AIM and ICQ Now Available on BlackBerry

By Kevin Hill on 9 Apr 2007 03:09 pm EDT

icq logoResearch In Motion announced today that both AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ Messenger services are now available for the BlackBerry. Yahoo, MSN and Google messenger services have been available for some time, so it is nice to see the BlackBerry expanding its offerings.

Both programs can be downloaded from the BlackBerry site. AIM is available here. ICQ can be downloaded here. Both are free to download but usage fees might be applied by your carrier.

According to the guys over at BlackBerry Cool there are a couple of glitches in downloading the two programs, so you may want to hold off for a day or two until those issues are resolved.

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AIM and ICQ Now Available on BlackBerry


The guys are BlackBerry Cool are right. I downloaded the AIM app -- need to do it with your device -- but it wouldn't connect.

It tried to send me back to the BlackBerry site for some sort of authorization, but nothing was there. Guess we need to wait a bit more...

Farrell Kramer,
farrell kramer communications (, blackberry pearl

It seems to only work for T-Mobile users with a device on 4.2

No one else seems to have the service books yet.

EDIT: Doesn't seem to be working anymore. I guess RIM pulled the plug on us.

I followed the link provided in the blog and it told me that the AIM download is only available for Sprint users. I have Alltel. I have tried going to the AOL website to get it and it doesn't work there either. However I am able to receive IM's from people on my buddy list. Unfortunately I am not able to IM them directly.