BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

By ObiGeorge on 14 Apr 2010 03:49 pm EDT

This Week's Featured Item: SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

SanDisk microSD

With all the flashy accessories out there now, the importance of an SD card is sometimes overlooked. Whether it is music, videos, pictures, or all your personal documents, these cards let us take all of our favorite data with us everywhere. Most BlackBerry devices do come with an SD card, but its usually 2GB or less - and for most of us thats just is not enough. The SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card will take care of that problem.

The SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card is a great solution for your media needs. On average it can store around 4,000 of your favorite songs, or 10,000-14,000 pictures. This is 8 times the capacity of the standard SD card that is included in most BlackBerry devices. The more storage you have the better. Using a memory card will keep all of your media files off of the device memory, allowing your device more free space for applications, and helping it to run better. Some users can get by with a small 2GB card, but if you want to maximize your storage, you really can't go wrong with 16GB (or even 8GB most times). 

Overall a 16GB sd card is a must for most BlackBerry users. The high capacity will meet even the most hardcore users needs. Personally I have been using the SanDisk 16GB card for almost 8 months, and it has met all of my media needs. SDHC cards are compatible with most late model BlackBerry smartphones. You can pick it up at the CrackBerry Store for $59.95, a fair price for the amount of storage you get, and length of time this card will last.

CONTEST: Win a SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

For your chance to win a free SanDisk 16GB Card, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how the SanDisk Card would help your storage needs on your device. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PDT. Please, just one entry per person.


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BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card



It would help me save .pdfs for College on there. Im take 4 Classes for my Accounting major and it would help alot tp also keep all the Slides and stuff on it. Also to hold music on it while it take the subway to and from College

would love to win. my 2 gig ain't cutting it, pretty full plus I haven't won a contest yet this whole year!

I love taking pictures of my son playing. My Bold 9700 replaced my iPhone, and I'm SO glad it did. It is simply put, a faster, better unit than my iPhone.

Blackberry makes my favorite units. I tried to stray, but I'm back home.

Having a son, I use my phone a LOT to take video and pictures of him learning about the world.

As a supervisor at a security company I have to keep all kinds of stuff with me.. usually docs and ppt and exc stuff, and hope if i need something that i can get to a comp to use my thumb drive.. the real important stuff i keep on my BB.

so this would help out a lot making my life easier if i won.

good luck to me

My 2gb micro SD is not enough to hold all my media fun. I continually have to delete and add files so that I can keep up to date with my podcasts.

I continue to remove pictures and videos because there isn't enough room to store everything.

The 16gb micro SD will really help keep all my media on one card

Hahahaha, Anyways I really could use this for my music, work files, & Pix. I have already basically maxed my 8GB & working' for a medical company doesn't quite help this. Weather it's work or social life I could use the Xtra storage, plus I don't enter these contests very often Lol. So Plz pick me! >8+D

I have tons of music and videos that my family sends and shares! My tiny 2 gigger is about filled. I could really use the expanded storage if I am chosen. Thanks!

I would have as much capacity on my BlackBerry as my iPod touch, which means I could sell the touch and spend that money on more accessories from!!

I'm a student. Nothing keeps me entertained than studying with music. With 16gb I can have hours of music when I'm studying.

I don't believe in iPods!


I wish there was easy way to do this. Give the 16gb card to someone with 8gb (and take their 8gb card), give to someone with 4gb (and take their 4gb) and give that to someone with on.

5-6 people double up their storage :)

I would love the 16GB card to supplement my life. Listen to music when I am down, read an ebook when I am bored, play games, maybe store a movie or two, store presentations and documents, and what not. I feel the uses are endless. Would love it if I won.

I need one to put the tons of music I have on my laptop so i can listen to them while busing to school everyday! PICK ME!

This card would be absolutely outstanding for my 8350i curve. I have more work documentation, contacts, calendar dates, pictures, and specialty apps on my phone due to my job working for the sheriff's office. It would be an outstanding addition that I could definitely use.

my laptop is very very close to running out of space and this beautiful thing would allow me to always have an external drive on me!

I could use a 16 gig sdhc card because recently my ipod was stolen from me leaving me with only my blackberry to full fill my music needs. Granted I have almost no space on my card with very little music as I only have a 1 gig card. I also use my blackberry as my camera and have little to no space for my pictures anymore. A 16 gig sd card would be a life saver as it would allow me to use my blackberry as both my camera and music player like I am trying to use it right now. Please please please let me win :)

I have an 8gb card and it just isn't big enough -- especially since I got PodTrapper and subscribe to Crackberry and several other podcasts. More storage space would allow me to download more Crackberry and other podcasts along with more of my favorite music and books.

Guys this would really come of use on my long trips..I could put more music, movies and basically everything on my phone..

I would love to use this memory card in my BlackBerry Tour. It's my first BlackBerry device and I enjoy it, but would love to put some movies and music one it.

I'd love to have a desccent size memory I had an 8gb but that wen out the window wen my. Father stole my 9500 now I hav an 8520 with a puny. Memory no musik space no space for anything cnt afford an ipod could hardly afford to get this bb so please please please help me out

I'd love to have a desccent size memory I had an 8gb but that wen out the window wen my. Father stole my 9500 now I hav an 8520 with a puny. Memory no musik space no space for anything cnt afford an ipod could hardly afford to get this bb so please please please help me out

I only have a 2gb memory card on my 9700. I could use a 16gb card to store more songs and download some videos. I hope I win!

I'd love to have a desccent size memory I had an 8gb but that wen out the window wen my. Father stole my 9500 now I hav an 8520 with a puny. Memory no musik space no space for anything cnt afford an ipod could hardly afford to get this bb so please please please help me out

It would be awesome to actually be able to utilize the media player on my Tour with a good set of music. Also, storing some vids would be nice for some downtime when BrickBreaker just won't cut it...

I recently purchased a Blackberry Storm 1 and it only came with a 2gb card. I work 10-12 hours a day and we are allowed to listen to music while we work, but my card only holds so many songs to jam out to. I would love a larger SD card for my phone so I can put tons of music on my phone to jam out to at work. Thanks for the chance at this wonderful product.


A 16GB card would be nice for storing absolutely everything on the BB. Music, pictures, movies for those long know, when I'm not the one driving.

I've said it before, and I'll say it every giveaway. I love what you guys do CB! Giving away to those (hopefully to these kind of people) who couldn't just go out and buy it without thinking twice about it. People who don't even have just that extra ten bucks to spend without thinking about their rent, utilities, or how they will get by that month. And this is why I appreciate what you guys do, I don't see any other site that has as much giveaways as CrackBerry does. I just hope these giveaways get in the right hands of those, and not someone who already has that item, or someone who's going to store it and never use it, or even someone who can just go out and buy it without a dent in their pocket.

Note to members: Please don't see this as my technique to win any giveaways, because that's far from it. And don't use any deception to win a give away. Meaning don't copy something I just said just to purposely try and win, that's not the point of this at all. For all I care, if I won, I would rather have it go to someone who is struggling more than me, and I wish there was someway to know for sure of people like this.

On to the contest;

This is embarrasing but I'm saying it anyways. This BlackBerry was given to me from my mom after my previous one was stolen. I was glad to even get another BlackBerry after that, I'm struggling to pay my college tuition and text books! Haha. So I had this extra 512MB laying around from an old phone I think it was. The BlackBerry my mom gave me didn't have an SD card so I put the 512MB one in. Better than nothing, but as you can see it sucks! There's no space for my school back up homework/files (I would rather have it on my phone than a USB stick, cause I could print from my phone wireless as well and it's more convenient) better yet, my music and movies for those long bus rides and plane rides to and from school on the way to my parents house, or the bus ride to my apartment. I would love to have at least a couple GB to store some of this, anything would be better than the 512MB I have now!

When 2000 songs just aren't enough. Or you have to save those office party black mail pics forever ;)

That's a fair amount of space. Only hesitation is that I used a Class 2 card before and it took 15 seconds once I initiated the video camera until it actually started recording! I'll be more than happy to give it a try since I have 9000+ songs that I'd love to take with me on my phone!

Would help to free up space on my 8330, which has insanely low internal memory. Also would be nice to have enough room to back up to card.

i reeeeeally need one because i take so many pictures while i travel around. I'm always doing crazy stuff with friends and its very handy to be able to store lots of pictures on my phone. Also its nice to be able to have a lot of music for those times i get stuck on campus when a class gets canceled and i have nothing to do.


I am a modern mom and grandma. I don't carry a traditional photo book. I have all my photos and artwork on my blackerry so that at a moments notice i can send the latest photos of kids and grandkids to my own mother and sisters and friends, If i get the card, i can upgrade my 11 year olds blackberry card from 2 g to the 4g i currently have in my phone.

I'll tell you why. I'm in I.T. support, but due to the nature of my Job, I can't have a personal computer in the building. So I need my phone to handle about 80% of my computing needs. That's why I need this card. I carry everything from PDF's, Word Documents, to entire web sites on my phone (yes, I even update websites from my phone) I need all the storage I can get.

So that's why I need this card.

Oh Yeah, I work for Samsung. Koreans are crazy strict. too bad they're not as strict on Q.A. heh.

I really need one, there's just not enough room in mine now for all my music and movies. I need space for all my pics too...

Would allow me to store work docs on the card, so I can print them out as needed. It would also allow me to keep client photos and dictation notes on the phone longer before having to purge them off to my computer. So put my name in twice or 1000 times so I can win the 16 gig SD card.

16gb in this form factor is the best thing for people like me. now i can use my berry as a full fledged music device and i dont need to invest on a second device to listed to songs. although i have a 2gb sandisk in my berry it is not enough and i end up listening to the same songs over and over. if this 16gb gets in then i dont have to worry about changing my playlist very often. also i can now have longer videos of my little one without the worry of running over the capacity. please consider me.

I like to use my blackberry to be my backup flash drive. Problem is I only have 4Gig for my micro sim and since I put a little music on it a lot of the room has been eaten up so hurting for space.

16 gigs would give me plenty of room for music long with being a great place to back up my flash drive I have on my key-chain.
My blackberry being a backup flash drive has already saved me once when my flash drive failed that had a presentation on it. Took out my microUSB cord and hook up the crackberry and was good to go.

my phone holds nothing. I have 80 songs on it and a movie and its done. I would love this so much, it would make my phone the tool it should be. Please let me win.

I just lost my 16gb mini sd when transferring it to a new phone. I swear it went through a worm hole and is now playing movies in another dimension.

this is what i need!!! i have two 8 gbs and im constantly switching them out for different music. id totally be stoked to win this!

I was about to enter college this year. And my parents promise to get me an iPhone. It turns out I can't let them waste too much money on that gadget, because BlackBerry itself is gorgeous enough to overpower iPhone. I use Javelin at the moment. But the problem is sometimes I think it lacks of memory, and that's why I need to get this awesome extra storage. Then I'll be the happiest blackberry user alive.

I listen to music all day at work and download files for work that really hog up space. I've got an 8G now but it's almost full (or is full depending on what's going on), a 16G would make a big difference.

As a person always on the go...i love to have all my music, documents, and pics with me always...also because i travel lot...sometimes you don't have your camera at that exact moment to snap a shot...i love to have my extra space for my photos.....given that my 8gb is almost full with wll my music, movies, docs and pics...a 16gb mc would be more than welcome :) especially given that my traveling is only increasing these days...

apps data storage, music and especially all photos of my 1 year old baby ;-)
won't need any iTouch anymore !!!

one for me pleeeaaasseee !!

Well, I'd really love one of these to give to my girlfriend for her CURVE 8520 which she LOVES SO MUCH :))

About to upgrade to a Bold 9700 and my 8gb card nearly full would like to start fresh on 9700 with LOTS of music and finally ditch my ipod. Im a Crackberry addict I don't a Apple Ipod taking me away from addiction.

With huge capacity like this one, you can turn your blackberry to great store for your music, movies, etc. Especially on Bold, you can even watch movies very smoothly

I will use it to watch more TV shows that I download from my TIVO and convert to BB format using Handbrake on a Mac. many of us enter these things for something as simple as an SD card. Yet here I am! Never thought I'd fill-up my 8GB, but that's why I'm holding off my Amazon purchase! Thanks for the opportunity!

i try to kill as much time as i can at work with music and movies. my 4 gb card really doesn't help with the movies, so a new 16 gb would do juuuuust fine =)

I am currently a SanDisk card user as well which is an 8GB card for my Bold. The memory card is currently my key to entertainment storage as I'm able to store my favorite music and videos to accompany me. Besides, it also helps keep files such as attachments from e-mails safely. I would benefit from a 16GB card as double the storage would mean more entertainment and more space for work.

And the extra memory would mean I would not have to dump my music and reload new every week or so. Plus I could add more apps from the Crackberry App Store, documents and maybe try some audiobooks.

My 9700 was stolen last week, along with my packed 8GB microSD card. I received my replacement today, inserted the lousy 2GB card that came with it, and it won't recognize it unless I hold it in place! I know it's not a problem with the device because I tested an old 512MB card and it worked perfectly. I just spent $125 to replace my CrackBerry and it would be amazing if I didn't have to spend another $60 on a new memory card! Please pick me!

Being a widower my kids and my grand kids are my life, I travel quite a bit and this would allow me to take them with me. This would be a great upgrade to my already jam packed SD card already...Thanks

The current 8GB on my 8900 is full, and i can tell that my files are getting claustrophobic. I would be upgrading to a 9700 in a few days time, just think the 9700 is so beautiful a device that it needs to be blessed with 16 'Acres' of space!!!!

Well, I'm still in university and take all notes with BlackBerry, and I also have six hours of train per month to go see my girlfriend... So, well... Let's say it, if I could have any more memory than the Storm's internal one, I would love it...

But nervermind, thanks for the dream : )

Well, what can I say this SD card would make my berry so happy! More importantly it would let me take all of my work data with me! Please CB make my berry happy! Good luck to all!

I'm a teacher who needs to be able to access documentation fast. By having a 16 GB card, I can keep files on all my kids on my BB, having access to them in an instant. It would be a huge help in parent meetings, child study meetings, etc.

16gb is definitely something I need. I am currently using an 8gb card and it is almost full. Between a full length movie, lots of full albums of songs, ringtones, audible books, ebooks, documents, and etc... I am quickly approaching an overloaded card.

I would love to win the 16G card, to store my stuff now is very very hard. If you would PLEASE pick me to win, I could download my music again and again. Instead of replacing songs one by one, I could store them all on it, it would be so fun. So keep this in mind when you make your selection, if I don't win one, you might need some protection. (JUST KIDDING) Hope you enjoy my poor attempt at fun. Thank,

Actually, I would like to win it to give it to a friend. She's in nursing school, raising a family, and just got her first blackBery. One of her classes requires learn by tape, so I've been downloading and burning to disc for her. A 16gb card would allow her to keep them on her phone instead.

I can storage most of my favorite music and videos in it, and I can use it to store more pictures while taking photos.

It would help in so many ways it's hard to count. Adding more music to my mobile device, photo's, videos. Plus being able to transport larger files to and from work, as well as friends or anywhere I'm traveling.

I would be able to store enough music that I could leave the mp3 player at home on trips. Carry a few extra movies and generally have a better experience with the phone.

Thanks for the chance

i desperately need to upgrade to having more cards, recently got into movies and they take up tons of space, the more cards i have the better!

I would use it to put all my stuffs on it. I have lots of stuffs so I needs it realz bad likes. Tanks slots.

i would love the 16gb card to help keep my children entertained on long journeys, at the moment i can fit some music and occasionally a film, i have loadsa films ready to go onto the blackberry and nowhere to put them help me please>>>>>!!!!!!!!!

I am a teacher at the collegiate level and having a 16gb card will expand my storage capability giving me the opportunity to better serve my students as well enabling me to expand my personal storage usage.

16GB of storage would be perfect to use with my smartphone to store my music, videos, and photo collection which are growing by the day.

I could use the space for photos. I always forget to move them to my computer until I get the dreaded out of memory message.

I transfer sessions back and forth to various studios, many art files and pretty much my working life on my Blackberry. I'm always playing the data shuffle game to work with the 4Gb on my card. I want a bigger card to accommodate more buuuut I can't justify the cost of a 16Gb card. Maybe I can win one... :)

I =could use this because i use my BB for everything from a music player, a thumb drive, a portable computer a digital camera pretty much everything anyone could think of except a kitchen sink but you never know maybe in the future sometime lol

This would enable me to put my entire small business documents onto the Tour 9630 I own. Being on the road about 70% of the time,I could also put some music on there too!

A must have for my photos of my 2 grand children. More memory would make life soooooooo much easier.


If I Win this it would give me reason to not carry my bb and Ipod for all my music. My bb is much more reliable than my Itouch not to mention the battery last much longer.

A 16GB SD card would help me a lot since I use my SD card not only for music and pictures, but I also use it as a USB drive for storage. After all, I always have my Blackberry with me. I have at times forgotten to take my USB stick out of the computer before leaving work at the end of the day, but I never forget my Blackberry. Because of that I have installed PortableApps on it and use it as a backup for my USB stick. Any program installed on the stick is also on my Blackberry and I also synchronize the files I store on the stick with my Blackberry as well. However, I've had to choose which files to synchronize since I can't hold them all on my Blackberry. A 16GB SD card would enable me to keep a full backup of my USB stick on my Blackberry. I love to win one.

I could realy use this. Was going to buy one when I upgrade my phone in July because my 8 GB is already full and I need more room!! Thanks CB

really luv want this..want to give to my father..coz his birthday is on 1 may..he always got problem with storage on his blackberry..tq crackberry!

Bonjour from Paris, France! I'd'love to have my fisrt sweet 16 SD card thanks to CB so I can enjoy listening to all my soul music, share pics and videos of the city of love! A sweet 16 for me means nothing but the best for my Bold 9000!

Last night a group of robbers broke in my house and opened my BlackBerry and stole my 2GB memory card, leaving me music-less and external memory less.
This will give me not only the opportunity for closure but more importantly the opportunity to add even more musiC

Thank you for listening :)

Can't go wrong with a nicely sized microSD card. First and foremost it helps me with pictures. I love to snap pictures, but don't always take my camera with me, so more often then not, they're on my Blackberry, which does at least have a decent camera. From there, they go to twitter or facebook often, but having the space to store them on my phone is great.

Second, it's great for loading music onto. When I'm in my car, or even at work, I don't always have my ipod with me (only have a shuffle anyway). But I always have my phone. So when I have a musical craving of a particular genre or song, this having music on my Blackberry satisfies that. Or when nothing good is on the radio, just plug it into my car and good to go. But I have a large range of musical tastes, so takes a lot of space to store that music.

I'd finally be able to stop deciding between music, video & pictures and just keep them all!!

I use my SD card to store pictures and music. I could really use the extra storage, as I only have a 1GB card right now in my BB 8900.

being the proud parent of 1 month old twins.
im constantly snapping pics and videos of the boys whenever i can. 16 gb would help out a lot.

I could definitely use this. I'm a music head, need more space for music so i can grind it out in the gym.

Oh I def need one... I have already gone through the original 1gig sd card and internal mem twice with porn :-P

Hello, seriously I never even knew 16gig sd cards were out. I would seriously use this to my advantage and save all my necessay documents,mp3,podcasts of cb,videos/photos and most of all load my work documents

Not wanting to carry a camera around with me all the time I rely on my BB to take pictures of the kids when we are out and about. Having additional storage would allow me to take even more pictures between times that I download them to the computer.

Nothing pisses off an iPhone user like a savvy Blackberry man with more Gigs of REMOVABLE memory. I'm running out of space on my 8GB chip and already have idea's for the 16 you are raffling off.

Think Techsysman...........

I currently have a 20 gig ipod that I still carry with me every day. If I'm able to upgrade the storage in my BB, I'll be able to move to carrying one device for everything!

I would love to have the 16GB card....I currently have the 8GB and it is maxed out. I take alot of pics with my regular camera and sometime when I'm "out & about" and forget my camera I take pics with my blackberry....with it being maxed out on memory i have to delete old pics before I can take any new ones.....;-)

This memory will help me on saving all my music(not to get bored listening to the same music), pics and documents that i usually carry on for daily basis...


I would love to have this! It would allow me to store more music, photos, and especially ebooks on my device. Pick me!!

I have been using products of Sandisk since I started using the phone! I must say that it's the best product of memory card devices!!! Super speed, persistent, free errors!!! Can't wait for this!!! :)

This would keep me from having to choose between taking another picture at a concert or deleting a song. And would allow me to record some live audio.

It is always a decision on who gets more media on my phone! Me or the kids? There is nothing better then to had a fussy kid their favorite video while trying to talk to the doctor at a visit, or to get through the grocery store. It is definitely a life saver. But what about my stuff? I need room for both!

This mem card would finally allow me to fully turn my Crackberry into my mobile music machine. Please please please let me win this beast!

I turned on my blackberry last week only to find that my 8gb card inside was fried and had fatal errors. So a new 16gb card would be nice to have to replace the broken one....

I would love to win this MicroSDHC card, partially because I store ALOT of pictures and music files on my phone and it would be a great increase in the amount of space I have to store them. Secondly, I have never really won anything in my life, so that would be a definite plus for me :o)

I take lots of pictures and have been building my music library for years. I also watch a few movies on my train rides.

I could so use one of these to upgrade my 2GB card as i never seem to have the room for pictures and data.

I take lots of pictures and have been building my music library for years. I also watch a few movies on my train rides.

I would love to have one since I'm constantly adding songs, pictures, and video onto my blackberry. I use my blackberry for everything and I constantly use throughout the day. With more memory I believe I would be able to do a lot more.

Mmmemememememeeeeee! I use my phone as my music player and never have enough storage with my little 4GB SD card, booo to that. 16GB wow I might not have to leave music off of it and can actually shuffle it and have everything play. *day dreams*

I take lots of pictures and have been building my music library for years. I also watch a few movies on my train rides.

I brought my phone to Verizon for a replacement and they forgot to put my card into the new phone. The phone ran ridiculously slow and when i finally pulled the battery i noticed. They already sent the phone back and had no way of getting me my memory card back.

I would love this card. I am constantly having to change my music on my 2g card this would allow me to put all my music on one card.

I take lots of pictures and have been building my music library for years. I also watch a few movies on my train rides.

ya id love to upgrade my 1gb... something i keep meaning to do but each time i go into futureshop for something i forget about the memory chip

I use my BB to hold all my important photos and music as a sort of backup. Running on a 4GB card is causing me to compress my photos far too much!

Also, It would make all my iPhone-owning friends really jealous! :)

- e

I have a two year old now, and my wife is pregnant with our second which is due in june. I could certainly use the extra space in my 9700 for pics, since i can never remember my camera. I also could get rid of my ipod and store my music on my bb, carrying two devices is getting annoying.

The SanDisk would help increase my memory so I can add more themes, games, and applications. Right now I have to be picky about what I put on my 8330...I have taken my phone to and over the edge of its functionality (I have crashed it and bought it back to life)so a SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card would hold me over until I can purchase a new and improved blackberry.

Imagine me with a 16gb SD Card... The possibilities would be endless... Music, videos, Pictures galore... my Blackberry would really then be a mini computer! Please choose me...

I would love a 16gb card. I can hold all my movies, music, photos, books, etc. This would be great. Now I can keep the kids busy while in the doctors' office.
Pick ME!!!