Kindle App for BlackBerry Getting Closer?

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By Adam Zeis on 30 Dec 2009 03:08 pm EST

Fresh into the tip line we have some good information about the upcoming Kindle app for BlackBerry. From the looks of it, the app will have plenty of features to keep both Kindle owners and new adopters happy. You'll be able to access Kindle books even without your Kindle on hand, and automatically synchronize your last page read and annotations between devices. The Kindle app for BlackBerry won't support newspapers, magazines or blogs, but you will be able to search for and purchase all the books from the Kindle library, as well as check out free book samples. Still no word on just when the app will hit or for what devices, but you can head over to this page and sign up to be notified when the app becomes available. Hit the jump for a few screenshots. Thanks to Jessica for sending this in!

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Kindle App for BlackBerry Getting Closer?


Cool. Now to find the $ for a Kindle.

Love the idea of the app for BB, but I can't see reading whole books on my Tour. A few pages here and there (then synced back to the Kindle), but that's about it.

I do not mind reading whole books on my Tour, but I think what you said is the point in that it would be more for reading a few pages between meetings. It would be nice to quickly read a few pages and have it sync the pages instead of just another game of poker between appointments.

This is exactly what I've been waiting for! I have a Kindle, so this would be ideal for reading a few pages here and there on my BB in between meetings and what-not, and then sync-ing it back to the Kindle!

But is the app going to be a full Kindle app for the BB or do you need a Kindle?

EDIT: Nevermind, you don't need a Kindle!

My wife is always reading books on her Tour through ereader and mobipocket, there there is another company that can take my money for nothing more than a bunch of cleverly ordered words...

Once this comes out, I'd love to have this app. I hate the idea of cramping a book in my purse. I'm on my BB so much that it'd be great to have this in my BB to read here and there. Awesome!

I read a 12:17:57 AM on my Kindle. I used to read a lot on my BB (Mobipocket) before I got the Kindle, although I probably read more now. I've been waiting for the BB Kindle app so I can merge the two together.

I've wanted to get on the Kindle train for a while... so my excitement rose when I read this post. Until I clicked the link, it'll only be for US customers :( Darn.

I read ebooks on my Curve 8310 all the time, it is quite easy on the eyes. I use Mobipocket, which unfortunately was bought out by Amazon.

I have already read two books and purchased 5 using the Barnes and Noble app on my Storm 2. I've been comparing BnN eBook store to the Kindle store and it seems that the prices are identical and BnN has a larger selection. The BnN app will soon allow sharing books with friends and the new Nook looks like a Kindle killer.