Introducing Office Hot Shots - New App Replaces Default Lock Screen and Provides a Fun Paper Toss Game All in One

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Feb 2010 05:42 pm EST
Office Hot Shots

The folks at NickelBuddy have just released a fun little utility and game all in one with Office Hot Shots. It is both a highly configurable locking application that replaces the default lock on the device and also provides a pretty darn fun office paper toss game. Here is part of the official overview:

  • When used as a lock application, the Office Hot Shot screen will display when any of the user configurable lock conditions are met. For example, you could configure it so the lock screen displays everytime the backlight times out, keeping prying eyes from seeing what's on your device.
  • Touchscreen users could set Office Hot Shot to launch when connecting on a phone call, keeping your device safe from accidental touches from your cheek during a call. Once activated, Office Hot Shot displays on your device, letting you see in a glance useful information, such as the day, date, time, unread emails, missed calls, battery level, and more!
  • Office Hot Shot comes bundled with a free game where you try to toss a ball of paper into the office trash can. You have to account for wind speed and direction to guide the ball into the can. Set the record and claim the title of Office Hot Shot!

Be sure to click through to the Office Hot Shots description page for the full details on this one. There are a lot of ways to configure the lock, and you can get an overview of all the info displayed. It's available for BlackBerry Smartphones with OS4.6 and higher (both non-touch and touchscreen) for $2.99.

Reader comments

Introducing Office Hot Shots - New App Replaces Default Lock Screen and Provides a Fun Paper Toss Game All in One


This would be way cool if you could unlock the phone by dragging items to different parts of the office. For example move the plant to where the waste basket is and then put the phone on the floor where the plant was. You could have numerous combinations for things you could or didn't move.... Just a thought....

Edit - Hope I didnt give the impression I don't like the app, I think its a really nice look.

I don't think that picture really portrays this app properly. Lots of people may consider it more if there were shots of the actual game, since it's like the one available for the iPhone if you're into that.

It's just, I see a lot of negative posts concerning the lock portion of this app and all-around, it's a neat little app and time-waster.

Just my .02. I thought this would've got a better response.

I use the iPhone so of course I laughed when I saw this entry today, I just put the app on my wifes storm 2 so I could check it out. It is a really neat app on the blackberry as well and I love the add in lock features. Cool cool cool, you berry users are moving on up one app at a time. The only thing is 2.99 for a paper tossing lock screen is steep in my opinion, but that's the blackberry way I would have to say expensive apps.

I have a 9700, the game is really fun, but when I use it as my lock it is just a screenshot and I cannot play the game.
any thoughts???

This is a cool app, BUT it doesn't show the number of unread texts just the emails. I wonder if that could be fixed. Other than that its a cool game.

I bought this app, because I have this game on my ipod touch, and am addicted to it, So I'm glad to have one on my berry that I can play inconsiciously at work.. However, when I put a 4 digit pin code to lock it, the number pad doesn't line up to the middle of the display 3 out of 5 times.. Meaning that I can't type in the code unless I know where the keys are supposed to be on the screen.. Not fun at all. Other than that, I wish that while the phone was in lock mode you could still play the game without unlocking the phone and relaunching the app.. But overall; happy with the app. Best score of 41 right now. :)

...I'm really bored at work. lol

I'm running the leaked os on my bold 9000, and that version doesn't have a screen lock feature, so this is a no go for me :(

Good lock app. Good game. But seriously slows down boot time of the phone. That is something that has to be looked into.