BigTinCan BuzzMe Premium - Get It Here First - 500 Copies to Give Away!

By Adam Zeis on 19 Feb 2010 02:05 pm EST
Buzz Me PremiumBuzz Me Premium 

David of BigTinCan just let me know that a shiny new version of BuzzMe is on its way to Mobihand and App World next week. To celebrate the release, BigTinCan is making 500 copies of the new BuzzMe Premium available to the CrackBerry Nation before anyone else. BuzzMe Premium has all the great LED changing and vibrate features of BuzzMe for native apps, as well as support for Facebook, Myspace, Ubertwitter, BBM, Beejive and even the official Twitter for BlackBerry. The new version also has new LED colors as well as improved battery life. So what are you waiting for? Drop a comment on this post, and after Sunday we'll pick 500 winners to get Buzz Me Premium FREE as soon as it hits Mobihand. For now, you can check out the free trial Buzz Me Standard in the CrackBerry App Store to tide you over.

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Reader comments

BigTinCan BuzzMe Premium - Get It Here First - 500 Copies to Give Away!



this app is awesome! although i have the free version that works only for calls, it's great, I'm sure the Premium is even better

I tried the free version, and it was very good, now with the Premium i suppose i'd enjoy my Berry a lot more.

I have been looking to get this kind of app. Hopefully I get picked wow what great timing with the give aways, now only if I can WIN !!!

Man this is what I need for my phone since I almost at school or work. It help me alot too with my girlfriend if u know what I mean...j/k...LOL

Would love to have this for my new software. I had to delete it in the past when i changed my OS. Now i have official release by Sprint

I just downloaded the free version a couple of weeks ago and love it! I would love to have a free upgrade for the full version!!!

This was my first app when I got my BB and I still love it!!.
This premium build will be the greatest.


I've used it before and the only feature I felt it was missing were plugins for various messaging applications. Here's hoping I'm among the chosen few for a free copy!

A contest for free space theme (thnx btw) but I'd love to have this premium version of buzz me. I have the free version & even though it is really good I would love the premium upgraded one.

I have been using the free version for years and love it but never really needed that extra to pay for the premium.

i love this...i have the free version! i would love to get a copy with all the new features in the premium version! thanks...

Holy crap that is a lot of copies to give away. I think it might be working out to be a 1 in 3 chances for people trying to get them. I rarely see comments break 1500.

I am throwing my hat in for a free copy

but i am begging you to please please give me this one, never won anything before in my life and im not exaggerating that, i literally havnt and as there are 500 copies surely u can throw one my way.

one more please....PLEASE :D

If you pick me to win this app, I promise to teel everyone I know with a Blackberry about this site and the BuzzMe app.

I really love BuzzMe! It's really useful, it makes life easier! I'm from Indonesia, we are all huge fans! Choozz meee BuzZZ!!!

I would love a copy of this. I tried the trial on my curve 8900 and loved it. Would love to have the ability to see what message I have and be discreet about it.

I'd love to win this. The 9700 was my first Blackberry. I am currently using the free version of BuzzMe and I love having my LED's change colors when my phone rings. I would be pleased to have the option to change the LED colors for all of my alerts.

This would be very useful when I have to have the phone on silent, while still being able to determine what just came in.

For once, when I tell a girl there's a party in my pants... there'll be colourful flashing lights to prove it!!! hahahaha

This one of my favorite apps, even though I just have the free version. I actually don't know why BB devices don't come standard with the functionality this app gives. I would really enjoy a copy of this great piece of software.