BlackBerry Media Sync Updated To Version For PC Users

BlackBerry Media Sync Updated To Version For PC Users
By Bla1ze on 2 Feb 2010 08:01 am EST

It wasn't too long ago now that version 3.0 of BlackBerry Media Sync was released. Now we got an update which brings a newer, semi-revamped UI and improved picture synchronization for PC users. Bumped up to version, you can now auto update through media sync or just grab the latest version from the BlackBerry Media Sync download site.

Having checked out the latest version, I can see RIM actually worked out some of the kinks in this version. It not only looks better now but actually works much faster than previous versions. Not too sure as to why the Mac version isn't seeing any updates... I'm not a Mac user so those of you who are is the Mac version working fine as is? Or could it use an update as well?



Got it, looks faster than before! Thanks kevin


Mac DESPERATELY needs an update. the UI isn't anywhere near as
impressive or convenient as windows.


Those graphics look very mac/iTunes-like. Cool!

Will download tonight!!!!


I try to download it but it takes me to the download page of BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Help!!!


Considering the last version before this would not recognize my Storm as a Blackberry device hopefully this will fix that.


I had the same problem hope its been fixed


i just use the copy and paste method into my phone. i don't see the software usefull for anything unless it's to convert something that the phone can't play. and maybe syncing capabilities.


It is really very useful information!


I agree Mac needs an update for the media sync as well as the desktop manager fast!!


Even after updating my BB Media Sync, it will STILL NOT sync with my Blackberry Storm 9530. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away it would sync. Then one day it decided it did not want to play fair and would not work anymore. This is just one reason why I want to ditch my BB Storm.


Storm 9500 will not sync I've reinstalled and stop dropped and rolled :0)