Fido Releases OS For The BlackBerry Curve 8520

By Bla1ze on 1 Feb 2010 08:48 am EST
OS Officially Released By Fido For The BlackBerry Curve 8520

The official release of OS on Fido really isn't that big of a deal. The real news here is in the fact the Fido posted OS without actually having yet put the device on sale- Ooops. You might remember a week or two back now we posted that Fido was set to get the BlackBerry Curve 8520, SKUS were loaded into the system yet, no official release date was available. So all this really means is the Fido BlackBerry Curve 8520 is that much closer to release, thanks for the confirmation!

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Fido Releases OS For The BlackBerry Curve 8520


how come they still dont come out with os5 for bb8520??
what the different my os now with this 'new' os?

This post only got me excited ; I thought the OS 5.0 was realeased !
How come devices like the 8530 which is a very similar device gets all the attention ?!
Has RIM forgotten that there are 8520 users ?!
Please hurry up and release the OS 5.0 before all the 8520 users sanity hasn't gone !

Because even Fido, on today February 2nd, 2010 13:16 can confirm this date for the Blackberry Curve 8320

Thanks for replay


Erm fist off if you ask in the forum and not the blog you'll get help. And to answer your question no you can not.

Inept Rogers (uh, I mean, Fido) doing what they do best. Showing that are clueless as to what products they sell and are well behind the curve (excuse the pun) as to what software should be in these devices in the first place.

Just add overpriced services and you have the Rogers / Fido Trifecta.

Hello i am trying to find out how to download ring tones to my black berry curve can you give me any hints thanks