Verizon prepping OS update for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 as well?

Verizon prepping OS update for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 as well?
By Bla1ze on 14 Jun 2010 09:27 am EDT

Sure looks that way. If you head on over to the BlackBerry Tour 9630 software download page, you'll see the above PDF listed when you click on the "Benefits of Software Upgrade" link. While the download appears to of have not been activated yet (still shows OS Verizon looks to be at the very least, getting set to release the OS at some point. Its been suggested that the OS will go live some time today, lets hope that pans out.

Source: BBLeaks

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Verizon prepping OS update for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 as well?


This is all fine I am happy for your tour owners but WTF is up with the Storm2 updates? Are we just waiting for OS6? Will it run? Do you remember we exist?

Verizon has treated Storm 1 & 2 like Bastard children. Being the only US carrier they should put a little more interest in it.

yeap they overlooked 8330 too ,its the redheaded stepchild of the bb family lol :/

wtf they even upgraded the cheap-o pearl even :$

I hope it fixes all the issues for the tour users so they can dump us...but, I am going to the droid... for a little while at least..until the BB waters, much like the gulf, calm down and clear up

I recently made the android switch to the incredible. COULDN'T BE HAPPIER. I had many reservations, especially touch screen, but it works great. Took a few days to adjust and learn a new OS, but in the end, I like it much better. If you live and die by emails, then BB is definitely better for you, but if you switch to a gmail account, the droid will work great. Battery life will never compare to a BB, but it gets me through the day. Hopefully this update "fixes" the quirks from .591 like the browser click. Still have my tour active running a leaked OS. You will miss BBM, but google talk will work across platforms text free, but without delivery notices like BBM. Handcent is a good sms app for android that will give you delivery notification of delivered/read for texts to other phones on your carrier.

I don't see anything on the page listing the enhancements & changes that addresses the battery leak issue or the browser click issue. I REALLY hope they fix the issues that I've had since I "upgraded" to .591...

Those issues were fixed with the .662 leak. I've been running it for awhile now and I'm a HEAVY data user, no battery leak and absolutely zero browser click problems. Hop on over to and check out the many hybrids they've built over this leak as well - smokin' fast!

Not everyone has the time, access or know how to load a leak or hybrid. Many of us just want a Blackberry to work how it supposed to with out having to load an unofficial OS or Hybrid.
Verizon has been telling me since the last update there is nothing they can do to fix the problem. They acknowledged the issue and then said there is nothing that can be done. That I would have to wait for my upgrade to roll around and get another BB. Oh wait, they did offer to replce my Tour with another Tour (which they addmitted would have the same problem because it is a software issue)or an 8330.

loading a leak is just like loading an official for the most part, and is far more strait forward than loading a hybrid.
i've been running the leaked .662 os since its been out, and i gotta say its working flawless. if this is a verizon leaked os for the tour, you dont have to even remove the vendor.xml.
but tbh, i dont recall the last time i had to delete the vendor file.. iirc i loaded a sprint version on this phone and didnt delete the vendor file. so that makes it even easier to load.

while i do sympathize with people who are in the dark about these things, i dont feel bad for the majority of people who are on CB, who know about leaks, who read about the fact they fix the problems they have, and still dont do anything about them. this sites got all the info a person needs to sort things out, if a person has the time to read this site, or install an official release.. they have time to read this site and install a leak... or a hybrid.. though hybrids arent my thing..


So far after the last upgrade have no faith
it will be better. Could be worse!

Browser click is inexcusable!

After 6 phones with trackball problems when are you going to come out with a fix???

They did 'fix' the issue...apparently they put a trackball, more memory and something called wi-fi on it... (I totally get what you're saying though!!!)

I install tne new OS on my computer, erase the vendor file but nothing happen. Please help me with the steps...

I'm sure that the upgrades to this build consist of more than just PTT stuff, they may not list it all. If .662 got rid of the browser issue, I would imagine that .732 would carry that along for the ride...

I will hope that the browser click issue is gone in this release, and hope also for a fix to my signal going all over the place when it use to be good and stable with 4.7.

I can't upgrade my OS!
After open the browser nothing happened!
The desktop manager just reminded me with the 591OS upgrade!
Why is that?

It's still not done?
I thought it would came out later TODAY!

BTW: I've heard that it'll be the last update for Tour is that true?

No fix for the browser click issue according to the PDF.

RIM, THIS is why I'm leaving you for Android as soon as my upgrade is available.

I'm sure that there are a bunch of things that are fixed by this release that aren't written on the PDF, they're not going to write every little fix on the sheet...

They included some pretty mundane crap in the PDF. You'd think something as widespread as the browser click would be one of the big things. They should be shouting from the hills "HEY GUYS WE FIXED YOUR BIGGEST ISSUE" if they actually intended to fix it. We Tour owners are going to be left up a creek. We were promised the best of the best when we were sold the Tour. We've been left with a shunned device that was nothing but trouble right from the start. The day I switch to an Android device will be a day long remembered.

murialita has it right, if it is fixed (and I really hope it is), I am not surprised it is not announced on the PDF. I used to write release notes for software and it is embarrasing to officially fess up to bugs like this.

Not to mention the fact that if they put it on the PDF, then they would have to admit that the issue actually exists. No way they will do that.

Wow, every article about verizon tours always has comments about switching to Android. I love it. I was there too. I have made the switch and it is not an easy one, but if you survive the first week, you will like it better. The grass is not always greener on the other side, but I do believe once you get over the loss of BBM you will enjoy the android experience. Email is NOT the same and never will rival BB. My wife is dependent on the emails, so I stay informed, but every day here reminds me I'm glad I replaced my wife's 8330 with my tour, and I got the Incredible. If anyone is considering the switch, just had a good article with advice for those thinking about it and whether it is good for your needs.

I'm fully prepared for the switch from BBM to Google Talk. Most of my friends are on both so the few stragglers will just have to deal with my SMS for a while until they wise up and get non-BB friendly.

I love how everytime a Tour update comes up, Android nut riders come a calling! Go love your phone in your bedroom privately

I don't even own an Android phone yet. the fact that folks like me are coming along to say they're ditching RIM because of the Tour must say something about the product and the company's willingness to see it through its service life. VZW and RIM have shoved the Tour to the side and alienated a lot of people like myself who already are/would have become very loyal Blackberry users. I'm sorry you didn't get your RIM circle jerk.

Well then, stop talking about it and be about it already. Nobody wants to come on to read about an update for their phone and see it blasted over and over again because people don't like it. I'm not riding any particular phones nuts like some of the people are, I would just prefer not to see the PR ad every single time the word "Tour" is in a home page sentence.

scroll on up and see where I mention that I have to wait for my upgrade. i don't have the money laying around to pay retail for a phone.

I was once a RIM defender too. But look at the stats, almost 40% of new Android users are former BB users. What does that tell you about RIM? There are a few things I do miss from my BB, but overall, my incredible is well, more incredible. If all I wanted were emails and BBM, then my tour would be fine, but when it comes to apps (bb app world is a joke) and internet, a bb just can't compete. If OS 6 provides a better experience, what are they waiting for? it will be at least a year till anyone sees it. Not willing to shell out $30 bucks month to wait when I can be experiencing it.

Point taken for my post above. Are you trying to sell me something? No, I do not like cock flavored lollipops! But you enjoy.

Rest assured that it will be gone with 732. Your choice if you don't want to install a leak or a hybrid. 662 radio with 732 java has been great on my Tour. Excellent battery life. Thanks VZW for making this one official (hopefully).

I just saw the above comment and checked our BES. The new OS is available to push.

Oddly enough, there is a package for a mystery source OS of I don't remember that one ever being released.