BlackBerry Storm2 9550 Now Available from Telus

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Nov 2009 08:24 am EST

Telus BlackBerry Storm2 9550

Our CrackBerry Tip box was flooded this morning by happy canuks letting us know that the Telus BlackBerry Storm2 9550 is available on Telus' website. It's kind of interesting to see a carrier offering both GSM and CDMA-based smartphones... Storm2, Tour 9630... Bold 9700?? Tough Decision! 

The Telus BlackBerry Storm2 9550 sells for $199.99 on a three-year contract, $499.99 on a two-year contract, $549.99 on a one-year contract or you can pick it up for $599.99 off contract. If you're not yet familiar with the BlackBerry Storm2, you'll want to check out our BlackBerry Storm2 Review and BlackBerry Storm2 Features and Specifications page. 

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BlackBerry Storm2 9550 Now Available from Telus


I was recently told by Loyalty & Retention that Telus wouldn't be launching any new CDMA phones - I know, I know, these guys aren't often aware of what's really going on... Anyway, this poses an interesting question - does anyone know if the Essex (which it appears Verizon is getting) is coming to Telus? What about the 8530?

Ever since I watched Salmondrin's 10 minute video on a near release Storm2, I've wanted it. If I buy this from Telus, will they unlock it so I can use it with Rogers? I'm on the fence about which one I will get (the Bold 9700 being the other one.) I just want to make sure that I will have 3G speeds once I do unlock it.

P.S. Yes, I know this is a borderline noob question considering how much time I spend cruzing the forums, but I don't want to waste $600 clams and not have 3G.


You won't get 3g speed if you use this bb on Rogers. You will only get edge speed. Plus Telus won't unlock it for you, you have to get a 3rd party to do that.

it is not a mistake; it already in stock; the stores just does not have recieved thier stock yet. The stores alreadu have to singage and everything.

Storm2 is CDMA. Unless the posted Storm2 is supplied by Telus, else it won't work coz telus won't let you add foreign or non-Telus ESN.

nfldberryuser - I don't think its too unreasonable to expect a few CDMA handset launches for awhile still. The HSPA network coverage looks pretty good in BC, Alberta and east of Ontario but there is no coverage at all in Saskatchewan or Manitoba.

You're right of course. It never occurred to me, but it's logical that they would continue to introduce CDMA phones until at least the whole country was covered (to the extent it will be ) by the new network. I'm really hoping for the Essex. Tried a new Bold and while it's great, the keyboard isn't as good as the Tour's, at least for me anyway.

I wonder if I should trade in my Tour for this and try the Storm again. Really missing the big screen. My trackball is sticking and I do have issues with dropped calls or not receiving them... decisions, decisions... will miss the hardware keyboard though.

I went from a Curve to a Tour to a Storm 1 (official 5.0). Seems like a downgrade but its definitely not (I had trackball issues pissing me off to no end)! Glad I sold my tour and picked up a Storm! I do miss the hardware keyboard sometimes but it's definitely worth it for the huge screen. Once you get used to Suretype, you can type very fast. It will only be faster with the Storm 2 because of the 4 sensors

When I had the Storm it was nice but then the issues arose. Traded for a Tour since Telus had nothing else. The positive reviews of this new Storm2 is getting me excited. The trackball is starting to annoy me because it's not precise any longer.

i've been thru 3 tours and if this one has any issues, i can chose to get another one phone according to telus...i wanted the s1 but given the problems, i opted for the tour...i might change my mind now

Drooling over our American friends raving about how much better Storm2 is over Storm1 made this a long wait! Phoned my store this morning and said he'll have one in for me tomorrow morning! Like the price!

hello i was wondering since im in rogers and with a 2 years and a half contract to go..(n) if i unlock the telus storm2 will i be getting 3g speeds? or do i hve to do something further then just unlocking it?

Thank you...

Called 3 Telus stores today. One in Oshawa said sometime in the new year, Oshawa Centre said the 24th of Nov, Bowmanville said possibly tomorrow.

Yeah, I called one in Etobicoke - they said Dec 15th
and two stores in North York. One said they get shipments Thursday and Tuesdays so check back, the other said they weren't sure, probably within the next two weeks...

i know is a crazy idea but why not wait for the storm 3 to come out by that time all the bugs n glitches will b fix..

I have been going back and forth towards purchasing the new BOLD 9700 from telus
But when i found out the storm2 was coming out I decided to wait.
Although I love the querty physical keyboard, which is the only thing i was not looking forward to giving up. I realized that the BOLD is on the 3g+ network. While the storm2 isnt.

Can anyone help explain to me what are the differences.


TELUS doesn't offer GSM-based's the HSPA network....and unlocked GSM phones will not work on this network.....

i dont understand done thing...
rogers also has a hspa network that goes up to 2100 which telus doesnt....
so that in mind the storm 2 on telus works on north america 850, and 1900 mhz GSM... also as 2100 umts hspa networks... which is th same as my current 9000 on rogers so that in mind why wouldnt i be getting 3g speeds when i unlock the telus version of the 9550 to work into rogers.??

can anyone give me a subtle answer because all of these threads dont make sence as all the numbers are there for it to work....

I don't know why anyone would want it? I have the 1st Storm & it sucks ass it will always suck ass!!! I've Swaped it 4 times and they all suck as soon as they are turned on!!! The 2nd one doesn't look any better!!! RIM is going downhill in my eyes!!! Why work on soooo many different Smartphones when the ones they have put out there suck soooo bad? I will never buy another Blackberry unless they seem to improve on the quality and customer satisfaction...

Iphone here I come...!!!