Another Storm 9550/9520 Question Answered in Photos - Storm 2 Fit Storm 1 Charging Pod?

BlackBerry Storm 9530 in Storm 9530 Charging Pod.
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Sep 2009 05:01 pm EDT

BlackBerry Storm 9550 attempting to fit into Storm I Charging Pod.

I'm giving her all she's got, but she just won't go! Note the difference in shape. Storm 9530 on bottom, Storm 9550 on top.
It REALLY wants to fit, it really, really does...but just doesn't! :(

We already answered this week the question of whether the Storm II (9550/9520) weighs more or less than its predecessor. If you missed the answer to that, you can check out the overkill in part I and part II. Another Storm II question/concern that's popped up in the Storm 9550/9520 forums several times now is in regards to accessories. For all the original Storm owners out there who invested in items like the BlackBerry Storm Charging Pod, they want to know if the old accessories are going to work with new Storm or if they'll have to invest in new ones.

The charging pod/dock is one of those must-have accessories, and as you can see from the photos above it's looking like those who plan on upgrading to the new Storm will also have to upgrade their charging pod. The new Storm's shape is just a little bit different, which causes it to wedge tight within the Storm 9530/9500 charging pod. The micro-USB ports are nearly in the same place, but it just doesn't go! If you recall a few weeks back, we saw some BlackBerry 9520 accessory SKUs show up in Vodafone's inventory system, one of which was for the 9520 charging pod, further showing we can expect slightly different revisions of accessories for RIM's new touchscreen.

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Another Storm 9550/9520 Question Answered in Photos - Storm 2 Fit Storm 1 Charging Pod?


Glad I didnt go balls out on accessories with the Storm 1. Weather or not RIM could help the slightly different design or did it intentionally, I am not surprised.

I was going to comment on that... Wasn't is supposed to be like 1mm thinner than the original according to reviews??

I have the SEIDIO version so I can leave the skin on while I dock and it may work with the Storm II as the opening is larger to accomodate the skin and extended battery...

Will it work with a little modding? I have two, one for my Desk and one for my car. Considering I got the first one for $40 since it had just come out.

I mean is the fit REALLY close? Could you shave off a few mm of material with a Dremel to make it fit?

I guess we'll see. As soon as they come out I will try it and post.


Wow, this really shows the size of the S2.... Oh well looks like ill just have to make the dock fit to it lol

A little work with a Dremel tool, and you're good to go.

Most likely this was intentional, just to sell accessories.

Seriously RIM... Think things through a little bit more... And if they DID think this through and explicitly made it not fit to sell more cradles than for SHAME!

It doesn't matter to me because I am Stormless right now. When I purchase the S2 I will certainly purchase this item; I have the one for my 8130 and love it. But it does make you wonder why the engineers can't allow for things like this. Do they do it purposely to sell more stuff or do they just not care when they design the phone? The original base could have been a little wider, had a little play in it, and not hurt anything.

I also purchased a BB Leather Horizontal Holster directly. So if the Charging Pod won't work, will the new Storm 2 fit into this case or do I need to invest more $'s?

I was hoping that for the Storm 2, they would have changed the charging dock NOT use the USB port, and use metal contacts instead like the other blackberries.. I really disliked that I had to hunt around while trying to plug my storm into the dock..

the Seidio dock? Since it has the extra room to fit a Storm 1 while still in a small case, will that fit the Storm 2?

Of course.....again just to anger customers and so they can make a little more money they have to change the accessories. Is this totally necessary?

I wonder if the Storm 2 will charge in the Seidio charger since this one allows you to charge the 9530 with a skin on it, which is about the amount of room that is needed to fit the new storm???

Ok, so now Storm 1 owners not only will have to pay a decent upgrade fee (guessing $100-$150) to get the Storm 2, but now also upgrade our nice charging docks (I have one at work, one at home).

This is gonna be expensive.

Stupid move by RIM to not get this tiny, yet important detail right! ;(

look at the difference its a brick now!! why dont they get some hardware designers or manufacturing to make it thinner like the iphone? thats the one thing that i like about the iphone its thin. but this is getting unacceptable. i will just wait for the next generation of touchscreen! no one should buy this phone for the first week just to show RIM (RIMM) this is not acceptable! Iphone went in the other direction (That's what she said!) and made them slimmer (That's what she said!)

A lot of whining on this issue. Believe me I like to save money as much as the next person, but come on, you don't often see any electronic products keep their exact demensions as the product line evolves. Ipods, other brands of cells, even the iphone have changed to some extent from one generation to another. There is MORE hardware (wifi) in the S2 then in the S1, as well as different hardware. It's not too hard to imagine that it would take up a bit more space for that new screen hardware. Whenever I buy any portable electronics I pretty much expect I'm gonna end up buying some accessories for it. Try just being happy that RIM seems to be releasing what looks like a very cool phone with a new OS soon (hopefully next month :) can't wait).

I was looking forward to the Storm2 come out but after this article I was real disapointed. You would think they would just add the things they missed in the Storm 1. I have too much money tied up in accerssiories to trash them and replace them. This is a small change to make and they would sell alot more phones.
So if the Storm 2 comes out like the above picture and does not fit the cradel and car mount I will stay with my Storm 1. I hope all storm owners do the same.

Being a BB user since we had Blueberrys and always getting the latest BB phone, and now this sheet* that RIM pulls is just bad marketing... I was expecting that they fix the sheet thats wrong with Storm 1 in the first place... They are true azz's for doing this!