A to Z with BlackBerry App World

By Adam Zeis on 9 Oct 2009 11:48 am EDT

BlackBerry App World is a few months old and seems to be getting better as the weeks go by. The selection of apps is good, but still no themes to be found. There is a good listing of both Top Free and Top Paid apps, as well as categories to browse through. If you haven't checked it out yet, give it a shot. Check out the video for a run-through of all the features. If you missed it previously, you can also read this article on Getting Apps on your BlackBerry which gives an overview of different app store alternatives for BlackBerry along with some of the pros/cons to each. 

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A to Z with BlackBerry App World


I have to disagree. App World is nothing but buggy for me. Everytime I download something it locks my phone up causing a reboot. It is excruciatingly slow. It has some nice apps and everything, but it is just too painful to use sometimes. Anyone else have issues with it?

I haven't had any issues with it at all. As a matter of fact I rate it just slightly behind the Apple App Store in it's ease of use and speed. At this point RIM needs to simply keep making tweeks to the system and embed App World into the OS of every BlackBerry like Apple has done with the iPhone. Apple hit the nail on the head with the way the App Store is setup for the consumer. Other companies would be well served emulating it minus all the approval BS.

Yesterday I went to App World and downloaded BBM 5.0. After the install, the Messenger icon was missing from my Berry, so I downloaded it again and my Tour bricked. The message on the screen said I had to reinstall the software...the code listed tracked to information that said I had to reinstall the OS.

Many others who downloaded from App World had the same problem, but when they went to the RIM site, the download worked okay.

In my case, a trip to Verizon yielded a new device which I now have to re-customize with all my apps, settings, etc.

App World bricked my 8900 FOUR different times. I've had 2 different 8900's. I don't know what it is, or what I do. But, it doesn't like when I download a few app in a row. I don't think I've ever had the memory below 70-80MB range.

It starts with some error when I open up the newly downloaded app. It will say something like "Such and such app failed to launch: out of memory." Something like that. It's that death knell that is always proceeded by a reboot to the WSOD that tells me I need to reload my OS. PAIN!

I agree with you, Mystro. I think AppWorld stinks! It is insanely slow and it sucks the memory out of my phone like crazy, especially after I upgraded to .19. I used it to downloand QuickPull Lite and it literally took over an hour to navigate to the app, download, and install a 28kb app. I'm giving .20 a shot, but I think I will end up deleting it and just using the web-based version (which doesn't seem to work in FireFox, but that is another story).

The app is good for seeing when you have program updates, but that is about it to me.

I wonder how many of you are having problems because of buggy themes and apps you're running in the background that are slow not only App World but other apps down as well. I have zero problems with App World, so that makes me thing its probably something you're running. Its just like everyone complains about Windows sucking but Windows runs fines its all the extra crap and buggy apps people add to there systems that screws up there systems. the OS is not there to fix bad coding by 3rd party apps

I have a pearl 8130, and appworld runs very slow, and is also buggy with the installs.
It doesn't seem to make a difference if I have 12MB or 1MB file free, it runs just as slow regardless.

For some reason, this newest version of App World doesn't run on my Tour. After I install, I can't navigate to anything at all. It constantly shows that "thinking" icon. After about a minute of that, it gives me an error and reboots. When I uninstall it, my Tour is back to working fine. I have uninstalled and reinstalled on a few occasions with no success. I ended up going back to an older version.

this is the sad true for south america just free apps and nothing paid we need the paid apps please!!!!

I haven't tried the newest version yet but every time I've installed it in the past I have had memory issues after.

Well I must say after you download or delete something you definitely need to restart your phone or it will freeze. But I think App world is good next to the Apple Store only because you can access Apples from a PC.

My biggest complaint currently is that when I attempt to install BB app world it is looking for something that I dont seem to have.

As a user who is about to get a new phone, I am having issues deciding to stay with BB when the Storm 2 comes out, or switch to an Iphone (GASP ;) ).. The thing is, I would love to see what apps are currently out there but not being able to install the software is really frustrating..


..unless they start approving apps faster. It sucks to know an app has a new version out and my fingers itch to install it and BB App world is still on the old version.

It's like driving behind an old old old lady who is driving 35 on a 60mph one lane highway. So, no thank you.

Used it once and it was a slow experience not blaming on the app world. However, I haven't since been able to load it because it's too large.

I'm thinking of getting an iPhone and based on the comments I'm reading, it may be a good idea. What generation of the iPhone do you recommend? Sorry, I havent had time to evaluate all the different phones and feature on the market.

I'm still open to a Blackberry. What is your advice?


After I installed on my BB curve(no third party software installed), it loads up slow & and freezes my screen from time to time! And all I can say is this piece of software isn't done.

I downloaded it to my pearl 8120. It ran very smooth and fast. But after going into the devise to see just how much memory it uses I said frig it and deleted it. I was thinking of going directly to the Xenozu website and download that by itself. My youtube plays spotty like everyone else but I view most of my videos from a different site anyways so I will probably just wait until youtube and Blackberry gets their ducks in the right row.