T-Mobile coming to Canada in 2009?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Mar 2008 03:30 pm EDT

T-Mobile Coming to Canada?

I wasn't expecting to read this when I got out of bed this morning... BoyGenius has dropped word (and drawn up the nice logo above that I borrowed for this post) that Duetsche Telekom will bring T-Mobile to Canada in 2009. The info came to the BG via tipster, so it is unconfirmed. From BG:

  • Deutsche Telekom has been pre-approved for a financing and protocol agreement which will allow them to introduce T-Mobile to the Canadian market (subject to restrictions in all provinces except Ontario during a 6, 12 and 18 month trial period that expires in 2010), and also pre-approves them for testing roaming, cell tower reception and international data agreements.
  • The person heading up the Canadian division of Deutsche Telekom will be Canadian, in compliance with the Canadian Business Ethics law
  • Deutsche Telekom already owns the name T-Mobile in Canada under a US Parent Office international exchange program.
  • They plan to launch T-Mobile in Canada in 2009.
  • Currently, as we all know, Rogers is the only GSM game in town. With T-Mobile’s entrance into the Canadian market, data rates are going to plummet quickly. DT also plans to introduce an unlimited BlackBerry plan to the Canadaian market to be priced at $75/month. Basically telling Rogers to go screw themselves.
  • T-Mobz Canada is set to offer many of the devices we’re used to seeing here in the U.S. like the Sidekick line and T-Mobile’s HTC products. I guess that’s bye bye Fido Sidekicks?

From a consumer standpoint and as a Rogers customer in Canada I wouldn't mind seeing more GSM carrier competition come to town, especially if it means data rates will drop. I guess we'll have to stay tuned on this one...

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T-Mobile coming to Canada in 2009?!


Yes! Either that or one of the Hart boys has to put Ted Rogers into a sharp shooter until I get me some reasonable data rates and a Canadian iPhone (sorry, BB!)

Any GSM competition in Canada is not only appreciated, but desperately needed.

If this is true, it's definately a start for bringing down data plan/rates. But 75 dollars/month for unlimited? That's still pricey. It's cheaper than what we currently have but as whole, it's also on par with what's available at the moment (what was it? somewhere around 100 for 1GB?). If tethering was included in that price, ok it's a HUGE plus, but who's really using the internet on their browser that will exceed 1GB considering browsing on the BlackBerry doesn't take up large amounts of bandwidth? Again, it's a good start but hopefully prices go way further and goes on par with those plans down south.

I'd love to see T-Mob come in and just lay right into Rogers...BUT..I really don't see it happening any time soon...and the wireless spectrum that T-Mobile may be bidding on is the 700Mhz..which means all new devices will be required (assuming this is how t-mob goes about it) which puts a huge bump in the road.

They won't survive. Not enough funding. Canadian carriers will up their came and have to much of a control up there. T-Mobile enters 2009 and leaves 18 months later.

$75 bucks for unlimited is pretty crappy. FIDO = Unlimited Email $15, TELUS = Unlimited Email, Web & Applications $30. TELUS is running the data game. And with the new 8330 Curve on it's way Q2 will be very exciting.

Yessssssssss. I can't even begin to tell you how long i've waited for this. I hope its true! Screw blackberry
But Sidekick?? Oh my god. I want one so badly. Telus,Bell and Rogers all suck. Especially Telus.
I'm sure they will do awesome! I really can't wait.

Hi I am sorry to be bearer of bad news guys T-Mobile is not coming to Canada because they could not find a Canadian firm to cover them for purchasing the airways!


Hi I am sorry to be bearer of bad news guys T-Mobile is not coming to Canada because they could not find a Canadian firm to cover them for purchasing the airways!


Where are your sources to back this claim up?.....UH OH I THINK YOU SECRETLY WORK FOR ROGERS IN ORDER TO DEBUNK THE TRUE RUMOUR!!!!!!!!!!!

T MOBILE FTW!!!!!!!!!