BlackBerry Theme Roundup for May17th 2010 - 50 Copies of Droidslide to be Won!

By Michael Hepples on 17 May 2010 10:04 am EDT

Contest: 50 Copies of DroidSlide to be won. Leave a comment!

Theme Roundup

Time again for the theme roundup boys and girls! We're in the process of making a few changes here at Roundup Head Office, tweaking a few things here and there to make it better for you, and gearing up for the weeks and months ahead. If you notice a few changes from what you are used to in the coming weeks, it's all in the name of progress. Now, that said, we have some great themes to show you this week, so let's get to it!

Free Themes of the Week



Our top pick for free non-touchscreen this week is FTheme1BB from BBFreaks. We've featured themes by BBFreaks on the roundup before, but they have always been premium themes. This theme happens to be the first one they have tipped me to that is completely free, but it's no slouch either. Featuring a hidden top dock with 15 user-defined icons, and a hidden today on the bottom, this is a quality offering for those looking for a theme, who might be a little short on funds. Fully skinned and customized throughout, this theme is sure to please. Make sure you check out some of their premium offerings, they have been busy releasing new ones. Get it as a free download in the CB store via the link below.


    OrangeBerry Slide

    Our next choice is OrangeBerry Slide by bigg22. Looking through the forums, I came across this one, and really liked the way it was put together. Featuring a sliding bottom dock holding 16 user-defined icons, and a hidden today that pops up when the bottom bar is pressed, it allows for plenty of function while leaving lots of space for wallpaper. The theme is fully skinned, and featured a full set of custom icons. Get it OTA in the forums thread below.

      Paid Themes of the Week


      Our next pick is DroidSlide by GinsBBThemes. This theme tip came courtesy of forums moderator pkcable. Loving the stock OS look, but want a little more function out of your homescreen? You may want to take a look at this one. The developer has kept most of the stock elements throughout the theme, but has completely revamped the homescreen. A hidden bottom dock holds 16 user-defined icons in a sliding dock. Two hotkeys, and 4 hotspots round out the full function of this theme's homescreen, allowing access to 22 apps right there. If that wasn't enough function, he's thrown in an 8 slot hidden today and a hidden weather slot. Custom banners and meters lend that extra touch of customization. Available in the CB store for $2.50.


        Our final theme of the week is Annovation by Tech Revive Designs. "Announcing "Annovation" an innovation in animated themes!" is the first line you see when you open the forums thread promoting this theme. It certainly lives up to that statement, being the first and only "Storm" theme to feature an animated banner. The banner splits in half for the dock to drop into, then closes back up. The rest of the theme is just as solid, and well worth the download. The rest of the homescreen features 10 user defined icons in the hidden docks, Quicklaunch and BerryWeather hotspots, and a hidden today. A full set of custom icons round out the theme. Take a look today, it's available in the CB store for $3.99.

        Contest: We have 50 copies of DroidSlide to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

        That concludes our roundup for this week. We hope you enjoyed it, keep those tips and suggestions coming to our email,!

        Reader comments

        BlackBerry Theme Roundup for May17th 2010 - 50 Copies of Droidslide to be Won!



        I tried a free version of this theme and it kept freezing up and sending my Bold to a reset. If this is an improvement, then yes I'll like to give it another try. Pls, pick me.

        I would love a chance to get the free theme. I am a new Storm 2 owner and getting more and more into adding new features to the phone. Been experimenting with free themes, but would love to see what a premium theme is address is

        Thanks for the offer.

        I love these theme roundups. I almost always download the new one each week. On top of that, I also comment hoping to win the free one as it appears that you've got great selections! Thanks.

        I really like this the's clean and crisp! I change my themes often..but this is one I'd keep using for a very long time.

        I'm a loyal addict and enjoy paying with anything new for bb. I'm in sales for the wireless indusrty and love showing off new themes to customers

        I've yet to find a theme I like better than the standard one, but if its free I'd like to try and change that :)

        Wow. That offers a lot of real estate for applications on the homepage. Very useful. I like it. Well done.

        maybe this could be it...I'm on an eternal search for the a theme that I can keep on my phone for awhile..hope this is it.

        I want one, too. I'm never ever ever lucky on these contests, but who knows, until the world ends, one can hope. =))

        Crackberry rocks!! They are always giving away freebies and finding free programs. Thanks for all the work you do!!

        Omg! I would love to have the premium version of DroidSlide! I have been using the beta for 4 weeks, and it's amazing. Pick me!!!!

        I like themes with Precision icons, clean home screen, and good functionality. Sounds like this could be right up my alley!

        Cool theme, love the way it keeps with the stock look. As a new member to the BB community I would have to say that I’m very impressed with all the love out there.

        I would absolutely love having this theme on my 8350i, so if you want to hand it to someone who would use it, I am most available.

        Thanks for the chance to win a copy of DroidSlide. Matt's online tutorials and info are a great resource for beginner themers like myself. Thanks to Matt and to CB for hosting another giveaway!