First Look: BlackBerry "Atlas" Smartphone Shows Off For Camera, Looking Mighty Fine!

BlackBerry Atlas Shows Off For Camera's, Looking Mighty Fine!
By Bla1ze on 29 Sep 2009 09:23 pm EDT

* Another Update: Ok. So this is weird. Jump over to sal's blog and you can see he posted some more photos of the Atlas. Though according to these photos, it's showing the Atlas to be an Edge device, and funny enough, it says "Bold" on the backside. This goes against previous Verizon roadmap info from BGR that slated the Atlas as a CDMA device. Very confusing and a bit strange. You'd almost think it's just an older prototype of something that's maybe not getting build (testing parts on different models) or maybe will be a low cost Bold for other markets or maybe?!?! *

* Update from Kevin: Nice... jump off a plane and look what got posted while in the air! Couple clarifications... in the photo above, "atlas" is on the left while it's a Bold 9700 on the right. While atlas is looking more like a CDMA Curve 8900 (8930?!), don't get this confused with the "essex", which is a more Tour-like follow up device (with WiFi, trackpad and maybe a bigger camera plus orientation sensor). Between the Curve 8530, Tour and essex, and adding an atlas (assuming it goes to market), there's gonna be a flood of full qwerty BlackBerry Smartphones offered on the CDMA market. Now Let's see some vids sal! *

*Update 2: Salomondrin has new pics posted which show the device being a GSM one and some variation of a Bold? Something tells me there is more to the story here, the specs posted are totally different from everything leading up to this * 

CrackBerry forums member Salomondrin has been extra busy these days, making videos and taking pics for us all to enjoy and drool over. Seems this time though, he got us all looking at what's come to be known as the BlackBerry Atlas. CDMA, WiFi all set off with the keyboard from the 8900 series devices, some details have been left out that we actually mentioned in the CrackBerry podcast. Details being the camera quality, which is rumored to be more then 3.2MP but at this time cannot be confirmed.

Salomondrin has stated he will be posting up more pics and videos for us soon to get a closer look at it. Keep your eyes open for Sal's updates, there will be more coming. So, CDMA users how ya all feel with the love from RIM these days? ;)

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First Look: BlackBerry "Atlas" Smartphone Shows Off For Camera, Looking Mighty Fine!


Looks awesome. Now the question is, how many Tours do I have to go through before Verizon will offer this one for me as a replacement?

it's not verizons place to give people free phones you bought the tour and decided to keep it past the 30 day trial period and put up with the trackball they don't owe you...if you have a problem with that take it up with RIM they make the phones and release them..everyone wnats something for free anymore it's a pay for the atlas if you wnt it...

I apologize for the ugly and misleading comments by the joshlyle...We will upgrade early, often, and free, and as many times as we feel like. haha...I am anyway. And always strike down the upgrade fee!

It's called a write-off. :D And we shall have the lowest prices compared to any NON-U.S. carrier in the world at the same time despite it all.

Man,people are a joke and it makes me sick...everyone wants soemthing for free...and this guy that replied to my comment is one of those poeple that probley bitch about verizon sucking so bad when they won't replace his tour for the atlas for free so he pitches a little fit like a little kid over having to pay for something for once!ooops! now that's ugly!! also if people keep bitching about RIM to get another one jus released for free allt he time verizon probley won't sign anymore contracts with RIM and you won't have any BB with verizon...look at what already happened with stupid Palm and verizon civil law suite against Palm....

Ok is it just me or are all the Blackberries starting to look exactly the same? The 8900 the 9700 I've completely lost track and seriously cannot tell which is which by looking at a picture.

all the berry's in the new lineup, 8900 and later, look very, very similar. after watching Kevin's review video of either the 8520 or 9700, when he lined all the comparison phones up, i couldn't tell the difference.

Any chance of getting a pic of this next to a tour to compare size? I am hoping its more curve size then tour. Either way this could be my next BB..EDIT....Nevermind, I now see its a 8900 with trackpad....I am SOLD, its my next BB

I love my Tour, but TrackPad (has to be better than the Tour's TrackBall) & WiFi?!

This can't come quick enough!

Bring IT!

I wondered what happened to the Jupiter. Looks like it got shelved for the Atlas (moving to TrackPad). Looks nice!

I wondered what happened to the Jupiter. Looks like it got shelved for the Atlas (moving to TrackPad). Looks nice!

seriously, RIM needs to come up with new and fresh design devices. it's so crap to find new devices with same old design. pfft.

I disagree. RIM has found a formula that works well. They have made minor changes to the look and feel of the devices over the years, but as you have said, they remain mostly the same. There is no reason to change what works. I think RIM switches up the style of the devices often enough to keep it fresh. YMMV

dude im getting uncle just bought a bold with at&t..ive been playing with it...the screen resolution and the actual button made me drool over it..i love my storm...but i want buttons!! the atlas is the one im looking for...please come quick!

Salomondrin has posted some more information, and it looks like this is a GSM device. A refresh of the 8900.

CDMA finally gets WiFi and then they get screwed w/ an 8900 keyboard over the 9700/9630 keyboard.

It will be interesting to see if the "Atlas" is more of a 9700 w/ 8900 keys or a 8900 w/ a trackpad - it all depends on the guts.

We may be the last to get any good BBs, but at least we have a network on which to use them! If you've been on both sides of the fence, you have to appreciate 3G "everywhere"...not just in major cities. Have fun with your 9700s in the "paperweight" mode :-)

dear RIM,

You need to stop releasing a new model every 3 months...

Knock your product line to 3 models...
focus on your OS and interface.

STOP wasting money on R&D.

What! I thought the essex was coming soon. Who cares about the atlas when its on gsm. Pssss! I WANT ESSEX NOW.


just make one ultimate blackberry and work on the OS...maybe two (touch and keyboard BBs)

So this is a GSM device, pretty strange that it's not 3G considering that the Onyx is, one would think that RIM would continue on that same path. I like the fact that it has the rear design of the Onyx without the leather coating (keeping the 8900 battery cover) and it also has a trackpad which is awesome.

The trackpad seems to be the future for all qwerty keyboard Blackberry's. But why does it say "Bold" when the 9700 aka "Onyx" is supposedly the Bold 2 or the next gen Bold if you will?

For some reason I think this device will also go to T-Mobile.

since these devices are practically identical (9700 and Atlas) would it be a possibility for 9700 users in the future, who wants the 8900 style keypad just to swtich the atlas keypad over on the 9700?

I think I would like that better than the Bold style keypad..

Maybe Salomondrin knows.

Wouldn't work out because the keypads wouldn't line up with the buttons inside the device as well as a couple other reasons.

The idea that it's GSM explains why when asked about the Atlas, an insider on the forums said "Those of you looking at the Tour would not be interested in the Atlas."

Maybe it's nothing more than the replacement for the 8900 w/ trackball - just like the rumored Essex will replace the Tour w/ trackball.
RIM wants the trackball gone - even the low-end 8520 has a trackpad.

Not sure how to explain the "bold" on the back though, could just be prototype parts

I'm starting to wonder if the "Bold" stamp on the back of these phones is just a prototype thing too.
(RIM cant possibly be under the impression that people would think that stamp looks good!?)
Look at this auction on Ebay for a OEM 9700 housing, and you can see it's a new housing with the leather back and everything, except in the middle it says 3.2 mpx instead of the "BOLD" stamp. If OEM stands for original parts (if im not mistaken?) then maybe this is the final version of the cover?

At least it would be a nice spare frame for the people who hate that "BOLD" stamp..

The Atlas is a CDMA device not a GSM as stated a couplr of months ago at BGR site. The atlas will hit verizon followed bt sprint. The atlas can't be another bold that's why the 9700 is for. And if there is another bold its pribrably the blackberry dakota or magnum. But the atlas is a CDMA device guys.

I don't understand? I thought the Jupiter was shelved for the Curve 2 8530? What about the Essex? VZW is going to carry all these BBs:the Pearl Flip,8530,Atlas,Essex,Tour,and Storm 2?

In a lot of these videos; the same colored granite countertop is used in the background..even in some of Kevin's videos. Interesting.

What's up?

Hey i was just wondering how that F... is salomonrin lol is he RIM CEO he has all the new phones look a this guy youuuuu smoker lol