AT&T BlackBerry 9800 Slider bares it all for the camera

By Adam Zeis on 24 Jun 2010 03:53 pm EDT
AT&T BlackBerry Slider 9800

The BlackBerry Slider/Torch 9800 has been pictured plenty of times now, but today it finally let it all out and showed off once again. The latest round of photos snag pretty much every imaginable angle of the device leaving nothing to the imagination. From here on out there really isn't anything on it we haven't seen, although we still don't know for sure just what it will be called or even when it will be released. It's kickin' it on AT&T and running BlackBerry 6, and even though we got our fill on video already, it's never a bad thing to see some more. Plenty of photos over at Engadget to feed your appetite. 

Source: Engadget
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AT&T BlackBerry 9800 Slider bares it all for the camera


Is it just me or does it look better now than before? The extra space around the keyboard seems to have lessened. Looks interesting!

The lighting seems to be darkening the bezel, making it look like black chrome, which IMHO looks gorgeous.

This is one device that I think will look exceptional blacked out...

Agreed, it looked good with the silver chrome bezel, but it looks gorgeous with the black chrome bezel. I'd still prefer a less rounded bottom edge, but this thing is looking very nice aestetically!

Make the hardware top notch, get a rock solid build quality, and of course squash all the bugs (no Storm 1 type issues please), and I'm ditching my iPhone 3GS for this thing in a heart-beat. Yeah, I want to get an LTE phone when it comes out, but this is looking too good to resist! Silent touchscreen BlackBerry on AT&T ... I'm sold. :)

A friend of mine has a Palm Pre that looks smaller than this slider, also keys on the Pre are small and recessed that they are hard to type with. My hands are huge so the only keys that really work for me was the older Curve but these will soon as they release the f%@&%g phone..

serious if AT&T offered me that phone for free, I'd decline and opt to pay for something else out of pocket. Its really nothing to WOW about. I'm betting the sales won't be all that either

It looks wonderful, but damn, gonna be a while till Canada has this, BELL GET THIS PLEASE!

If this is Storm 3 doesnt come out by December, Im going iPhone 4.

garanteed that we see this on Rogers within a week or so of AT&T either before or after. Many BB's launch in Canada before or at the same time they do in the states... RIM is afterall a Canadian company.

Is that a front facing cam on there or has RIM just reworked the look of the LED indicator? Theres been rumors for years about BB developing phones with front facing cams for video conference use, and I think if RIM wants to stay competitive in the business and personal phone sectors, they should definitely consider making that a reality sooner rather than later. Although I love the BB physical keyboards, this just isn't going to be the "iPhone killer" unless RIM adds some serious memory (the bold 9000 is terrible in this regard), speed, and multimedia functionality (with videoconferencing and HD video recording being at the top of the list).

Please don't disappoint RIM! That DroidX is looking sexier every day!

I am 99% sure it is the LED.

This phone looks just like my first smartphone, the VZW HTC XV6600 (also called the HTC BlueAngel).

I wish it was on VZW instead of AT&T, but I guess VZW has had 2 years of BlackBerry touchscreen. Time for the GSM folks to gain it.

It seems the more and more i see it, the better it looks. I like the screenshot of the free memory though.. 290MB ...can't get any better than that! Not too much a fan of this form factor but i will like to try it out!

Why does it seem like RIM is always late to the party??

It's the same old screen with the 480x360 res where as all the Android phones are 640x480 and larger. The iPhone is even higher res.

No front facing camera. And I wonder what is the main camera like...

I love Blackberrys, but RIM is making it really hard for me to not look elsewhere.... :(

The rim os is still farrrrr better than those other device. The competition is adding all these features for the consumer: video streamers, face time, etc. Rim has a corp fan base and then the consumer isn't second but their not trying to match the androids and iPhones on Every feature

When was rumored awhile ago to be coming to Sprint, I thought it looked a little "clunkier," but I was still interested in it.

Now that time has passed, I like it even more and wish it would come down the CDMA route at some point

looking much better i kinda like it but will have to wait to see how it performs out in the wild :)

When I foirst heard about this phone, I thought it was a horrible idea. Like I wanted to slap the designer in the face because it seemed that ugly.

But as time goes on, I really want this phone to come out on Sprint, becasue I am in love with it!

I will switch to Bell or which ever carrier ends up getting this in Canada....I will break my contract for this...I will buy an unlocked version....or i could just hope and pray that the good folks at crackberry find it in their hearts to bless me with one :-D

I wonder is Sprint ever going to get a touch screen blackberry? I love the functionality of my tour but I'm ready for a new phone and will not waste my upgrade on the new bold. I would love to see this slider come to the sprint network after it does poorly in sales on AT&T!

This looks like the same under-the-cover configuration as the new CDMA Tour, and the battery life ont that thing is not good (from what I've read and seen from a friends tour). The 9700 seems to have a much larger battery, and I can go days without hitting the charger under normal use. Hope there's some magic in that smaller battery that will give this phone a chance.

I bet 50 bucks KEVIN already has a 9800 come on kevin give us a wink we will take it as a yes

I would have preferred a horizontal pop-out keyboard, but its a slick device none the less.

I'm gona wait for info on the storm 4, before I make any new device move.

I still would like someone to drop this on a scale for me. I'm concerned about the weight of the thing.

Oh, and I have never ever needed a front facing camera. 9.5 out of 10 of us couldn't give a hoot about that being on there.

that may be true now, but when every other high end device features a front facing cam and video, RIM is once again going to be playing catch up to integrate features that the majority of consumers expect to see in such a phone. Look at the current high end smartphones coming to market...all of them feature front facing phones (DroidX, iPhone, Samsung Captivate, etc...). That means its not such a niche market anymore.

Sure a lot of phones may have a front facing camera actually use it? Only 34% of Skype users use video and Skype is way more convenient on a computer.

A Network called Three tried to push video calling, they even gave you free video calls, when 3G first arrived in the UK. Nobody bothered with it then, and nobody bothers with it now. You don't hear anything about video calls in Three's advertising anymore.

It's fun for the first 5 mins, but after the initial wow factor you won't use it.

Rogers did the same thing in Canada. They even offered free video calling when you bought one of the capable phones and it didn't fly. This was a few years ago.

I beg to differ; the front facing camera is one of the selling points of Sprint's new HTC EVO. More and more people are relying on social apps like Skype to remain connected with far-flung family members. Business users are beginning to find video conferencing invaluable, and that contrivance can hardly be achieved by a back-facing camera. I would certainly love to see that feature, though not at the expense of the back-facing one.

when this first showed up in leaked pics i was certain that it would be a device that i wouldn't be interested in....but he more i see video and pics of it i cant help but get anxious for this to release on AT& of now i am sold on it and the only test it has to pass is the hand test: if it feels good in hand and typing on it then it shall be mine

But why only AT&T?! Yea that def doesnt sit well with me. Its such a great Slider! Best of both worlds. No!!!!! AT&T your the devil

Glad they got rid of that silver trim.
All that ever did was flake off and make your phone look old and damaged.

On the screenshot with the memory, it has "applications storage", "built-in media storage" and "media card storage"....does that mean 9800 has also an on-board memory of 4GB got media?!?!!! ?!?!?!

Certainly implied that there is 4GB there not counting the microSD card. Also the implication that it can't be used for Applications. No idea what it really means...

I'm not sure what it means either.

One would hope that it would be user adjustable between how much would be "media" and how much would be "application". Obviously until we get our hands on it there'd be no way to know if it was, but to me it'd make sense to do it that way.

exactly. wussup with the internal memory? why not make more of that avaiable for apps? phone looks sweet.

sorry Rim.. way too late to the party.. i wonder how many people ditched their outdated blackberry and bought an iphone this week. Im waiting to see reviews on the Droid X and gonna drop my 9700 and never look back

If I didn't know better, I would consider it all a grand conspiracy. As long as the iPhone is an At&t exclusive, I don't want it. A lot of folks feel that way. Why Apple would chose to make such a counterintuitive agreement is beyond me. The iPhone is currently successful on At&t; arguably the worst carrier in the US according to the latest polls. Imagine how well it would have done if it was on all carriers like Blackberry. I certainly would have tried it by now. I am hungry for the rich graphics, the engaging interactive tasking, and the beautiful browsing experience.

So, yeah, a lot of people are effectively 'trapped' with their Blackberrys because the iPhone is not available on their favorite networks. The HTC EVO was a close contender until its horrendous battery life permanently knocked it out of the race. We'll see what the future brings. This much I can say for sure: I am getting cold feet with my beloved Blackberry. Never thought I'd see the day...


Earlier this year, CrackBerry released images of the scrapped touch Bold phone. The touch Bold design was as wide as the original Bold 9000, but its screen was a touch screen AND it contained the full qwerty keyboard also.

I can't remember exactly what the CrackBerry article said, but RIM decided to terminate the touch Bold model because it decided to move onto a more viable touch screen design.

I like it a lot but kind of wish the on-board media memory was the app memory... 4gb for media and not for apps sucks.

Looks like the same crappy battery door that is on the 8900, hopefully the one on the slider isn't loose like the 8900's....And the iphone can lick my sack!

They should stick to HD photos to trick people into thinking this phone is hot.

Like a fat chick on facebook...shoot it from the top. dont show the wasted space and with angles.

Was on the CC and JIm just mentioned that OS 6.0 will supprt dual profiles (personal and corporate). That is a big plus for this device.

Does anyone find it odd the pics were taken from an iPhone? Could have at least used a real camera instead of a toy....

Look how bad the top and bottom line up in the last two pics (37 & 38). I sure hope it isn't a cheap sliding mechanism.

....that this device would arrive at T-mobile 1st. Lets think about it for a min:

AT&T: Always with the superior devices and trying to have superior service against the competition.

T-mobile: Always getting 2nd best devices and also having not-so-superior service.

BlackBerry 6 is late to the game and still will continue to use very (yawn) plain animation to gain access to various menus on their phones.

BB 6 looks like BB 5.0 but in touchscreen format and now featuring Apple web-kit internet.

is it just me or is that phone wider than the 9700? looks great either way! im gettin this one

What's the point if it doesn't have a touch screen...and why can't RIM roll out a new OS faster...Android and Apple are constant making updates but RIM seems to be lacking in that department..not to mention that there are new Android and Apple phones every year!

It is a touch screen. RIM comes out with new phone and OS updates nearly every year. The more mature an OS, the fewer the updates it will get. Android is going to be switching to only two or one updates a year from now on.

I hate blackberry. Nothng new about it. Even with a new phone release. OS still the same. Even with an OS update. Will they ever make a come back? I'm
leaving for the Evo and not looking back.

I have the Tour and really really getting bored of
the features.

EVO all day....

Hate me or Love me...

Okay so you hate it and all things BlackBerry, don't be an A double S, just leave and don't drop comments. That is so immature. I hate to have to comment, but it is comments like yours that make me think you are 12 or just a shiny object type. So go have phun with your new Ifone 4 and enjoy that all new multi-taksing thingie.

Some of us with large hands (hands your girlfriend would like) will enjoy using a large form-factor device like this.

Now go sod off, punk.

Better learn how to read:

Fuck You and your dumb large hands. Aint my fault you got dumb fingers. Maybe your girlfriend might wanna play with my New Evo. MY screen is bigger than yours! SISSY

Sissy Ass fingers... PUNK!

Oh yeah, Fuck a Iphone.

I'm tring to get excited about this phone but can't. It has the worst of all the features, a small keyboard, thick, and fugly.

It's sad if this is the best phone RIM can come up with.


Did anyone else notice the 1250 mah battery? Not very good, hopefully it will be upgraded on the final model.

I'm just not feeling this phone at all, and AT&T is.....AT&T. I have an 8900 now and looked at the "new" 9650, although it has differences, it just looks and feels like any Blackberry released a year go. Now they have trackpads, joy. Same outdated OS, same crappy web browser, and nothing really new or innovative.

I am seriously considering dumping Blackberry and getting an HTC Incredible.

Yea as a INC owner, it is the best move you will ever make. This is just sad...I would buy a sleek palm before getting this Crap...

And to think they made that horrible music yoga video for these...

Hey where is the clam shell so I can laugh some more.

the phone looks too big for me. i had the palm pre for a year, and i am not really a fan of sliders anymore. but its a blackberry, and with blackberry 6; i would check it out if it ever lands with sprint.

Can someone please answer my question? Let's retrace history. The original Bold 9000 was released in November 2008. The successor Bold 9700 was released in December 2009.

If the Bold 9800 is intended to succeed the Bold 9700, wouldn't the 9800 be released not earlier than November of this year? Maybe even December of this year?

Because RIM decided to label their Tour 2 as a Bold, it's difficult to keep track of the Bold product line.

By the way, why would RIM want to redesign the Bold as a slider instead of just improving on the original design of the 9000? I'm confused. RIM already has the touchscreen flagship device - the Storm.

Oh well. I just wish we could get some hard facts about release dates for the 9800.

Its still the same resolution and size display and processor as my 2 year old storm. This device is irrelevant. They upped the ram in current blackberries thats it. In the same time all other manufacturers have doubled processor speed and screen resolution.

I just went from an 8350i (Nextel) to an 9650 (Verizon) and the difference is like night and day. The problem is that Apple and Android are out of this World and RIM is still "stuck" in Canada. I don't think that the Slider or whatever they're going to call it will cause any excitement for Blackberry. Those of us that have Blackberry's know that they are great divices and stick with them for a variety of reasons. But the market has changed and Blackberry is becoming old technology. Sad to say but if RIMs best efforts to date is the Slider they may become obsolete or another Palm. How sad that would be......

First and foremost: The Bold 9000 is the benchmark.

Among all the devices I have carried and could carry, the Blackberry Bold 9000 is my choice.

I support any chance for growth with that phone as it's blueprint, backbone or big brother.

I Phone or Droid: I will Pass

Unlocked Nokia & Blackberry Bold are the lineup to go with when using a PDA or smartphone on AT&T.

- They work alot better on the network and are capable of more than Android and Apple Products.

Plain and simple.

They work as a mobile phone should when it comes to data usage. Not to mention the easy access for entertainment as well. Stream music, radio shows, Police scanners, and download all the podcast you want. Watch movies, TV shows, Cartoons.

The closest thing to a Lab-top I have found in years inside the industry and researching phones.

The consumer doesn't lie and people do still have major bucks they are spending on Blackberry's. RIM must be doing something right.

The Blackberry 9800 is a great example of a company listening to it's consumer's and basically saying. "Here yo go. You asked for it, I hope you like it?"

People are going to get what they want.

-New OS, Keyboard, Touch, Size, Functionality, and More.

who would buy that phone? really iphone4 just released on AT&T, Iphone 3gs is $99, New HTC phone coming out, really who would by this dated phone? wow 290mb of space for apps... what a joke

WTF do you think apple is offering?? FYI.. it is also freaking 512MB for 4g, 3G 128MB and 3Gs 256MB. Also FYI.. RIM sold 11.2 million phones this quarter and you don't worry about that as people are aware what does what..if you have ever used the blackberry you will know the answer

Listen, I LOVE Research in Motion and support their business model, but I have to agree with those who say that RIM is stuck on outdated hardware.

Just look at RIM's competition: iPhone 4, HTC Droid Incredible, EVO

I LOVED the Bold 9000 - it was TRULY RIM's first flagship phone - a completely new redesign of the hardware, qwerty keyboard, and OS.

Now look at RIM. They scrapped the original Bold 9000 design and now EVERY RIM phone looks nearly identical - just compare the Tour, Bold 9700, Bold 9650 - almost all look identical.

I am worried about RIM. Can RIM truly compete with the 21st Century advancements in smartphone hardware? Let's be honest. The original iPhone REVOLUTIONIZED the ENTIRE smartphone industry - EVEN RIM acknowledges this fact. Because of the iPhone, the smartphone industry became HUGELY popular. Since the iPhone, every smartphone manufacturer has tried to emulate the iPhone's hardware success - even RIM.

Will the 9800 cause any consumer demand? I don't know but I'm afraid to find out. Almost all smartphones are going exclusively touch screen.

UGHHHH, I wish that LED indicator was a front facing camera. Why doesn't RIM add a cam there and make the trackpad glow as the indicator light. That might be sexy.

I don't know, but some how I feel it's not a really that big deal
To upgrade from 9700.

Hope RIM comes up with more than vga resolution and good hardware,
RIM should come up with pen drive support, plug in your BB to read and write to pendrive.

Argh Att? You can't be serious...I wonder if I can get this device unlocked to work on a TMO network. What do you guys think?

Ever since the Iphone data plans starting changing I've had a feeling the AT&T wasn't gonna be the only ones having exclusivity. Either way this better come to Verizon, it looks far better than when it was introduced. I'm waiting for a storm 3 however. I've given up my slider qwerty days. They can be so inconvenient sometimes.

THe palm pre was looking good, I think there is a mismatch between in terms of design between the touchscreen which is sort of angular and the keyboard, which looks fat and round, I definitely prefer candybar

The Slider is the same size as a 9700 or a curve when closed. i thought this was supposed too have the 9000 keyboard not the 9700 keyboard. i just did a upgrade too one of my plans too a white 9700 and I still perfer my old 9000 due too the size of the keys. as the keyboard is reccessed it is going too be rather difficult too type on useing "Man" thumbs. guess I'll be waiting for the updated 9000 or may go too a android for my next due upgrade.

You know... it looks a whole lot better with a more square top than it did with the rounded top. My only beef with it is the size but that may be worth it for a screen that big.

holding on to Blackberry's? I'm glad RIM is seeing a need to confirm to formfactor's that are working for other manufacturer's, but are BB's the phone choice anymore?

Anyone knows how this device "feels" when using the extended keyboard?

I do like the large screen, of course, but the physical keyboard is always a make-it/break-it option for me.

[jokingly, as it is not going to VZW right away]

Hey, Verizon, I just got my replacement 9650 in the mail and it doesn't seem to be working right. Can you send me a slider instead? ;)

Looks nice!

I'm with all the Sprint fans on this one wishing we could get something like it. ATT? Maybe its also RIMs way of seeing how will it will sell put next to the the iPhone?

I've looked at the Storm/Storm2 for quite a while, but never really could get used to them. Friends have them and I've had the chance to use them. If this is the NEW Storm, I think RIM has finally achieved status that everyone will appreciate with this Slider. And a proper sized keyboard as well, along with the touch screen, I think it's a winner. One that I will seriously look at, to replace my Bold 9000.

This looks really nice, but it just doesn't seem to compare to a lot of other phones being offered right now. However, being the slight BlackBerry fanboy that I am, I have to say I'd probably upgrade to it if I was eligible. :-P

looks nice, but I just want blackberry 6 on my storm 2.

Also, it amused me that those photos were taken from an iphone >_>

Have they release the spec yet on this phone i ask because im holding out to see if its on par with the evo, if not im making the switch because RIM seems to be lagging from all their releases so far and u compare them to HTC phone like Incredible or Evo or that crap phone IPhone..

I've always like the concept, but every time I see new pics of the slider, it just looks better and better.
The only downer I see so far is that it only supports bands 1, 2, 5 and 6. No band 4 for AWS (Wind Mobile and Mobilicity up here in Canada)... Guess I'm stuck with Rogers or Bellus...

I like the slider. It looks really cool. I even like the onscreen keyboard. What I dislike is that it's going to be exclusive to AT&T, a company with known network and data service issues. I think it would be more competitive if they offered it to more companies.