BlackBerry 9100 KickStart On T-Mobile - Pics and Specs!

BlackBerry Kickstart
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 May 2008 01:18 pm EDT

HOLY S@#$%@#%$!!!! If you were blown away by the "restroom" pictures of the BlackBerry Kickstart that emerged less than 48 hours ago, get a look at what the BG posted today. More pics and info after the jump. Maybe AT&T isn't always first to get the cool stuff. If you're lucky, you own RIM stock right now as these pics of a T-Mobile branded very very consumer targeted BlackBerry are going to push the trading price way up by end of day. RIM is really focusing on personal customization by the looks of it, and I LIKE THE LOOKS OF IT!

Here's the word on the BlackBerry Kickstart, straight from the Boy Genius:

It looks like the screen is monochromatic with a color glow. Whatever that means. We’re imagining the border around the screen to possibly "glow" different colors and when the outer display is off, it’s invisible. You just see the shiny black face. There’s a whole bunch of colors set to launch with the KickStart and they’ll be anodized. Additionally, the back battery cover will either be a soft-touch rubberized finish, or a low gloss finish. We’d imagine some sort of customization opportunities for the end user with the low gloss finish. Perhaps you could get the battery cover with personalized images and things. We’re not going to flat out call it, but look for a release around September on T-Mobile!

Here's the specs:

  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • "Next Gen" SureType keyboard
  • 2 Megapixel camera
  • 16-bit color LCDs
  • Internal LCD is 320×240, external one is 160×128
  • Wi-Fi b,g
  • 3.5mm headset jack
  • OS is 4.6

and more images....

BlackBerry Kickstart

BlackBerry Kickstart

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BlackBerry 9100 KickStart On T-Mobile - Pics and Specs!


I think they named it the Kickstart to continue with the T-Mobile theme (Sidekick?)
I am convinced that this was done at the request of t-mobile. That carrier is good at connecting with the younger crowd, and they saw a market for this phone.

I like the look of the phone, but it's a flip phone. I purposely bought a BB to get away from the flip phone and to be different among friends and co-workers. I personally would not purchase the phone. I'll stick with the more traditional looking BB's.

Compared to the last Kickstart pics I like this one. Last one was a bit, erm, yuck.

I wouldn't have it for a few reasons. SureType, flip and it just doesn't sit right with me that BlackBerry are going flip. Ugh.

This does look like a nice phone but I agree, I switched to BB to get away from flips so I won't be getting this phone personally. But I think it's really good for BB to gain more market share by widening their reach to the consumer. This is good for the rest of us too cause it will help BB become more innovative in their products. Good job BB!!

RIM is definitely trying to get into the consumer market which is why the curve and pearl are so cheap. this is just their (awesome) attempt at gaining a larger part of that market because business professionals aren't really going to get into this phone.

I too would not give up my traditiona BB, but RIMM has to stay competitive. If they want a peice of the consumer pie, more power to them, but I nor the rest of the enterprise faithful have to switch. It's not an arm twister.

My kids have Motorola RAZR's (yuk), I would switch them to a phone like this in a heartbeat since they don't care for the Curve or surprisingly a Pearl. All n all we can be one big happy BB family.




[quote=Bloomberg]Research In Motion Ltd. extended a record after announcing a partnership with SAP AG. SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. also traded at an all-time high on an analyst upgrade. ... [/quote]

The SAP deal is big news, but the Kickstart will enter into the market calculus quickly.

Could this be the replacement for the Pearl? Will it do UMTS/HSDPA? What about a front facing camera inside for video telephony? A 3.2MP camera on the outside would be better for stills and video. Will it be BT 2.0/EDR? Or maybe UWB? What about GPS? Glad to see that the internal display is 320x240, mind you one similar to 9000, 480x320, would be nicer. I do like the SureType and wonder if the "Next Gen" features are other than word completion and spell checker. I hope in 4.6 they have improved the voice recognition to make it useful.

it seems as this phone is more for the hip young generation.
i see more and more teens with the Curve and Pearl anyways so it just makes since for RIM to make a device like this.
teens want the latest and greatest and this would definitely be a winner with the younger crowd.

I think with this phone BlackBerry is, like other people stated, appealing to a younger crowd but with a business like mind.

Who are the future? The younger crowd. So i can understand BB wants a "business" oriented phone with a younger look to it.

I personally, im 24, love the look and feel of the kickstart but i like the old school blackberry touch to it. Full keyboard, no flipping. The last few flip phones i had flipped me out. Love the older style.

But i mean BB gotta move ahead to and we, the younger crowd, are the "future"

It's weird...I keep coming back and just staring at the images.

I like it - I think it's all about the BlackBerry logo - it just makes it GOOD. But I do like the form factor - prior to BlackBerry I was always on a flip phone... StarTac, StarTac Digital, Samsung Flip...BlackBerry. Make it in lots of funky colors, make it have all the BlackBerry goodness we currently have, and this should be quite a nice little phone.

I'm pumped for RIM. Great way to leverage their brand strength without putting it at risk. This is just a natural extension and will be killer on device sales.

Looks like better get ready for some growth!!

Now that's getting back into the game! Flip isn't for me, but it's probably for a lot of people, and working new looks and new form factors if nothing else keeps pushing the industry forward. Kudos RIM!

my freaking curve doesn't even have wi-fi. and this is supposed to be their new introductory model telephone? figures. and i thought gps was all the new rage! :) still looking forward to the blackberry future. i see myself as a lifelong fan if they keep the quality up where it is.

i like the new phone, looks cool, will sell wonderfully, increases revenue for RIM which means cooler bar phones for me because i never have really cared for flip phones so cant wait until the 9series curve or whatever it will be called.

Flips and sliders are becoming the default in the cell phone world. In Japan your phone is either going to be a flip or a slider no matter what. I think the BB style might go the way of the dodo. Flip = Bigger screen, less size in your pocket.

I'm in the same boat, I just got my 8130 too, but it'll be 2 years before any of these devices are out in CDMA models, so we'll be right on time :)

In my defense, I didn't read all the comments.

I think they named it kickstart because they are using this device to kickstart their success into the flip phone department. I don't think they are targeting hardcore bb users. I want to say that they want to pull 'flip phone' lovers (I am sure they exist) over to a bb device. This will kickstart that move.

Like other Black Berry users, I came to the BB world because of it's originality. Orginality that I personally could't find in the Flip World. This is a cute Celly but is it a true to the form of a BB cell, in my opinion it looks like the iphone or the razor; again this is my opinion. Maybe the new frills will set it apart from the other flip type phones but to stay true to form of a BB it's not.. Not to anger anyone this is merely my opinion one thats seen the flip world.

I can see why RIM would want to make a ClamShell phone, but in my opinion that isn't a very cool looking phone. Maybe it's just me, but I wouldn;t want that phone. I hate the suretype Keypad. But I am sure that there are many more people out there who will love it.
WOuld be cool if there was a full QWERTY version

I think it looks stunning !! A very clever move by RIM to enter the "flip market". I've had numerous flip phones before i moved to the 8100, the thing i always liked about the flip is that it protected the keyboard & screen when closed & it also formed to the face better for phone calls....but none of the other flips could match the features of a BB. I still love my 8100 don't get me wrong but if this 9100 has all the same or better BB features than the 8100 then I definitely think I'd buy it.....although I'm still waiting to see the other new rumoured devices :)

Would love to see new photos of the phone when opened.

I agree with everyone...traditionally blackberries are just not flip...but come on i likeit too and most likely i will buy if worth it. But cmon...lets not judge this book by the cover...we're not sure how it looks on the inside!

At&t does get the best blackberry devices! This summer we are getting a new blackberry that has 3G internet speeds. We already have one GPS compatible and does wi-fi! The new pearl is awesome I own one.

Personally, I think a flip Blackberry is awesome! I would strongly consider giving up the full qwerty I've got with my 8830, and soon my Curve just for the fact that this is a flip phone. I really don't like Suretype, but this is a cool phone that I would be willing to adjust for. If only Bell Mobility were getting it...

This phone would verify the reports of a 9xxx series having the front-facing camera (in place of the 9000 having one).

I think it is a sleek looking device that should appeal to the younger crowd, as well as those who have never ventured away from a regular flip-phone (my wife, for example).

what the heck are you thinking blackberry!?!?!?! FLIP PHONE???

how stupid

and go back to the full keypad the suretype feature is so anoying. i refuse to use my sisters 8100 because it has suretype and she is always stealing my 8830

i cant wait to get the 9000. does anyone know roughly when it will be getting to verizons network

I don't believe it. Yet another Blackberry that lacks one of my must-have features. I want a single phone that contains Wi-Fi, GPS, and Camera. Why is it so hard? I have the Curve 8310 right now, and it has GPS and Camera, but no Wi-Fi. The 8320 has Wi-Fi but no GPS. The Bold (9000) and Kickstart (9100) lack GPS. This is driving me crazy!

I have the 8320 and if you download "Google Maps" it will give you your location with-in so many feet. I know its no GPS, but close enough to get directions from your location.

Why isnt there any pictures with it OPEN? Or am i mistaken?
Looks great to me so far just wanted to see it open.. been waiting for the launch of new phones.. looks like it may be the one for me just need to see the inside!