Will Cooler Heads Prevail? No BlackBerry Ban 'YET' in India

By James Falconer on 13 Mar 2008 01:49 am EDT

Is the sun setting on RIM in India?The government of India has decided not to ban BlackBerry services while it holds talks with RIM and carriers to find a way to monitor emails sent from the device.

A meeting has been held between the telecom department officials in India, mobile operators, RIM executives and security agencies. They have reportedly decided that a method would be found for lawful interception of data sent through a BlackBerry device. 

An official commented:

'Discussions will continue with all the members throughout the week on this issue, while no ban has been imposed on BlackBerry services yet.'

YET!? I don't like the sounds of that! I'm sure the news is going to be coming in fast and furious on this one (it has already), so we'll stay on top of the situation here at CrackBerry.

[ via TelegraphIndia

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Will Cooler Heads Prevail? No BlackBerry Ban 'YET' in India


This guys must be complete idiots, since even if they were to force RIM to turn encryption off (as a service) there is nothing to stop people from encrypting their own messages with publicly available cryptography that is just as strong or even stronger. They are just jealous because the don't have huge computers like our NSA. :D

can decrypt documents encoded with 128 bits, let alone the larger keys. Your top secret documents are protected this way.

In our society, an expectation of individual privacy is guaranteed by our Constitution/Charter of Rights. Not every nation shares this viewpoint.

I guess that will not happen as RIM pockets are plentiful and quite capable to stuff up the governments big mouth.

Money talks Baby......