Friday fun photos - Yet another round of 9800 Slider images

BlackBerry 9800 Slider
By Adam Zeis on 4 Jun 2010 01:43 pm EDT

Is it just me of have we had more pre-release images of the 9800 Slider than other devices? This round shows off some good angles and give us a bit more of a look than we've had in the past. Included are some amazingly clear images of the 9800 including the SIM and SD slots. These images really show off the good looks of the device and actually make me want one quite a bit now. The keyboard and screen look amazing in these shots and I'm ready to have one ... now. Hit the jump for some more images.


BlackBerry 9800 Slider
BlackBerry 9800 Slider
BlackBerry 9800 Slider
BlackBerry 9800 Slider
BlackBerry 9800 Slider


BlackBerry 9800 Slider
BlackBerry 9800 Slider


BlackBerry 9800 Slider


BlackBerry 9800 Slider


BlackBerry 9800 Slider


BlackBerry 9800 Slider


That looks AWESOME! I definitely want one now! hehe


I don't suppose the image of the tmo sim is foreshadowing for anything, is it?


What carrier is this coming to?


I found this on MCO's page for Pre-Order...

Check out the link and tell us what you think...

I know I'M going to pre-order.


I'm on board! Do we know which carrier yet?


The more I see this phone, the more I want it. At first I wasnt feeling it at all, but for some reason its grown on me.


I bet some people will change their tune who initially thought this was a "fugly" device.


i think your mixing up peoples opinions on the clamshell, not the slider.


It just doesn't appeal to me one bit. I don't know. Maybe it's the fact it follows the 9700/storm2 styling as opposed to the Bold 9000/Bold 9650 stlying with it's curved aluminum etc...

What I really don't like is the USB placement near the left of the keypad. Also, Don't like the fact that the keyboard seems to be the 9700 keyboard and not the superior 9000 keyboard which I'm sure can easily fit.

Also, why the smaller 1350 battery? A touchscreen device like this needs all the battery power it can get and should at least use the same 1550 one as the bold 9000/9700.


I don't think the width of the device could accommodate the width of the 9000, but I do agree they should a bigger battery in it,

I will look for an extended battery for this device, I will really look for this phone as CDMA, or in the new year switch carriers.


No a lot of people, including me thought it was ugly from the first few pics. Its looking a lot nicer now. Still not my cup of tea but defiantly attractive.


Is that a T-Mobile USA SIM? I sure hope this is a sign that T-Mobile USA will get this by at least late summer :D


Kurtis, I certainly hope this is coming to Tmo. However, I remember crackberry saying something about the device going to ATT.


all that talk about the ATT exclusivity was just rumors. I mean I wasn't and still am not surprised if it ATT does have it on lock for a couple months, but I sure hope they don't.


I hear initially it is ATT only!!


It seems that RIM releases a device like this on one carrier for a few weeks only, then it hits other carriers. T-Mobile got the 9700 a few weeks before AT&T. Maybe it's AT&T's turn for this one first.

I don't think it will be exclusive like the storm was.


Will be mine for sure!


I am waiting not too patiently for its release. Come on RIM!!!!


I hyped up so much when i saw that t-mo sim card. Hell yes


The leaked video shows an AT&T splash screen!


Looks pretty slick.

So it's going to come to AT&T and TMO?


Oooooo shiney new toys


This phone looks hot. I can't wait until it comes out so I can finally ditch my Curve 8320 lol


I'm so hoping this shows up on Verizon after the 3 month exclusivity with AT&T is up...


I second that motion!


I'm on board 4 one. Come on VZW! I need a storm 1 replacment.


9800 can't run on Verizon because its a gsm phone.


True GSM can't run on Verizon or Sprint - but that's not to say they won't release a CDMA version soon after. It would only make sense for RIM to sell this device to as many carriers as possible. I've got my fingers crossed for CDMA Sprint version by the end of the year :)


Phone looks great, but any news on specs. I would hold off on upgrading my 9630 for this. 9650 isn't worth an upgrade to me.


so im a storm 2 user and i love it, i really like the idea of having a touch screen and a touch screen. i have never been a fan of sliders since my friend had one in 04' but from these pics i think i could make a compromise for RIM!


Looks soooo amazing. I can't wait!


ok.. i was about to go for an upgrade form the 9000 to 9700 today..... but now i'm waiting.. This looks a fantastic phone!


Looks soooo amazing. I can't wait!


Comming to tmo. Woohoo. If it works as good as it looks. I'm getting one.


Hard choice for an upgrade, 9700a or 9800 ??


I wonder, is that all the farther the keyboard will slide out? Seems that the top row of keys has very little space from the edge of the screen, at least as pictured. That could make it harder to hit the keys. That's really my only concern with the device at this point!


lol u didnt put much attention, cuz if u look again, it wasnt fully opened, how i know u say ? well look that the top row, was A S D F G H J K L and DEL, so there was even 1 more row on top of that one, and im sure that is fully opened it will have a decent space from the edge of the screen to the 1st row, remenber that the people that are doing this, are experts, if u understand what i mean


In the last picture (the one with a Storm2 on top of the 9800), you can clearly see the top row of the keyboard as well as what appears to be a reasonable space above the top row and below the bottom of the sliding screen.


omg bring that to tmo and I'll be a very happy camper!


would initailly be rel to AT&T first, then TMO. Guess time will tell.


Upgraded to the 9700 in may... Now all these leaks and rumored releases happen. WTF. Might have to add a line when the data plans change for att. Then sign me a new 2 year to get the 9800 when it comes to town.


At first I didnt like it,but now....I can say it looks amazingly good,with da` new crisp OS!!


If this comes to TMO I'm buying it ASAP.


I want this phone so bad, but AT&T data plans are a no go for me. I guess I'll wait on the Storm3


I only ask because I saw just one..and the back looks a lot like the 8900, as does the whole headphone jack on the right side of the device thing. =S I have mixed feelings about this one. But, it is my dream phone, with a touch screen and a physical keyboard. xD


unless they made it almost invisible, there is no convenience key on the left side! A little disappointing as the convenience keys are something that not many other phones have and I use both of mine frequently...

Ohter thing I noticed is the placement of the usb port has returned to being low on the left side like the 8900 instead of high where it is on the 9700.. makes it harder to use phone when it's connected...

Third thing I just saw is the 8900 batt instead of the 9700? Especially running OS6, that seems questionable...

Mayeb it's due to what the innards have to look like with the touch/keybrd combo, but those small details are definitely steps backwards...

Not deal breakers if the other features are all there, but just makes me ask why they would do that.. Other than that, it looks great, but need to hear some specs to be 100% convinced at this point...


I will be getting this phone. Upgrade from my 9700


It seems to be missing the left side convenience key by the charger imput.


This device is looking better and better every time I see it. Its too bad no CDMA version has been spotted.


Either that or the sequel to it. On an 18 month with my 9700, if they keep this form factor with the one after (there will blatantly be an updated version) then I cam getting!


Now I'm more excited! I mean I could just get one from ATT and unlock it, but now there might be some upgrade potential! :D


Dont Matter Who It's Frm.. As Long as GSM.. Buy this thing straight up and UNLOCK IT! (No Extending or Signing to 2 yrs of commitment either.)


You wont have 3g if you do that. ATT and T-Mo use different frequencies.


I hate it like I'm going to literally throw it away somewhere.


LOOKS AMAZING! :D these pics are making me fall in love with it! lol
i'll wait and see if i'll get one!


where is it??if this are up to date pics, why don´t we see the bold branding up there between the cam and the flashlight where we already saw it with that pics the other day??

Apart from this issue for me this pics look great and make me wanna travel some weeks further ;-)


Hope we get that sexy thing for sprint also!


Check out the guys pinky fingers in the pictures. The dude has 1970 style coke nails. HAHAHAHA


Yup, I noticed that too!
More than one reason (NDA) to remain anonymous. ;)


Yup, I noticed that too!
More than one reason (NDA) to remain anonymous. ;)


Maybe he plays guitar. My bet is on coke nails lol


...the left convenience key...

just a bit scared about the idea of not having that one on this device...


Its starting to look like a device I would actually purchase. Its Palm Pre - 9700 - Storm is growing on me. I think its safe to say that we may all be looking at the "Perfect BlackBerry." Is this the Iphone vs Android beware vs Consumer vs Busniess-Centric device?

If it runs the way we want it to, this is the kind of device a person may camp out in front of the store over (I wouldn't, but some people are into that).

The touchscreen will be the maker or breaker, because nobody does keyboards better then RIM.


This device looks amazing.


What wonders a good camera can do.
I want one.


I never cared for the slider much up until now. It looks sweet in these pictures. It better be available in Germany ^^


was not recently interested in this phone till i saw the new pics here , so went to youtube and watched a video-only phone that may get me to drop my 9700(shhh)if released on t-mo by dec (most likely yes)


I think I might be in love...
Maybe I'll hold off on my upgrade.


I am sure this will sell and the hardware looks decent, but the redundancy kills me. Why have a touchscreen, a trackpad and a fixed keyboard - its stupid. They should work on just making a decent virtual keyboard instead.


Are you familiar with a device called the Droid? If you want to make one device with broad appeal, you need to offer options. It's redundant from a technical standpoint, but from a practical standpoint, some users are only going to use the QWERTY, while others will mostly use the touchscreen keyboard. Makes sense to me.


I also wouldn't buy a Droid for the same reason. It's extraneous to have multiple inputs. It bothers me equally as much on PC laptops that have pointing sticks and trackpads. Just my opinion...I like design simplicity.


can't deny that these pictures make the device look nice but I hate sliders and touch screens so I won't be excited when its released!


This device looks ridiculous. The trackpad is so low, using this with 1 hand will result in dropping the phone more often, guarenteed. The touch screen will just be a remix of the Storms, probably not any better. Sliders didn't last long for a reason. Not to metion the brick you will be holding to your face while talking. Another horrible decision by RIM.


unfortunately I am going to have to agree. You will be carrying around a small brick. I don't need a slider. They never last. The mechanism wears out. All my opinion of course.


First of all, I don't know that this device looks significantly larger or bulkier than my 9700. I actually would be fine if the 9700 were larger...the 9000 was arguably more comfortable to use (except for the trackball).

Second, while this is a phone first and foremost, I think fewer and fewer people actually hold up their phones like a traditional land line phone. I use mine much more for email/text/data than actual calls, and when I do call, I'm using either Bluetooth or speakerphone probably more often than I'm physically holding it to my face.


that you'll probably use the trackpad only when typing on the physical keyboard (slider up), so the trackpad will actually lay higher and more comfortably in that position. When the slider is closed it's more likely that navigation will be through the touchscreen and not the trackpad.


cant wait to get this phone!


I love the look of this phone, and certainly want one, but I like to keep it in a skin. The bottom looks like it can handle one, but it's hard to tell if there's enough "lip" on the top to hold one securely in place without interfering with the slide.

I guess with a bottom skin and good screen protector, I'll just have to be careful with the edges of the top piece.


This may be one phone I will buy outside of my upgrade cycle and pay actual retail.


TMO! Been waiting on something different to upgrade to! November is upgrade month. Cheers to Slider. Then Onyx III.


too bad verizon is not getting it


Pretty sure this will be my next phone from my 8900. Looks better every time I see it.


The key to this device is not the hardware, it's the software. If 6.0 is a success and works with the touchscreen the way it's supposed to, then the 9800 probably becomes RIM's top device.

If the OS is sluggish, laggy, and difficult to use, as it appeared in that leaked 9800 video a few weeks back, then I think I'd rather keep using my 9700 on OS 5. My concern is that people are going to see the touchscreen and expect it to do pinch zoom, rubberbanding, and all the other things that make iPhone and Droid touchscreen devices nice to use...but it may not do those things well or at all.


That phone looks cool as hell tho!


Omgg I Want This So Badddd ! Cant Wait Till It Comes Out Itt Better Be For AT&T


Are we sure? Looks allot like OS5, which looked allot like 4.7. Oh yeah - that's the RIM way - glacial evolution.


My thoughts exactly. Except "a lot", not "allot".


I really want one but I will not switch to AT&T for one.


Looks better every leak! I wonder, with the 9700A leaks about an updated Bold II getting more memory and a faster CPU it makes at least rumored sense that the 9800 would also kick up the CPU (although I haven't seen that reported) in order to take better advantadge of 6.0.


Deft gonna wait for 6 to upgrade

vinny jr

When I spotted that T-Mobile sim card I just flew out of my chair. I hope that is good news for us T-Mobile customers. That is one bad ass looking device. I hope that also comes with the new powerful processor, big memory and of course better camera and throw in the new OS. That will make my summer.


I hope you jerk off's never get it. Just like ATT never got the storm! lol, I can't wait.


The more I see the pictures of this phone and have played with the Iphone. The more I love this idea. I love my physical keyboard on my 9700. The touchscreen is also appealing and I get to keep my BBM vs going to an Iphone.


this looks really nice and appealing!!
i lovee it!!!


who cares about the stupid sim card, when can I finally have it?!?!?!


Best of both worlds - touch screen and keys!!


The more I see this the more I want it.


there's no mention of T mobile anywhere getting this phone. is it possible yes, but as of right now what we know is AT&T has exclusive deal on it for 3 to 6 months and then Sprint is getting it.

Pilot Prop

Wow, the more I see things like this the more I believe I'd ditch my 9700 for the slider


I think this device will be a big hit and I really wish I didn't have another 18 months left on my 9700! Hopefully RIM gets the touch screen feel right on this one....


It will take something more exciting than this for me to move from my 9700


AT&T has a 3 month exclusive right to the phone first, after that RIM is making a CDMA version. So Sprint will have it for the 4th quarter of this year.


I can't wait to get this! I'm not a At&t fan at all (( Go Verizon )) but just for this phone I will switch!..


I can't wait to get this! I'm not a At&t fan at all (( Go Verizon )) but just for this phone I will switch!..

Mr. Orange 645

Not a slider fan in general, but it looks like RIM did this one right and I think it will appeal to many BB and smart phone fans. It really shows some promise for both the consumer and the corporate sectors.


If this gorgeous slider is coming to T-Mo, my beloved Bold 9700 is at serious risk!


This is pretty much my dream device that I've been asking for. If this doesn't come out on bells hspa network in Jume I may go emo and cry while writing sad poems.


Oh please please come to VZW...I could so go for this device


Oh man, at first I didn't care for this phone but after seeing these pics....WOW. Form factor was a big concern with me especially with slider phones but that last picture changed my mind.

I currently have a 9700 and love it. Between the 9800 and 9700a.....its gonna be a tough decision but one that I welcome. :)


I understand it'll be coming to AT&T in July. I hope my understanding is correct. I'm praying my understanding is correct!



wow, that looks really thick, i think that it isn't that fun to carry it around in you're pocket, altough the screen looks so great, so detailed and sharp and bright. so looks are good but i think it's to massive, only if you carry it on you're belt it would be something, but when you carry it in a sleeve in you're pocket...

looks great tough, very sleek...


This thing is great. The best of all possible worlds.

My only criticism is that it is a bit too thick, like me.


can wait until Sprint get this device... looks better and better everytime they show more and more photos


It is a mingled combo of Curve(bodyshape), 9700(back), storm(touchscreen).


I spoke to one of my friends today who works at the Source and is in the wireless specialist department, he says there suppose to receive the Blackberry 9800 July 1st, as bb is using this device to run against the new iphone coming out. This is just word of mouth I have nothing to back it up with.


Due my upgrade thru Orange in the UK in September so it better be on these shores!


Strongly considering jumping ship from my 9700 to this, and I LOVE my 9700... I'll have to see some consumer reviews after it's released though, we'll see


this device looks more and more beautiful ! Just to think that I hated it at first !
Is this gonna be available in the UK ??


These pics look good, I didn't like it at first, but it looks pretty good....I may try it


Too bad I'll have to wait quite a while to get this phone (I live in France). But I'm gonna own this baby for sure.


this thing needs to hurry up n be released!!! been waiting to upgrade my bold9000 n finally found a good replacement!!!


I was under the impression I would not want. I found my new phone though! Sooooo sexy!


I was seriously considering jumping off the Blackberry ship I have rode for so long when the new IPhone gets released. But after seeing these pictures I think I will just stay on and enjoy the Blackberry ride. I want this phone now.


Looks better and better every time we see new pics! I just hope we eventually get an LTE version for VZW...maybe about the time I'm ready to give up my Storm2 would be!


A little early to tell, but this will be my pick for smartphone of the year. I think it is untouchable.


I absolutely LOVE how this phone looks and would buy one today if it were released, but I hate where they've put the charger/USB port. I currently have a Tour, and have been considering the 9650 as my next phone (since I'm on Sprint and will not likely see the 9800 anytime soon), and I HATE that the charging port is right next to the keyboard. You have to straddle the darn thing with your fingers whenever you use it while charging. Other than that, this phone appears to be the phone I've been wanting RIM to produce since I had my first BlackBerry.


This is a pretty good looking phone

note to RIM and lovers of BB dont allow people to take low res shots of new phones..because the images here look crisp and sexy


Lost my 9700 and will get a new one. But I can't wait for the 9800!!!


really neat !
great pics... marketing powa !!! now I want 1 :-)


Given the fact that it is a very polished looking phone, I'm still reserved. Maybe I'm the only one. But, I've been with T-Mo since 2005 and when the Bold (9000) was announced, I was excited...hyped even. Especially, since I was using a Pearl (8100).

Well, long story short. The Bold didn't come to T-Mo (idiots) and then when the Curve (8900) and Bold (9700) were released I was disappointed in the femininity of them both.


Iphones are for the prettybois
Droids are for the rugged ones
and Blackberrys (well 9000) are for the traveling, golfing, life of the party, charming MEN men....

get it together RIM.


that motion. I'm w/t-mo & won't bail -uma alone is worth the price of admission. RIM has to put out the orginal bold and tack on all the improvements of this 9800 in regards to chip, memory, OS6 & trackpad. That would be the ultimate BB.


RIM is definetly going in the right direction here; but I kind of miss the 9700's leather simulation battery cover. Never had troubles with mine; it's strong and well built, does not scratch; what else could you possibly want on a battery door? The OS look awesome but still lacks behind the competition... the phone design is sexy, perfect combo between a qwerty and a touch screen. Definitely this is shaping like my next smartphone.


where is the speaker for this model???


i so want this phone. hopefully it will be on Verizon by next year when i can upgrade my 8330


Just wish RIM would get away from the constant black & chrome look and offer some of the devices in all black.
Looks like a sweet device though.

Something tells me this one will be a lot riskier to disassemble and mess with than the current BB's


Oh man can't wait to get my hands on one of these!!!


This is a great looking BB. Can't wait to see it in action with the new O/S BlackBerry 6.


is this only coming out for At&t cause there's a pic here with a T-mobile sim card, but any news for this to come out on sprint also?


.....I WILL have this one......Sometime......


Where's the watermarks? Why, when on the dial pad, is it that the person has there finger over a number and it is not highlighted?

haha i don't really know. i just don't trust it.


T-Mobile, in China? WTF? shadyyyyyyy


When are RIM going to crank up the HSDPA speeds on their devices? Come on guys... give'r.


You know, when I first saw it I thought it was by far the ugliest and least attractive of all the new blackberry devices.

That opinion still stands.


I think it looks stunning, didnt like the idea of BB slider when first announced but this looks great.
Have a feeling this will be like the Storm when closed but when slid open the touchscreen will stop working & the trackpad / keyboard will come into play like the 9700 otherwise why have a navagation pad.


I ready for this phone to come out.. I am considering leaving my BB for Android. I just want to try something different.


I hope that Rogers is watching this cause this would be an amazing phone for them to bring into their line-up (also hoping to see a 9900 to replace the 8900)


I have a 8310 and 2nd line with a 9700. Upgrade time approaches in a month for the 8310 and I would like to replace it with this but there's so many options I use on my Curve that hope the 9800 has. My old reliable(exculding trackball) Curve has GPS, Flash for the camera, convenience keys, great key board. I wish we had specs on it and a release date.


I have a 8310 and 2nd line with a 9700. Upgrade time approaches in a month for the 8310 and I would like to replace it with this but there's so many options I use on my Curve that hope the 9800 has. My old reliable(exculding trackball) Curve has GPS, Flash for the camera, convenience keys, great key board. I wish we had specs on it and a release date.


I have a 8310 and 2nd line with a 9700. Upgrade time approaches in a month for the 8310 and I would like to replace it with this but there's so many options I use on my Curve that hope the 9800 has. My old reliable(exculding trackball) Curve has GPS, Flash for the camera, convenience keys, great key board. I wish we had specs on it and a release date.


Ugh, i don't like the headphone placement, usb plug placement or the micro sd placement.

bold 9700 has all these in the right places. C'mon RIM!


I honestly like this phone, and I'm also one of those people that love their blackberry storm. I Just got done playing with the new sprint Android-powered HTC EVO 4G and I mean the screen is huge. Both Droids have larger screens and with the new I phone 4 announced today due out before the end of the month I think it's time the blackberry design team get back to work. It's time for something new or at least capable of Keeping up.


Is someone giving us a hint with the T-Mobile sim card? It does look really good now. I think I will check even closer to see what it does, what type of setup it ends up with. Thus far, it is worth buying right now! I'm aching to get it the moment it comes out but I must hold back to see what the final product brings!!!


first of all the phone has land scape why the hell they didnt put a side sliding keyboard like a side kick or some thing like a droid or what ever not a 9700 bb keyboard it would of been way better that way cuz of the land scape on the screen it looks like is going to be heavy when u slide the screen out an start typing it just dont look comfortable an who ever know the size of the screen let me know


Man I can't wait for this phone to come out...I MUST HAVE IT!!


I have a Curve and was gonna go back to a Palm but I'll wait for this one - providing Verizon gets it soon!!!


Of a great big screen with the uber-usable BB Qwerty... What an awesome device. Hopefully having a touch screen won't mean it's plagued with problems similar to the Storm. Throw a CDMA radio in it and it's sold! I'll bet we'll never see it on the CDMA side since there have been real leaks regarding that possibility. Too bad. Kinda like the Bold. Superb device available from a crippled network (I think they're getting better though).


This phone really need a front facing cam and swipe text like the Androids. Also, the MicroSD slot looks cheap, I like the one that clicks-in like the 9700 and you KNOW its in correctly.


For the past 2 months I have been looking into either a Droid 2 or Storm 2. Then I saw an article on this Torch!.

I am so going to be getting this phone but now way in heck am I going to go back to ATT.

I hate being patient all the time having to wait on others. I wish ATT would just go away finally.

BB 9800 I'll be waiting for you!