BlackBerry Webinar Slides Raise Questions About New BlackBerry OS

By Bla1ze on 26 Feb 2010 02:36 pm EST
BlackBerry Webinar Slides Raises Questions About New BlackBerry OS

A lot of talk has been generating from the BlackBerry Super Apps webinar that was held yesterday. The above pic is from one of the slides shown during the webinar showing off how UI layouts are meant to be. Nicely integrated, visually appealing and user aware and what is possible in the contextual BlackBerry OS. For example, applications that remember your position upon open and closing and data flow of information at a glance.

Since the example given is nothing like what the current BlackBerry OS looks like, BerryScoop wanted to speculate a little bit to ask what if this was actually what OS 6.0 was to look like? In no way claiming it will but just as a general question. Would it appeal to the masses? Is it enough or would users be expecting more? All valid questions as I see it for as ideas for the next OS.

As much as we all like to speculate and enjoy the thought of what the next BlackBerry OS should and will look like, the official word on this is that it is in no way a reflection of any ongoing development work. For folks who like finer details look at the date and location on the device. November 8th, San Francisco. This app, called Concierge was shown off at the recent BlackBerry developer conference by Curtis Susaski to ring in the arrival of the BlackBerry widgets SDK just as an example of what is possible in the way of contextual additions to the BlackBerry OS.

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BlackBerry Webinar Slides Raise Questions About New BlackBerry OS


Hmmm... I don't know, I want to keep my home screen simple and clean. That looks rather complicated, dislike.

"applications that remember your position upon open and closing"
RIM failed this one on both the 5.0 releases for the Storm's, it's VERY annoying.

I agree with Shinkodachi, it looks waaayy to junky, hopefully if RIM released this, it can be still made to look clean and less cluttered.

Looks like it has a scrolling feature at the bottom which would be awesome so you wouldn't have to open up your menu to go to a differbt app if you didn't have it as one of your set ones that is...

judging by the date, the last time a Sunday fell on the 9th of November was 2008.....sure it isnt November 8th? Hard to read :(

In either case, it was still shown of at the BlackBerry developer conference during the keynote as an example of what could POSSIBLY be done with the existing OS.

Just an FYI, that game was on a Sunday the 8th 2009. Score was 31-17. That was just this last season. :o)

You had my curiosity going, so I had to check.

The "cards" at the bottom of the screen look interesting, but the whole sms, calls and calendar thing looks a bit dated and take up too much of the display.

hmm it would be better if the SMS calls and calender were optional like how OS5 lets you pick weather you want the default theme to be Zen or today. maybe this should be similar. I'm hoping this will mean the bring back of colour to the icons and the applications screen. I just feel rims initial intentions of it were kind of dull

Me being a conspiracy guy, maybe they are toying with us and that is the date that 6.0 is going to be released.

Be it the 8th or the 9th..fact remains. It's NOT the's a RIM developed app running to show off what you COULD POSSIBLY do if you wanted to.

Not directed at you kassdog, but sometimes I swear no one reads what's actually written, lol. The article clearly states it not a look at OS 6.0 in any way, shape or form.

is this the super duper app kevin wants to see then?
or is it purely a `you could have this app, but we aint sharing` from rim? (just like their redesign on the native menu, and fb app in the last dev slideshow, that hasnt been seen yet either).

The next time November 8th falls on a Sunday is 2015. RIM can't wait 5 years to put out a new OS.

I say they have 3 more years of the current style OS, before people will start leaving in droves.

this is some bait from RIM... they are seeing what the feedback is... they "claim" it's only for demonstration purposes... but I guarantee, it's to get some response - be it positive or negative... they have to hit a homerun with their next OS, and they'll probably keep throwing out easter eggs like this to gauge public opinion.... pretty crafty...

It is definetely a good idea to have this remembering stuff! But I in my case wouldn't change the blackberry ui very much! It looks clean but you still have a lot of freedom what you want to do! It looks all clean and it is very easy to get a good overview over all of your apps! Blackberry shouldn't do those integrated stock and wheather things in the ui! It will be just confusing and themes will approximately get messed up as well! So all in all blackberry should change a bit in their system but please do not change the UI it just to good!
Cheers simeon

As much as I love BB. I do believe that it is time for something that I like to call "Game Changing". We have all lost our minds to have the latest 5.0 for our devices. But honestly? There is nothing on 5.0 that would make your device any better than what is currently running. Minor fixes at best.

RIM needs to sit down and finally write an OS that will carry them for quite a while. But still keeping its core for the masses. When I purchase a phone, I look at all the aspects. I want the apps and software for the business side of things. But in that same breath, I want the pure entertainment as well. Im sure I am not alone in wanting those things.

I agree completely but I just hope that a complete rework isn't going to have to be updated over and over again like the current OS to make it a decent running OS. Look at how many updates were needed before the current OS was perfected. I want a complete rework but please don't release it intill its a good OS RIM.

DOesnt matter. Itll be at least summer of 2012 before we see more than just a "useable leak" of this OS. Blackberry is so slow to get with the times.

I hope that's not even a glimpse of how the new OS will be. Looks like they stole bedroid's scrolling dock idea and took the windows mobile theme for the middle. You could at least make the scrolling bottom so that you can slide it yourself and not have to click on a button to perform the scrolling. I hope this is only contextual.. But that's just my opinion.

Its alright, but it looks like a combo of other os on other systems. You see symbian contact squares, winmo's time screen, and android's multiple screens.

If RIM wants to keep its branding as number 1 smartphone in america, they need to throw the entire os out the window, and START ALL OVER. A more consumer based UI would work because most of today's smartphone users just want their email, contacts, and social networking to be right in their face, so multiple apps isn't all over th place making the device slow and laggy. Take a page out of microsoft's book. Completely overhaul the front screens, and make a more consumer based experience.

Many are being critical, but frankly if that was what a new OS looked like, I think it would be a great change.

However, that's an app, not a glimpse at some design ideas of a new OS?

Why must you folks keep regurgitating what some analyst who knowns nothing about software development, hardware architecture and JVMs says about how the most successful smartphone OS and hardware manufacturer needs to rewrite their handheld operating system?

I'm being very honest here...

Do you folks know the difference between a GUI (graphical user interface) and an OS (operating system)? Furthermore do you understand the architecture of RIM's OS and how it sits on a JVM allowing them to switch hardware platforms as needed giving them the upper hand in vendor negotiation.

A complete rewrite is the last thing they "need". Most folks just want to GUI to evolve quicker for personal/entertainment tasks.

you speak about OS as if you get the latest biscuit OS and nothing good happens/well here's the news:you can customize your BB
and the OS makes it possible/and if you look at it like some candybar you better go samsung/ you don't even realize that your device loads faster every time your OS gets updates or upgrades /girlstalk that 's what your chats look like

I believe if RIM is serious about attracting non-business customers they should take them seriously and address the following soon:

1. A much better interface in terms of graphics as well as user experience,
2. Offering full e-mail folder support for BIS,
3. Introducing Blackberry App world in a lot more countries,
4. Better hardware variety in terms of handsets

I am one of the very few people in Sweden who owns a Blackberry as a non-business customer (unsubsidized with BIS). Introducing the above features will have a definitive impact on whether my next handset will be a Blackberry.

If RIM just buys Palm, then they can use webOS and they will have an instant winner. Imagine your storm, bold, curve or pearl with webOS. Frickin' fantastic.

Hello folks @ RIM,

There's no doubt that Android is picking up pretty well and they are going to be the second largest market share holders in the consumer/business mobile business in the coming 2 years. If RIM is going to produce such a "shit" new version so called inspired from the MS or windows mobile OS running mostly on HTC phones then its a shame. According to me RIM has more capabilities and innovative thinking with the core technology compared to Windows Mobile or Android. Android will wipe out iphone Mac very soon. I was going through the latest reviews on Android 2.1 at Nexus One release by google and its impressive i must say. They are quite new in the business but I am sure they will pick up the market soon. And for veteran like RIM its high time that they think out of the box and stop looking at examples like this for OS 6.0.

RIM users have big hopes that there would something really good coming up for the OS 6.0.

Few quick suggestion- (I am not an expert but still will try my shoulders)

1. Open the macro engine for your next OS releases may be in the 5.2 releases for 9700/Storm2/3. which means allow users to create custom macro commands like what QuickLaunch has introduced in its 2.0 version; where we can give shortcut commands to execute auto Profile change/Bluetooth/Wifi start/stop and many more apps. RIM should allow this feature in built for their users. RIM should understand that their consumers have matured enough now and give them something exciting to "DO MORE" with this business phone. sky is the limit if you open this door. I find it stupid to pay to Profiler pro for changing my sound profiles which is a 5 line program return by the developer and they are making money out of this. this is stupid!!!

2. RIM 5.0 OS needs lot of improvements and the most important is lightning boot start of the phone. focus on the kernel to improve the processing speed. People are ready to pay for a good quality device. Please dont cheat them as MS did from Vista to Windows7 and may be to WindowsNext. the day google comes with an stable OS B Gates is going to gate a kick back of its monopoly. Improve your OS for faster speed to boot up process multiple application faster.

3. Improve the BIS email clients. Give more integration freedom for synchronization etc stuff.

4. Improve the GUI of native programs. Flexibility to change icon colors . 3rd party themes will keep doing their job. But native GUI by RIM still SUCKS!!

5. Improve Battery life by adopting to better chip technology. that's out of the box thinking.

6. Open the source code of your OS to do some creative work by freelance developers. Goto and see what sort creative job people are doing with the OS..

thats all for now..