Vodafone BlackBerry Storm OS4.7.0.78 Update Available!

Vodafone Storm OS Update Available!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Dec 2008 09:05 am EST

w00t! Vodafone subscribers can now update their BlackBerry Storm 9500's operating system from version to version It's guaranteed to provide a ton of improvement over the OS the device shipped with, so get it done! Click the image above to go to Vodafone Germany's website and yank the file.

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it improves the phone so much.. finally a stable OS for the storm, this should have been the one with which the storm should have been shipped out, feels so much faster now


Can/Should you load this update on a Verizon Storm? What would happen?


nothing, it does not work on a verizon storm 9530


woooot, finally! thank you for posting this!


I wonder if it would work...any UK users tested it out yet?


WHERE IS OUR STINKING UPGRADE!!!!!!! I love the Storm but the problems with it are driving me frikin insane!!! Its like a drug, it makes me feel good most of the time but then I come down to earth and realize somethings not right. GET OFF YOUR ASS VZW.


I need an OTA update from VZW now!!! Does anyone know if this update in Germany was via OTA? OTA! OTA! OTA! OTA!!!


One factor not accounted for is SW revisions. I remember reading somewhere that the browser in 4.7.x is significantly updated from the one included in 4.6.x.


when's Verizon's coming out??

Rupinder Singh

This Update gives a tremendous improvement to all fuctions of Blackberry Storm. I was bit nervous before installing it bit on the other habd i was depressed with my Storm performance so i decided to go ahead trust me its amazing and i can say now that Blackberry storm is the best phone.
I recommend it to all my friends in UK especially those of you who are regreting on "why i bought this phone".Be patient during the installation and dont open any other window on the computer while installing the update.

1)Install the desktop manager from the CD that comes with Blackberry storm 9500.
2)Run the exe files from http://www.vodafone.de/hilfe-support/blackberry/138365_139026.html.
3)Connect your phone and open Desktop manager, i should show you the updates available, follow from there and be patient.
4)Restart the phone and thats you, i gurantee your happiness.


but as a frustrated VZW Storm owner stop bragging so much :(


Hmmm so much for VZW users being ahead of the game with the leaked .75 release (which is the only reason I haven't thrown my Storm out the window). If all the Storm haters playing with store demo models saw how drastic the improvements have been in each OS update, they probably wouldn't be running their mouths so much. Here's hoping the official VZW update is a step up on the leaked version!

Runell A

wow.. just utter wow... some of you guys need to get a grip. I guess some of you can't get it around your head that since Vodafone released the phone first, it's only.... COMMON SENSE that they get an update first. I know a lot of folks just want to get what they paid for, but c'mon, just wait instead of crying like a baby. It's this "gimme first, gimme first" attitude that's what's making us north americans look so bad to the rest of the world. Just relax, the update will come.


Not suprised that Voda got it first, but the phones are very similiar, so VZW should have it up soon I would think.


I was talking with a verizon rep in town and he said that he heard that an update will be available for verizon users sometime next week. I cant be certain about it i have only talked with this guy a few times but he is normally right on the spot with it. Maybe its just the .75 update which i have to say is a millions times better than the .65 but he said wait and you will have the phone you really wanted.


Hey guys I'm anxiously waiting for an OS update like everyone else but does anyone have a storm that doesn't seem to click as well? My Storm's screen seems to not click in all the way like it originally did and it sounds different when typing. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem or am I just imagining things?


call *611 and tell them. If you ordered through online or telesales they'll give you no problems. If you bought at a physical store they'll tell you to order through the store but if you argue that you know they can order through telesales and know that you have before, they'll put the order in for you. You keep your phone till the new one comes in, then send the old, damaged one back and they'll recredit your account.


Thank you CSSVT I really appreciate it. I switched to Verizon for the Storm so I don't know how it worked. I ordered the phone through the store so I'll make sure to argue if they they say they can't do it, thanks for the heads up.


Ive been having the same trouble with my screen since day 1.
Took it to the verizon store, they said it would be january before they got any more. I just got off the phone with customer service, they said they would ship me another one on dec 15 or sooner if they recieve another shipoment.


Be patient people on VZW. If you don't wanna use the leaked on then that's your deal, not everyone elses. The Vodafone storm came out before the VZW one so why would you think we'd get an update before or on the same day?


from what i have heard frough Verizon CS (which doesn't mean much) and the forums is that the VZW update will be Monday, December 8th


Does this update, version .78 work for the Verizon version of the Storm or just Vodaphone? Sorry, new to BlackBerry's and not sure if I should install this. I have version .65 and it sucks. If this update works for Verizon, I would like to do so soon. I am tired of it always freezing up and running sooooo slow. Thanks!


Go to the forums and find the leaked .75 version (or check desktop manager and it's been appearing for some people). As answered previously in the comments section this will only work for voda.


Hi, just updated my 9530, it did so sucessfully. It is faster, but the camera is still slow. Also my browser icon is gone. Can anyone tell me how to get it back?


Try sending your service books.


I am a Verizon customer and it updated mine, you will have to turn it off and turn it back on to notice the differene.


From your home screen press the menu key, find show all and click. This was the fix when I used to have my curve and updated to OS 4.5. Good luck!!


Yea .75 is a great update but im alos stoked how much better is .78 will someone put a video up to see how good this new OS4.7.0.78 is.It will be great.....thanx...oh one more thing will it be available for the US anytime soon?


on more question if i was to delete the Vendor XML file will this new OS will work?

Joyce Porter

Finally the update that we've been waiting for. Thanks alot for the heads up.


We need to confirm if the latest OS fixes one of the bugs on the Storm.

If you are interested in testing here is the OTA for our full screen picture ID app


If the picture flashes and then goes back to the phone call screen then the bug is still there.

first one to confirm that is working will receive a free code.
Just send me at support@toysoft.ca


I upgraded my storm 9500 with vodafone spain using this and it worked! now looks a bit faster, will see....


Hi Guys,

Just received my Storm here in Adelaide Australia and the update works very well. No problems with the installation. Very smooth.



I am a uk vodafone user.
Can someone tell me if its okay to download and use this german firmware update
I think the Blackberry storm is a fantastic piece of kit and when RIM get there updates sorted this will be the best phone on the market pound for pound.
Forget about the iphone

Stuart Miles

Yep - it does work - downloaded it earlier and works a treat. I've noticed a vast improvement.

G (BB storm user)


The .78 update is also available for Vodafone Spain users and working fine. Earlier updates sorted out the battery problem but this update speeds up landscape/portrait transition and thumbnail/photo viewing in multimedia.

All in all, Storm is just great, and with these updates from RIM it's even better. My first BB after loads of Nokias and just the best option for emailing. The fantastic browsing experience and the good GPS it has surely are a plus too.

I'm extremely happy with my Storm. Best regards. G


Ok will this new OS4.7.0.78 will it work with US VZW Storm 9530?