BlackBerry Bold 9650 spotted running BlackBerry 6!

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Jul 2010 03:34 pm EDT
BlackBerry Bold 9650 BlackBerry 6BlackBerry Bold 9650 BlackBerry 6

Bold 9650 users rejoice! Thanks to BBLeaks here are the first images of the latest CDMA device running none other than BlackBerry 6. We've seen loads of images and video at this point of the 9800, 9780 and even the 9670 all running BlackBerry 6, but here is the 9650 live and in the flesh ... er, plastic. While we're still not sure of an exact release date, we know that the 9650 will be getting an update mostly thanks to its 512MB of memory.

Source: BBLeaks

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BlackBerry Bold 9650 spotted running BlackBerry 6!


is under "options", then "about" - it lists (among other things) which device you have and what the current operating system is. this pic shows that a 9650 device is running OS which is the first time we have seen that as of yet!

I doubt any "9700" user will see this.
1. The OS6 is at this moment looking as if it will have a PHYSICAL hardware requirement of 512mb, alas as the 9700 only came with 256mb...
2. There were leaked images/posts of a "revamped" 9700 which if im not mistaken was the same as a 9700, just with 512mb...
What this means? If you have a 9700 unit running 256mb, you most likely will not see this...

may be he couldn’t make out the difference between 9700 refresh and original 9700.
Some confusion I guess!!!

I want to see the 256mb devices running OS6. Now that's some exciting news. We all know 9650 would've gotten it

If im not mistaken, every 9650 ive seen so far is running 512 already... unless your refering to the 9630... which still wouldnt happen...

I hope AT&T will treat BB owners the same way they treat iPhone owners with an early upgrade option for the 9800.

And looking at the screen, I feel like it's being run on an emulator, and not the phone itself. Not sure why I think that, but that's what it looks like for some reason.

9800 uses both touch AND trackpad modules. I'd imagine that with pinchview and all the fancy touch functions count for a good enough percentage of that

I've only had my 9650 for one day and this comes out! I can't wait for it to release :)

I think I'm more excited about this release than I was about OS 5! We need a video walk through of this running on a 9650!
What are the bets? A month before it's leaked?

I won't get excited until I see one of the 256mb devices running OS6, preferably my 9700. Otherwise, I'll be buying the 9800 when it comes out.

I'm sure a nice theme will fix that. Or maybe the dock minimizes? With one screenshot, it's very difficult to tell.

I'm with others, someone leak this already!

finally!! yes I just got my 9650 for Sprint a few days ago and this is a great sign.. can we see the OS leak soon? hopefully!! :)

I read on that the 9800 is rumored to be released next week with OS6. If that is true, won't a leak be available shortly after? If a device is out there for the public to use, one would think the OS would be available from someone.

A leak has to come from a carrier who is testing it for that device. A 9650 leak won't come from people getting their hands on the 9800.

i would agree - as soon as a device comes out with this OS someone will leak it for other devices within a week or so. #fingerscrossed

make os6 run on my Curve 8530 and then we'll talk. i'll be pissed if we're not able to continue updating software.i hate when companies leave the older models(one year old models) in the dust forever.

excuse me. i thought the whole point of this site was to be able to ask questions and get an answer. thats all i do. its not like i dont know anything about blackberries and i'm happy to help whenever i can. im not an asshole about it like bold1193. and i dont laugh at ppl when they ask 4 my help either.i'm happy to help and i enjoy helping sum1 else learn more about blackberries. cuz i luv them and i know if theyre asking they r gonna luv them too. i get the feeling neither of u guys r nearly as smart as u think u r....

It is a possible hint that Verizon and not Sprint might be the first one to release OS 6.0 on the 9650!!

go fuck ur self u piece of shit! excuse me! that's the 1st i ever heard about sprint getting 0s6 1st! doesn't matter anyways. the real question is which phones will b able to get os6 at all.... call sum body else a dumbass dickface!!!

I say one thing and you think i am ragging on you, all i was saying was that the leak was shown on a Verizon phone, thats all, nothing to go apesh*t about. i was just excited to see it on my carrier first. Whatever way you took what i said I'm sorry you took it that way man, Never meant it

well the subject of ur post was dumbass. i dont know how i took that wrong. i was asking a legit question. instead of just answering my question u called me a dumbass and then answered my question.
since i knew the 9650 was on verizon and i didnt know anything about sprint getting the os 1st. i was confused. so i asked.
i guess i over reacted too. sorry

rim will release the software, but if they do for the 9650 it will be release for all not just a certain carrier. It is pointless just to release it for one carrier for a certain model. So if they relase it for 9650 its going to be for all the carriers. Since the 9650 is a quadband phone, not a cdma since it does have a sim card slot it is made for gsm and cdma.

3G CDMA with an unmistakable red slash (note the top of the icon it's behind on the bottom row and you see the top of the red line as well) and you've got yourself a verizon 6.0, good call! I was going to hold off, but it looks like it's time to upgrade my tour after all!

i didnt realize there was any doubt about them getting os 6. they just gave up testing on the storm but its only got 256 of memory. so of course its not gonna get it. at least i think it seems fairly obvious any phone with less than 512 isnt going to get os 6. lately ive been hearing they may get the new webkit browser but not os 6

Looking at the home screen, it says "activation required". I have the same problem on my 9650 from Sprint (I live outside the US, using a sim card). How can I get rid of that?

it may just have to do with a setting on the phone. You may need to go into manage connections and choose moble network options and make sure network technology is set to global or even gsm/umts. I hope that helps

OS 6 looks good, but will it fix the reception problems of the 9650? Hopefully, it will. It seems to be a major problem with this device, but I can't get an answer from anyone about it. Wanna impress me? Fix the damn reception problem!

1st I've heard of a reception prob with the 9650. R u sure it's the phone and not the carrier. i always thought verizon was pretty good as far as reception but i'm just sayin

I wasnt aware of any reception problem. I have had mine for 30 days now(looks like I am keeping it) and always have outstanding reception. Maybe you're in a bad coverage area?

I switched from a well-worn 8130 to the 9650 a couple of weeks ago (both Verizon), and immediately noticed that places within my office where I used to have moderate to weak signal on the 8130 had no bars for the 9650. My wife has also been complaining that I sound like I'm in a tunnel on the phone, which was never an issue before. Per the forum suggestions, I took out the SIM card and set it to search for 1XEV, but haven't seen an improvement so I'm hoping a new OS will help.

I too experienced some reception issues. That was until I installed the Alltel 9650 Official OS release that came out last week. Since then I haven't had any issues!

It seems that my 8830 got slightly better reception than my 9650 and my wife's 9630, but I haven't really seen any reception problems. Even performing the apple grip of death doesn't seem to cause any problems (although I do lose some bars, whatever that signifies).

you may need to do a tower update on your phone which is dial *228 and then select option 2 from the verizon covered area. But there has been a lot of coverage issues lately with verizon. I work for alltel and i have the 9650 and i love the phone, it could also just be a bad batch of phones.

I think it will, since the tour runs the same OS version and has identical problems. Let's hope that verizon just pushes this 6.0 next rather than attempting another patch for the 9630/9650 series.

I never usually do leaked OS but if(when) this one leakes im all over that!!!!! shout out to all the 9650 owners out there :-)

I am losing faith everyday that RIM will have a 6.0 update for us Tour users. Oh well, probably going to make the jump to android or windows anyway.

i could b wrong but it seems pretty obvious the phones that have 512mb will get os6. and i dont see y any1 would b so surprised to c a phone with a trackpad get it. the clam shell had os 6 running on it n that video. i dont think any phone with less than 512mb on it will get os6. i really dont c how they could. it takes almost 256mb to run os6. maybe phones with less than 512mb will get sum kinda watered down version but thats all. and ive been hearing they might get the webkit browser

Had a Tour....switched to a droid incredible. It's not froyo, but this looks promising. I'll be interested to play with one of the newer blackberries running 6.0.

Yea boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! I can't wait to get my 9650 in a couple weeks. I can care less for android. BB does everything I need it to. I don't need to be a follower and go to android.

.. really? lol cmon. for a long time the blackberry has been the staple device of the *in* crowd and still holds 41% of the market. what a hypocritical comment. people going android are in no way being followers.. considering android's infancy still i'd say they are stil within the realm of early adopters to an up and coming platform.

the first thing i thought when i glanced at it was that it looked exactly like OS5 with a theme on it.

Wish I could bring myself to be excited. But this doesn't seem to be anything else but a cosmetic change, very reminiscent of the change from 4.5 to 5. A storm in a teacup. Water under the bridge. Another sstar in a starry sky. Unless of course, it comes with the Webkit browser. Unless, of course, the Webkit browser turns the Blackberry bbrowser from absolutely horrendous, to passably mediocre. Time will tell. Oh yes. It will.

That 512 MB is not enough. Come on RIM 4 GB should be a minimum for any smartphone these days. At the very least, let users run apps from a memory card.

I was hoping that the 9650 came with OS 6, but I'm kind of glad it didn't. Now we have a choice of what OS we want on our device. Since we already have 5.0, we can always use it as a backup in case OS 6.0 is quite buggy. I'm hoping OS 6.0 will have all of the kinks worked out.

Can anyone explain the platform numbers to me? I don't understand why the screens of the 9780 show a platform of 6.5 and this of 4.4.whatever.

I know it probably doesn't mean much and most likely has to do with CDMA vs GSM vs Touch Screen vs Trackpad or whatever.

Just curious.

at least 512mb phones out now will be getting it

though sure blackberry could let you update all your current phones but look at iphone 3g users. their i0s 4 updates are slowing down and draining their batteries faster. For the win right? lol

SOOO excited!!! Realise already!!!!!!! I just got the bold yesterday and I LOVE IT!!! now ready for os6!!!:) Surely if they found this then it has to be around the corner right????????

It's funny to see all the jealous 9700 owners. When the 9700 came out all 9700 owners did was rub it in the CDMA customers faces that they always had the best BB and then the 9650 is out and you stood by your processor and battery for a battling ground.
The dust has settled and the 9650 will definetly be getting the 6 upgrade and it's a coin toss wether the 9700 will.
Just funny to see the "proud" 9700 owners jealous of a crappy CDMA berry as you called it. Lol

Hey douche bag...all of the newest devices (9800, 9780...more to come)are all on GSM. SUCK IT! You can have that lame ass clam shell.

Just mad all of RIM's "flag ship" devices are always GSM??

Who ever stood on a platform and proclaimed the 9700 to be the 'flagship?' Sounds like some Crackberry members have been bamboozled by their own propaganda. The Bold 9650 has a 'red and white accented keyboard' as well as 512MB, both of which the 9700 lacks. Assuming, arguendo, that the 9700 has better battery life and a better processor, it still has half the memory that the Bold 9650 has, does it not?

So next time someone proclaims the 9700 to be the 'flagship,' they'd better show us where RIM has said that in writing. Or hold their horses. And, eh, CDMA users can have the lame Clamshell, just as GSM users can have that lame slider, right? All a matter of perspective, without the 'Douche Bag' which can be found in high-scale retail stores.

The 9700 is clearly the flagship full qwerty GSM device. And obviously the 9650 is the flagship full qwerty CDMA device. Simple.

Wanna take it further? The 9700 has better battery life and maybe a better processor, but the 9650 has more memory and paraphrasing you, a performance enhancing red accented keyboard. Personally, I would take better battery life over more memory, but I would also take Sprint over At&t, hence why I own an 9650. The red accented keyboard is the icing on the cake.

Hey Working class hero
we will pick this convo back up when I go to mcdonalds to grab lunch and you serve it to me.

Good job sounding like a total tool I didn't even have to say anything bad about you.

Hopefully if they don't come out with the update for the storm 2, they come out with storm 3!!!

Oh and is it just me or are people really jumpy on this post. Lol

Its neither BB OS nor BBM nor BIS nor security …..that made me hold onto my present BB bold. The only reason is that I could not find any other phones with qwerty in BB form factor (esp Bold). I hate sliding keyboards. I always wonder why other mfg do not make phone similar to bold……esp from android maker. I always wanted android as my OS on my bb. Finally samsung galaxyQ is on the way to fulfill my wish……1gh processor, 512 dedicated RAM, 8 mp camera, android 2.2, optical track pad, 3" touch-screen with BB style keyboard…..Hellooooo RIM ……Did you hear that?? Can't wait to see this monster!

BBM: I do not use anymore as all my frens jumped into android & iphone wagon.
New OS6: Still way behind android & other smart phone platform.
BIS: This is expensive plan and not available everywhere….esp I travel to china frequently
Security: Hell with that. I don't care if someone is reading my sms & emails. Cox I never email or put sensitive stuffs on my phone. As for receiving emails in real time ….. there's option available in android, WM…you can get same like in bb.

Having said that…..i really like my BB but I'm really sick & tired of waiting for sth to happen. I'm not asking much…..I just want that RIM update their device & at least keep up with android & iphone. This is 2010 and look at other competitors. RIM life is gonna be like Nokia very soon. I wonder what RIM employees do all day…. I want to work for RIM………Getting paid for doing nth.

BB just released where it would let 3rd party developers to make apps for the android so they can speak to people who have BBM.

Droooiidddd...These screem shots are nothing to get excited about, everyone with a 9700 should not have to upgrade for a theme how much space could it take up???

ugh, so gay.. their FLAGSHIP model gets shitted on with this 9780 refresh and everyone with a 9700 is shit out of luck... =[

Well this is pretty nifty. I just got my 9650 as a warranty replacement for a 9630 today. I hope the OS6 is worth me fighting to get this phone. I'm gonna need it soon because Opera Mini isn't working so well on this and I'm not sure I wanna get into Bolt. Bring on the BB Webkit!

Personally I think the new OS is Bullshit! We as the the ones that keep RIM in business as loyal users should not have to go out & buy a new device!!! I have a TOUR got it when it first came out & love it! But now RIM is telling me my BB is outdated & I can't update to OS6 because my device does not have enough RAM! Can't wait until me & many other BB users contracts are up...let's see how many people will switch over to another OS, my bet it will be a lot.

Loyal = Juicy fruit.

You should milk most juicy or lusty once.
And for RIM you proved to be very juicy..
So, you will be squeezed to give best of you hard earned money.

RIM loves their loyal customers.

The pics of the 9780 showed 306.1 MB free space running OS 6. To me, this would mean 9700 would get OS 6 with 50ish MB for apps? Not great but not horrible, and certainly not 'abandonment' lol







if you type a little louder...

My bb is a monster phone to me. It does everything I could ever want and I don't need to carry a charger alongside it.

You are right the BB is more towards work related and the android is more of a phone for leasure purposes. I have both and i love both. The newer androids have bigger internal memory then the old androids. But Androids are basically googles version of the I phone.

like the guy said if you want a complete phone go get one dont try and shhhhhh a loyal BB owner who is telling the truth

...and no one has to keep a charger with them I have a Droid X and it last all the day long, lol you manage what you do and how you do it.. BB doesnt even make phone with enough RAM to work a new theme that is 6.0....lmao :)