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Didiom Pro Streams Your Audio Collection to Your Device - Win 1 of 100 Free Subscriptions!

By Adam Zeis on 10 Feb 2010 09:14 am EST
Didiom Pro  Didiom Pro

Didiom Pro may seem like your everyday streaming music app at first glance, but its not. Didiom Pro lets you stream your personal audio collection from your PC to your device over 3G and Wifi. You can stream music, podcasts, audiobooks or any other audio stored on your computer, and also download the items to your device for offline listening. Didiom Pro requires an application to be installed on both the device and PC, and the PC must be on (with the app running) in order to stream music. The Didiom Pro interface on your mobile device looks similar to the controls of an iPod, allowing you to play, pause and skip tracks. The controls can be a bit touchy (hitting the trackpad to the left or right accidentally skipped tracks without even clicking) but overall they work well. You can choose to browse by track, title or artist to easily find what you're looking for when on the go. Didiom Pro sells for just $0.99 a month (or $9.99 for the year) and is available in BlackBerry App World.

Contest: We have 100 Didiom Pro subscriptions to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.


gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie!

me want! :)

Hey guys I've only been a BlackBerry use for only one week and I'm hooked. factor in the fact that I'm a massive music lover and I would luv this app :)

Hey guys I've only been a BlackBerry use for only one week and I'm hooked. factor in the fact that I'm a massive music lover and I would luv this app :)

I can finally get my entire catalog of sounds!

This app would be perfect for me for when I'm doing work around the house. I hope I will a copy.

My birthday is this week and this would be a great gift!

Oh, my. This would be a heaven-send; a creative idea. I have so many tracks in my i-tunes library, they could never fit on my phone's Micro SD card, so this is a viable option for those times when I am in a different room in the house using my phone.

This seems like a cool app!

i love music so this would be perfect for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can i just win once pleaaaassssee!!!

Would love to have one....

This looks like a great app. It's really about time we had more of these multimedia home entertainment type apps for the BlackBerry

This sounds really cool. If I don't win a subscription, I may end up buying this service.

Yes Please :)

I travel a ton for my job. I would love to be able to stream my music collection from home to my Curve. Thank you.

i really need this

I would love this app

Bello grazie

i would rock this app everyday! Hit me with music!!!Brutalize me with music!

I'd love to have this app to free up space on my memory card.

Do I like this? YES!!! Would I win? Probably not!

Would be something I would use heavily.

Sounds like an awesome app with great possibilities...

whoa, we could all use this


I need this a lot! I really hope I win!

Seems like a very useful app.

yes please!!!

I would like this one.


Hey this sounds good.

Hook a brother up.

Yeah I could use a whole lot of that.

I would love one. I am new to the whole blackberry thing and this sounds great

I'll take it, free is always good.

I would like to win! This sounds perfect.

Very cool concept!

Me wantey!

I think this app is really cool ... I want a Pro subscription!! Pleasssseee!! LOL

very cool app i can def. use this!!

This app, imo, is a paradigm shift in how we access our music...and I need it!!

Wow that seems like a cool app- would enjoy using it for my music collection

Sounds pretty cool. Would like to try it.

I'd love to win this app - sounds great - I am an avid Crackberry reader - thanks very much,



This looks to be extremely useful especially at the gym.

Hook me up please!

Enter me!

Stream that app to baby

I would REALLY like to try this.

Gotta give this a try - please to win !

great software, great service. hook me up!

Crazy, I was just wondering the other day if a program like this existed. I would very much like a copy.

Never heard of Didiom Pro before, but the interface looks promising. Does it actually support iTunes podcasts or are podcasts in their own format?

Would love to have this

this is a great app

Looks like a very cool and very useful application!

Sounds like a cool app!

Sounds useful!

shazam! This looks awesome!

this is an awesome app and I would love a free copy. I love the way the developers keep coming out with great apps for the Blackberry. keep em coming!

May the luckiest persons win. Love this idea.

I'd love it!

Not enough of just 16gigs... this would be perfect

.... and GOD! Let me win this!

Sounds like a really cool app.. Can I pretty pretty please have a subscription!!!!! Thanks CB

This would be really cool to use in my office. It would sure make listening to my favorite music a breeze.

I have been waiting for this for a long time. I want, I need this program. I have so much music to listen to and so little memory. On my phone that is. Please help me out on this one. I would be ever so grateful.!!!!!

Awesome product, Now I can listen to streaming audio while cleaning the house up for my wife and cooking her a romantic dinner this Valentine's Day!

This would be perfect for me! Please let me win!

gotta b in it to win it!!! I have been wanting to try this app.

This would be a great addition to my BB.

This looks pretty cool, and suprisingly supports ogg vorbis. If it did scrobbling, I'd be totally sold.


Sounds like a great app!

this is a game changer right here..

This is awesome! I'm buried in 4 feet of snow right now, I'll be a really happy camper if I get picked as a winner.



...This would be an AWESOME app to win!

This sounds cool, I'd love to play around with it!

i want one

I'm using ORB right now to stream music from my PC at home. It's lacking the nice interface and controls this app is providing.

I would like to win a copy please.

----> Please choose me as a winner.
This looks like a great way to replace my iTouch with my BlackBerry (tired of carrying two devices).
My BlackBerry Tour is begging me for this app. :)

i want this app :)

OMGG FINALLY! i loove this app! please pick me guyss please please pleaseee...

sounds sweet. pick me!

This would be fantastic!! I could finally stop switching out music on my sd card all the time and just listen to music from my pc!! Me want!!!

This is freaking awesome.

Sounds great - would love to finally be able to listen to music all over the house!

So I have an iPhone, but I have always wanted a Blackberry, specifically a Blackberry Bold, I'm actually working on moving to T-Mobile to get one right now, but it's proving difficult. In all my years of reading Crackberry this is my first time commenting for a free item cus I have not had a device, now that I am getting one, this would be the ultimate app for me because I am a huge audiophile.

Me likey!

I'd love to win this Didiom Pro account, I have a huge library of music which doesn't fit on even the biggest of iPods and this would be the perfect solution !

This would be so cool. I am a total music fanatic. Endless supply of ear listening goodness!

I would love a copy

this would work anywhere or just around the house? The first sounds great, the second sounds a bit meh.

This would be great to have!


Sounds like this will quickly be added among the MUST HAVES list...would love to get a copy!!

This is great. Thanks for the contest.

This would make those long days at work a lot more fun!

Seems like a cool program, would love to win one

Awesome contest!

I might not use this app if I win I just want to see if I will ever win anything

a really cool app

Please add me

This would be a cool way to tap into my music on the go.

How long is the give away subscrption?

Even cooler if I get picked!

I would love a copy

I'd like it!!!

me me me

I'd love to have a copy of this one!

i want to i have alought of music

I tried a similar program in the past, however it was not very good. I hope this one works better. I don't suppose it will destruct Apple's tirany over pd for music to play on our devices will it?

Well maybe not need but I'm a 21 year old living in a tiny country town, this app could spark my life a wee bit haha

i need this app. have tons of music i'd like to put on my phone. thanks.

That would be awesome!

Now this is a cool app. I like the idea.

Would love to have this App.

Pick me, pick me!

I want one

This would be fantastic. Thanks for the contest.

Please pick me - I need this bad!

stream this to me!

Hope to win

Sounds like a cool app.

I'd like to try this out...

I have wifi at work and would very much enjoy having access to my collection without putting the stress on my sd card. I hate the stress that I put on it by adding and removing music, this would be great.

Please 8-0


would be useful for creating sets


wow this app will make my life easy,win win win:)

I'd sacrifice the Reds winning another World Series in my lifetime for this.

I would use Didiom to stream me some Diddy!


this app would be perfect for my music.

i would like to try this app out, it seems like a good idea, maybe i can win one and see

I wonder how this compares to Orb. I've used Orb, but this does look interesting.

This sounds like a really great idea. I hope it works as well as they say. thanks for the heads up

lovely application

Awesome App... This would make my music transfer so much easier...

Here's my entry

Man it would be great to be able to stream my entire media collection to my Blackberry! I would love a copy!


This would be music to my ears!

This would be sweetness!

Would love to win this. Thanks CB and Didiom Pro.....

Please, Please, Please let me win this one. I could really use this. I'm crossing my fingers. Thanks

Please... Please...

RULEZ!!! This app would be nice at the gym

Me try

Very cool idea... who needs an IPod now? ;)

After my mountain of itunes collection, this app will be perfect for my blackberry 9630!!!

Thanks for the giveaway, I'm going to love this

I would like to try this out to see how well it works before spending the money.

fantastic! pick meeeeeeeeeeee

How sweet is that!

This is a very cool application...It would be very nice to be chosen...Thanks!!!!!!!

I want to win!!!!!

Sounds like a great app

Uh Huh Uh Huh

Count me in!

Would love this app!!!


I want it. Gimme!


I would love a free copy!

My bandwith usage would go through the roof!

I am in ! :P

Sounds like a great app.

Awesome, Im going for the win!

This would be sweet! 3g? I can get my PC music while I'm at work? FREAKING AWESOME!

Entering is what I am best at.... I need more experience at the winning part.
Please and thank-you

would be cool to score this app.


pick me!

This is an app that I absolutely must have!!!!!
If I don't win, I'll definately purchase it!!!!

shiney :D

I was just considering purchasing a larger Micro SD I don't have to!

me in the contest =)

I been wondernig when theyd release an app like this, hope i win!!

This program would be ideal for me. I have over 30GBS of music on my PC that I can't put on my Tour. I have a 4GB microSD card but I would use this program every single day.

I really want to take a look at this. Hope I win...


Sirs and madams, I respectfully submit my name for consideration. Thank you.

I want it hook me up

Seriously. Orb is free and does sooooo much more.

Winner right here!

please choose me! i travel so much, would get a lot of use from this.

I've been using through the browser to stream for some time, I'd love to see if this is less cumbersome than the mobile web; if that makes it worth the $10.

This is an answer to my problems. I have around 20K songs so this would be great! C'mon guys!


Would love to stream from my PC to my phone!

Count me in! This program is handy and tight.

I would love to try this

Cool beans...


This could be potential for music listening between my classes.

Would love a copy !


this sounds so cool...and from crackberry!

This little wolfie would rock out with a free subscription to this sweet app!


Bring it!


This is a great app especially when you're miles away from your home PC.

as a dj i really need this...please help me out

This is so cool. I want it.

Pick me

another fantastic .. give away hope to strike a gold with this one. THanks for all the free goodies

looks good

What a nice clean interface (picks up where Orb leaves off!)

I would very much enjoy to win this :P

I would love this app.

gimme gimme gimme

This looks like a very useful app. I maybe I will won something?????


Access to all my music at once on my BB?! Cooolll!!!

This would be extremely useful.

Thank you

This would be SOOOOOOO sweet! I need my music while driving.. come on, pick me!!

i like the style of this app and would definitely love it!

Jam, jam, jam, jam, jam on it!

great Valentine's gift!

pick me! I love music!!

This would be an excellent app addition.

Want one!

Duck duck goose. Bang bang bang. I can haz subscription for free?

OOoooo this is cool.

Would LOOOVE to win. I'm a music freak.

Looks cool

here's my entry.....yes please!

I travel a ton for my job. I would love to be able to stream my music collection from home to my Curve. Thank you.


This is awesome!

Worth a go!

Dum didi dum didi didiom!

I'd love to receive a free subscription of didiom pro1

That would come in handy!

since i travel a lot and can't bring my computer everywhere. good luck to everyone!

Just what I need! Thanks...

Being able to access my growing music library on the go would be awesome. Thanks for the great giveaways.

Yes please. Do want.

it'd be nice to try.

Now I would love to win this one

Didiom Pro for me, please...

Would for sure make good use of this one..

Sounds like fun!

Sounds like something I need!!

wow, this sounds amazing


Looks pretty sweet.

I would love to have this app!!! pick me!!! pleaseee!

I'm in!

please pick me

looks sick!!

Do want!

This is great! I can sit in bed and listen to what I want on my BB. Cool! Very Cool!!!!

I would love to try this out!