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Win A Month of Slacker Radio Plus Service!

Slacker Contest!
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Feb 2009 10:01 am EST

** Breaking ** BlackBerry Storm owners click here >>

Though we have known for a while now that Slacker would be coming to BlackBerry smartphones, it was only earlier last month at CES 2009 when the official launch was made (read Press Release). Speaking of CES, while down on location in Vegas we we also recorded an awesome video overview of Slacker Mobile Application for BlackBerry smartphones by the company's Director of Marketing Communications (video after the jump).

Slacker Radio Plus: While Slacker Personal Radio on its own is awesome and free, upgrading to the Radio Plus Service provides a few big benefits, including unlimited skips, unlimited song requests and no audio or banner ads. The cost to upgrade is $3.99 per month (billed annually at $47.88).

Contest Time: Sweet! Slacker is offering us up 25 1-month subscriptions to Radio Plus to members of, so you can really take Radio Plus for an extended test drive. For your chance to win, you only need to do two things:

  • have a valid email address tied to an account setup at Slacker (ie. try the service!)
  • login to and make a comment to this blog post!

Contest entry closes Thursday night at midnight EST. The bad news is that Slacker is only in the USA, so that limits the the contest a bit (sorry readers from Canada and around the world!). Good luck to those who enter! Be sure to visit for more info and to register your account if you haven't done so already.

Video: Slacker Mobile App for BlackBerry Smartphones

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Machine gunport

love slacker on my berry, and would love to win a plus sub.


Dowloaded this app today and gave it a whirl. This is a great application for your STORM if you are into XM or Sirius radio.


love it on my berry storm too.

official addict. would love an Plus Subscription.


The best radio app for my storm!


Are you a slacker? I am but not in the sense of getting things done.....only on my blackberry....


The Best Internet Radio and it completes my Bold!


I love Slacker! This has to be the best app for 2009! I would to try slacker plus for a month.


Slacker rocks on my 8900!


I love Slacker on my berry. It's great to have with me playing when I am working outside! Gotta love slacker radio!

Tom Allen

I'd love to have Slacker Radio


Leaving my comment for the contest!


I use Slacker everyday & love it. I also have introduced many other BB owners to Slacker & they also use it on a daily basis. The only thing better would be Slacker Radio Plus!


Love SLACKER!!!!! It's what i love the MOST about my Blackberry Storm.


I'll give it a try. If its good you'll have a new customer.


I love the sound quality slacker puts out. Its the BEST and would recommend it to everybody over Sirius/XM or whatever!


I love slacker radio, the caching is awesome.


sounds good cant wait.


Great service. Nice if I win a free month, but hard to get to excited about $3.99



Haha, cache'ing stations as I type....luv to have Slacker Radio plus.


Slacker is a great service and I would like premium service!! Can't wait to have the Slacker App for the Storm.


Thats not a bad give a way


This app is awesome and would love to have a free trial.


I bought my wife the full subscription and she loves it. I'd like to have my turn now :)


i would love to win this


come on slacker radio, hook a dude up!


I love slacker... every morning I wake up and use the create artist to find some comedy to start my day with a laugh.

When I work out I usually create a station with Europe or ac/dc.

Just love it.

The Antagonist

I wanna be a Slacker too!!! Love it on my Storm and looking forward to a Storm specific version.


Slacker & CB?? I'm never going to get any work done!


I can't get it on my BB! :( It tells me I need to upgrade my OS, but I'm on a Mac, so evidently I can't upgrade my OS without buying some other software to allow me to run Windows on my Mac. Seems like too much of a hassle/expense for "free" radio. (Can anyone suggest another option?)


I looooooove this app!


I use Slacker on my BB Pearl daily. Best thing that has ever happened on the BB.


I love this app..



I have never used the radio option on my bb, so I would LOVE to be able to give it a try for free!!


Awesome contest! I have been wanting to try out the premium edition since this app came out. I listen to it after work everyday to help calm me down. Great app and thanks to Slacker and Crackberry for this contest!




I love Slacker...I'm still on Free Mode


I have been using the free version of Slcker for awhile. I have been thinking of upgrading but still unsure. This would be perfect for me to give it a test drive before forking out the loot.


I wish to be an organized slacker without commercials please!


Slacker is GREAT! Would love to get a free 1 month subscription!


I absolutely love having all my favorite music at my fingertips!


I love slacker =). Works great on my storm.


I use it daily, not having the commercials would be sweet for a month. I wonder if it's just a free month straight up or if there is any sort of stipulation. We will see.

jackie treehorn

what's not to love about a free subscription. I could sure use one of those


I Love Slacker...I must say its the best app I have on my Berry :-)


Please fix the end-of-song-cutoff bug on the BB client. Thanks.


This would be nice to win. I've been wanting to try the full version, but alas, I am broke and cannot.

I love the caching feature!

Harry Sav

Pick me!! Pick me!! Slacker on the storm


count me in. I love Slacker just don't have the money to pony up right now for the full subscription.


Slacker is absolutely the BEST. I love it:-)


Slacker is one of my favs rock on


Really loving Slacker. Free month of radio plus would be spectacular!


This is by far the best streaming radio program.


Great news, I would love to try Slacker Plus.


I would love to try this out


I better win this app completes my bold!!!


slacker is the best thing ever, after the blackberry


Hmm i love the slacker service i wonder what plus is like.


It's like heaven on earth :-)


Gotta love Slacker!! What an excellent free app. Listen to it everyday in the car and also on the labtop while doing hw!


love slacker on my berry, and would love to win!


I'll take all the slack I can get!!


Slacker is pure Awesomeness! I would love to have a 1-month subscription! Thanks Crackberry and Slacker!


Love Slacker on PC, hope it works soon on my 8350i!


Love me some Slacker Radio !!!! I'd Love to try the Plus for a while...And like everyone else I love Freebies !!!! Thanks Slacker......


This has interested me. I'm going to have to try a subscription and give it a go. :O)


Out of all the contests that you guys have run. This is by far the one I've wanted most. I have never won any of these contests. This would be huge!


I have been using Slacker on my PC for over a year and love it. It's made by the same team that developed MusicMatch in the early'ish Internet days.

Now, having Slacker on my BB Storm (although, it's not officially released on the Storm yet), is like a dream come true. I love this software and the music selection/quality is top notch.


I'm going to have to subscribe and try this service out. Looks really cool.


I would love to have a free trial to show everyone where i work that has the commercial version how the subscription version works....Everyone i work with has a blackberry with slacker on it, so this could be a great opportunity to show them how it truly works!!!


I'm a Slacker! Can I get a free month?


I such a Slacker that this Slacker app will go well with my Slacker abilities, further stating how much of a slacker I really am.

I am your Slacker Man...


Give me slacker...please


crosses fingers in hope of winning.


<3 slacker radio. definitely better than flycast


I would love to try this app.


Just what I need when I go to the gym


I've been using Slacker for a month and love it! Would definitely want to try the free 1 month subscription to Slacker Radio Plus!!!


I've been using Slacker for a month and love it! Would definitely want to try the free 1 month subscription to Slacker Radio Plus!!!


Would love to have this. Thanks.


I've been wasting away hoping for a Pandora Blackberry app... no longer! Slacker rules!!!


Hey Slacker... give me a reason to love ya!


I'll throw my name in the hat.


Yes sirrrrrrrrrrrrrr... im listening to slacker right now.. Pick meeeeeeee sir!


i do love me some slacker, and have been rocking a non-compatable version, i can't wait til the storm version comes out!


slacker is tha shiz-m-f-nitzle


After I found out XM charges extra for the "privileged" to stream your account on your Blackberry and Sirius, the service I actually have, doesn't even OFFER it, I stumbled on Slacker.

Slacker is leagues better than satellite radio, and it's making me consider whether I should just cancel Sirius and switch to a premium account with the better service.


I love Slacker since I have downloaded to my BB and so much better than Flycast.


Slacker plus would b awesome!


After I found out XM charges extra for the "privilege" to stream your account on your Blackberry and Sirius, the service I actually have, doesn't even OFFER it, I stumbled on Slacker.

Slacker is leagues better than satellite radio, and it's making me consider whether I should just cancel Sirius and switch to a premium account with the better service.

Winning this contest would be sweet, also!


I love Slacker since I have downloaded to my BB and so much better than Flycast.


I love slacker. That's it. Give me my free month. LOL


I am going to win i just know it WOOT!!!


I am going to win i just know it WOOT!!!


Let's make it 2 in a row!


sweet i would love to win this


Ever since I found out about slacker I haven't stopped listening to it!!


Been using Slacker for a long while in the office. We Have a dedicated laptop ripping out the tunes all day long. In our office we have very different tastes in music but Slacker deliverers. Now that I have it on my BB the Ipod gets less of a work out, in the car or just on the go. I can not wait for Summer to crank it up on the boat.


Constantly at work, All my people under me have it on there bb cause of me! I love it!

Billy From Philly

I just recently got my first Blackberry (Storm)...and i had been signed up on CB for at least 3 months prior to my purchase.....

i've been quite happy with BOTH decisions. I've poked around on slacker....and so far, i'm liking the service.....i'd LOVE to have a plus sub, to further see what slacker has to offer.



I ready for my free subscription!


Slacker runs really well on my 8320, its so user friendly and the idea of cache radio content is genius!

Slacker upgrade for free? Sounds like its right up my alley. Sign my up please?


I really love this app, it's awesome


I'm supposed to be working right now, but what am I doing...Entering a contest to upgrade my Slacker account...

Let the Slacker-ness continue....


Rock my Blackberry baby!!! Subscribe me!!!!


i use slacker all the time. i want to try slacker plus for a month. let me win!


My Storm and Slacker = <)


I've been using the free version and it would be so sweet to get an upgrade to first class like the way Seinfeld did in that episode where Elaine had to to stay in coach.


Love the Slacker app! Can't wait for the official Storm release!


I've had Slacker for a month or so now and it's great when I'm at work. I would love to try the plus sub, maybe it will convince me to actually subscribe =)


It's had that "storm support coming soon" for over a month now! It would be a great thing in my phone but I can settle for just computer support for the time being. Now that I found the support it really is the perfect radio for me.


Premium Membership please!


I would like to try it


Slacker on the BB is great.....would like to give Radio Plus a test drive....


I currently am enjoying the free version, wouldn't mind giving the full version a test drive!


I bought the one year's subscription already, but I could surely use another month added on! Hook me up!

I think Slacker (and other similar streaming apps) will eventually kill standalone portable media players. Here's why:

While yes hard drives (and flash for that matter) have gotten bigger and bigger, there is a physical limit at the high end that will be reached. Having UNLIMITED music available via streaming (or cached) is far better.

I have about 3000 songs on my device, with a 16Gb Micro SD card. While I have a lot of tunes, that's still a tiny percentage of what's out there (kinda the same as above). I can create stations on the fly, get all sorts of related music that I might otherwise not have purchased - so better.

Bottom line - I'm finding my music usage is quickly trending towards all Slacker, all the time.

Love it.


I think Slacker is an awesome app. I hope I win so I can try out the "Plus" service.


The free version is sweet, Premium would rock.


i don't have an FM radio in my wrangler because i broke off the i use slacker as my "FM radio" when i want to listen to something besides CD's or my MP3's.


I have a Bold and I must say the sound quality of Slacker is better than my XM service. It would be cool to win a month of servcie.


SLACKER NATION!!!!! I use it more and more everyday and have turned a bunch of my friends on to it!! Best music out there!!!


I love Slacker Radio! I came from using an iPhone 3G when I used Pandora Radio all the time and then switched to a Blackberry where I absolutely love Slacker!!

Please enter me in this contest!


I used Pandora on my iPhone but when I switched to a Blackberry Bold downloaded Slacker and it's definitely one of the best apps out there!


I love that I can skip songs and cache for later!
I never win anything, though..


...the ultimnate form of slacking!


I've been using Slacker on my Bold and PC since it has been released and love it. Pandora what?


I've been using slacker for months, its awesome!
Just waiting for their app for the storm to be released.


Winner Right Here!!!


Winner Right Here!!!


i would love a subscription


I love the idea of being able to stream some radio on my way into work. What a great product.


I have found that slacker to be the best radio app for the bb yet. I love to get a free 1 month subscription.


I love slacker and use it several times a day. My poor ipod touch just sits and weeps and wishes it could take the place of my Storm and slacker.,



I use to be waiting on a pandora app for my phone... with SLACKER coming to the berry first it now runs my life and I dont even touch pandora anymore... THANKS SLACKER!!!


this radio application rocks...


LOVE FREEE SLACKER!! would love to have free slacker PLUS!! great great it! need i say more!


i love slacker! it's a great app


any idea on when full-on storm support is coming? works alright for the storm as is, but could be sooo much better. thanks guys!


this is a valid comment for the purposes of entering.


Slacker Radio is the bomb!


This app wroks just as expected


I need this on my storm!!!


I listen to it at work all the time! Great stations!


I listen to it at work all the time! Great stations!


Never tried slacker since i just got my curve so I would love to win and try it out :)


Picture Horseshack raising his hand, stomping his feet and saying Mr. Kottaaaiiir.

Slacker rules!


Just an awesome service!


Can't wait to have the Storm Slacker App.


I would love one of these I use slacker all the time can't wait till they make an app for the storm.


Oh yes, Slacker is the best. I love to slack all day long. In fact, call me Mr. Slack. Have a fantastic day and keep on slackin'


Ironically, I looked at this app two days ago, and was thinking about trying it out! Looks like it would be kewl, since I travel weekly!


I would like to be a winner please


I would love to win Slacker for my Storm. Here's hoping!!!



This is one of the best applications on the Blackberry. I have the same app on my iphone but its not the same since I can't minimize it and do other tasks. Also the caching feature is amazing!


ahh this is so cool! i love slacker radio! it would be so cool to have a plus subscription!! i want it!!

chris wiker

The best works awesome!!! Keep up the good work (;


nice!!! slacker radio is awsome for the blackberry storm!! it would be awsome to have the plus subscription!!


this is an awesome prize, i would love to have it, since i misplaced my ipod. :(


I use this all the time and show this program to all my buddies at my University. Keep it up slacker!


i had it on my phone, it was awesome. i would definitely enjoy music on my phone since i misplaced my ipod. :(


I love slacker on the Storm!!!


I'm a manager of an AT&T local dealer retail store and I cannot tell you how many times Slacker's radio service alone has helped me seal the deal in selling Blackberry phones. I can only imagine if I had the Slacker Radio Plus service how many more people would be stunned by this amazing music app! Thanks Slacker and Crackberry!


I listen to it every day!
Thanks for a great app.


sorry about the double post, my comp froze so i thought it hadnt gone thru


I am a Slacker thus I love Slacker.


This would be a sweet prize!!! crossing my fingers


i remember waiting for this service back when we thought it was coming out in october, when it finally came out a few weeks ago, I was ecstatic, and i'd love a free month!


McFly...You're a slacker!


Would love to try out Slacker for my Blackberry Storm!

Vlad M.

I love Slacker on my Storm. Would love to win a plus sub.


Slacker is absolutely my favorite app on my Blackberry right now. I think that slacker has presented us with a new music revolution that will change the way ppl listen to there music forever. It definitely has for me.


This service and app "Rocks"!!!
'nuff said


i'll def check this out today.....


Slacker puts Pandora to shame! Here's to a month of commercial free music!


pick me it would be a great 50th birthdayd present.


pick me it would be a great 50th birthday present.

Rick Rubin

After seeing the post on CB, I decided to give it a try. Its a great service and consistent quality as well. I have referred 4-5 friends who now use it as well.



I love this program!


Slacker is so much better than Pandora. I started using slacker and never looked back. Every person I meet who uses Pandora I tell them to check out slacker and they make the switch too. Would be sweet to have Premium!


slacker and my berry is the best thing since automobiles


Where is the for my Storm??? I see plenty of people have it, but it says its not out yet? HOOK ME UP!!


Slacker radio is great! love listening to it on the go!


Am new to the Slacker app, but looks like something I could spend a lot of time in..

Would be great to have mobile music for when I'm traveling.


Please pick me!!! I would love to try a slacker plus one month subscription!


I'm on the subway
no signal in this tunnel
I don't fret. I've cached


I will be happy to take one of those off your hands


would love to try it for free. use it on my pc all day at work.


I need this app, so that I too can be a Slacker at work.


trying to win the slacker radio free give away


Slacker works great on my Curve 8330 a Plus Subscription would make it even better.


I would love to have a free subscription!!! I love Slacker Radio!


Great! I can't wait to try this app on my Storm!


Slacker on my 8310 is the only streaming radio I can get at work!

Sean Moore

Hi, I have to be honest. Never used Slacker. But the reviews are awesome and I love radio. I would love to try Slacker. :)


I LOVE this app! Slacker is awesome!!!!