getting the Torch. I'm eligible for an upgrade right now and my current phone is a Storm 2. I was about to click the upgrade button for the droid x but I developed cold feet. My wife has the htc evo and I think her phone is cool BUT! I don't like it enough to leave blackberry just yet. It seems something is missing. It might be against my better judgment but I'm gonna wait a few more months to see what may come about device wise for RIM. I could be waiting in vain but we will see.

Although I've moved to Droid Inc, it's good to see that BB is catching up and offering a web experience that seems to be on par with what's out there. For those who are quick to criticize BB for being late to the party, let's give RIM credit for trying.

I have a fondness for BB, since my first smartphone was Curve 8330. I don't know if I'll come back to BB, but if RIM keeps producing updated products maybe I'll consider switching back in the future.

Not trying to bash Blackberry, but Android has all of this already. This is the reason I switch from Blackberry (after 5 years) to the Android OS.

I dont get what all the excitement is....this phone offers NOTHING different that phones that have been on the market for years already had. RIM is sinking...all they have is their business segment...their market share is tanking. This phone will not help a thing.

I have to say, it is nice that they are finally including the device in the ad, as well as showing off what the phone can do (the ads not showing anything about the actual devices just seemed to not do anything for me).

The people showing off zooming features, and the search feature, just didn't seem to be very good at it. It really seemed like they were reading a script rather than enjoying the experience. Hopefully they will refine it before going live.

This advertising is clearly aimed at the "older" generation of BB users. Think about who are the majority of iphone/andriod users, the younger generation. Being a contractor I see a lot of older people using BB's for their work and personal use. They are not up on the latest and greatest smart phones out there and are very comfortable with their BB. The new OS6 features in this ad will entice them to stay with what they are used to and not to adventure into uncharted waters.

This video is like watching something from a year ago. Hello RIM...all of the other phones have been doing this for a while now. I just recently went from a Blackberry Tour to the HTC EVO and it is like going from a 1989 Ford Escort to a 2010 BMW 7 Series! Let's get it together RIM before you end up like Palm!

The features of BlackBerry 6 are great! But this ad campaign fails because none of the people featured in these commercials seem even remotely to be someone who's opinion I would value.

"… and the sound is wicked” !?!?!"

That had to be one of the worst lines in recent advertising. For just a moment, I thought I was watching a Christian Slater movie from the 80's. Advertisements of this sort are supposed to represent a friend or associate telling you about a product to convince you to try it (which for the advertiser’s sake means to buy it... I own a BB (obviously) but if any these people were talking to me about why they love their new BB6 so much, my reply would be, “whatever, man”. These ads are not clever, exciting, motivating, influential, entertaining, convincing or in any way even slightly interesting.

BlackBerry 6 may be a winner, but this ad campaign is definitely a loser!

Finally, a 9800 video with hot chicks instead of closeups of dweebs' hands. Numbers 1 and 2 are hot, buy where are the geezer models in this we-are-the-world ad? We fifty and sixty-somethings buy Blackberries too.

its not coming to verizon :(
its a GSM only phone, and it sucks because I don't like touch screen phones but the more I see and read about this phone...i want it!! VZ is stuck with the stupid storm...blah!