MiuTunes Opens BlackBerry Music Player Beta!

MiuTunes Beta!
By Bla1ze on 3 May 2008 02:13 pm EDT

May 1st marked the launch of a new beta program offered by Simprit. Some of you may know Simprit from their other popular program called GridMagic, but this beta is for their new media player program called MiuTunes, which I have to say is amazing at this point from my usage, so here’s my mini review so far…

First off the UI on this media player is awesome, think of the UI of Flipside, but only better, let’s have a look at it.

Overview of MiuTunes Beta


First off, the options used to browse through your music is great and you can break it down to the following:

  • Artwork
  • Albums
  • Artist
  • Genre
  • Years
  • Playlists
  • Explore (meaning you just browse to the file)


The cover art renders awesome and has no real lag that I have noticed from my usage the “flowing” through the covers is seamless and easy with the trackball navigation for sure.



Unless your music is already tagged with the IDV3 data, you may need to download the album art using the options menu, which MiuTunes makes extremely easy, it can grab the album art, you also have the option to get more info about the artist and the album as well, the information when clicked is provided by Amazon.com

Other Features:

  • Add music on the go from memory card.
  • Shuffle and repeat songs.
  • Supported music file formats: MP3, AAC and M4A.
  • Auto pause when there is an incoming call.



Looking for options?…MiuTunes has plenty..but not too many for it to be overwhelming in the choices either, with the ability to create playlists, control download settings (save on data usage), scan for new music and much more it’s worth checking out especially if ya find that Flipside was “missing” something.

You can join the beta over @ MiuTunes

And to top it all off..

All beta testers will enjoy a special discount when the product is released. And did I mention that most active testers will be given free licenses? Yes, 10 licenses will be given out absolutely FREE.

Now with that being said, remember this is a BETA, so be sure to report any problems you may come across with the app, I have found 3 “quirks” myself so far..

  • I have not found a way to be able to fast forward/rewind a song while it’s playing
  • I have had one weird error come up that resulted in a crash…was a I/O (input/output)
  • The BlackBerry volume control is over ridden, meaning volume can only be controlled inside the app.

For a deeper look as well, maybe ya wanna see it in action, the video of the UI is included down below.

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Reader comments

MiuTunes Opens BlackBerry Music Player Beta!


Great App visually & nice review, however been using for a couple of days & having major memory problems. Un-installed checked memory for a few hours & all fine. re-installed & memory dropped by 10 MB within 30mins.

Running it on 8100 v4.2.194 maybe that's my problem.

I have to say, I'm a hardcore BB user and I have not had this issue at all with this app, but I'm also running it on a 8300 with, have you reported your issues to the beta support team?

If not I highly suggest doing so, it's the only way the "bug" may be addressed as this is still the "Beta"

Does it have bookmarks so that I can save my place in the Crackberry podcasts, listen to some music for a while then come back to where I left off in the podcast?

From my use of this app, no it does not have that ability, however I have posted this EXACT suggestion in the support forums even before reading your comments.

I've only had it for about 10 minutes but it is awesome so far. I don't know if it is because I've never used a music player on my BB but there is just so much more than the basic media player the BB curve comes with.

I would probably buy this after the beta version is over if I don't come across any problems. This will be my first software that I've paid for if I do buy it.

INcreadible move forward for BB OS software. Very nice. One problem, music wont play for me..... Anyone experience the same?

Beta testing is no longer available but you can still be invited by existing testers. Someone please invite me!!!

Anyone who needs an invite can PM me via the forums with their email address and I will hook it up asap.

Invites have been shut down as well, I have requested more but still waiting on confirmation for them.

I have sent out invites to all possible at this time.

Anyone who invited, please pay your invites forward to those why may still need one.

I would really appreciate an invite for this app, from a fellow crackberry member.


I'm looking for a *good* music player for my Pearl. I've tried FlipSide, but I'm looking for something better. I'd love to beta test this product. Would a fellow CrackBerry member please send me an invite to pblouin@rogers.com. Thx.

Hey I feel like a skipping record here, trying to jump on the bandwagon, but after seeing that video of this lovely player, I must try it and help beta test! I'm definitely going to buy it whenever it comes out, I want to help test so that could be sooner than later.

If someone could please send an invite my way, my email address is xtrmcheeze[at]gmail.com

Decent application. Can't hear anything through my bluetooth stereo headset. If they correct that then I will buy it if the music player doesn't get a signifigant upgrade with 4.5 OS.

i just recieved an invite from Simprit Pte Ltd to test the lastest update version of miutunes,i'm a registered beta tester but can't download the software OTA,any ideas,i using blackberry 8320 curve with OS

Since I didn't get an invite, I checked out Miutunes website and was able to sign in as a beta tester. Those that didn't get an invite, looks like beta testing has been re-opened! Looks like one smooth app, be curious if the latest ver would work with my bluetooth headset (Motorola S9).

This app seems to be getting the job done. The feature in which you can look up and artist info and art work is awsome. I do have one suggestion, I wish I could change the song titles and names! If there is a way please let me know1

Just read from their forum mid june their going to have a desktop manager that can edit tags, and download all missing artwork together. This will be great especially if you have many missing artwork. Clicking Alt-F one by one is not fun at all after you have done it for more than 5 albums ....

Read here: http://www.simprit.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=561

Also they seem to have to option to make audio work for bluetooth and A2DP in MiuTunes update 2.1.2...

This is cool! I think I am going to buy this once the trial end in couple days, luckily I am a beta tester... can get it for 19 bucks :)

This is a cool player and looks AWESOME

BUT $30? Not a chance! Its not THAT good. That much for album art is not worth it. There are a half dozen mp3 players or more out there that may not look as cool [And this seriously does] that have more real functionality

$15 would be on the high end. $12 is reasonable. $30 is way too much! In fact I think they jumped out of beta waaay too soon

is there anyway you can listen to music without media card like can i go to the internet and listen to music?