BBFileScout - BlackBerry File Explorer And More!

By Bla1ze on 9 Mar 2009 02:31 am EDT
BBFileScout File Explorer!

For the past little while I have been testing out applications which allow you to manage your device and SD Card a little bit better in an effort to try and keep things a little more organized for myself. I have also been testing out alot of applications that allow me to create zip files on my device to allow for easier emailing of files that are often times larger then what BIS services allow me to transfer through email.

Enter BBFileScout, an amazing file explorer and zipping application that has just about everything I was looking for. I can view files, rename files, move files, hide files, zip filles and heck, even associate files to a specific application ie: .doc to Documents To Go. It also includes a c nicely integrated text viewer.

Here is a quick rundown of the BBFileScout features list:

  • BBFileScout allows you to browse the file system of your BB (including hidden files)
  •  Furthermore BBFileScout supports copying and deleting of complete directory structures
  • You can open all (by your Blackberry supported) media files Register additional file types with other (3'rd party) applications (like pdf's)
  • BBFileScout allows you to open files (like ini, xml, etc.) as plain text, so you are able to edit, mark, copy & paste text fragments of these files that normally can't be opened with your Blackberry. This can become very valuable when you receive eMail attachments that are not native supported by your Blackberry
  • With BBFileScout you can delete pre installed wallpapers, videos and ringtones in order to free memory on your device
  • Send any file as eMail attachment to your BB contact

This really is a great and useful application that really should be core to the BlackBerry OS instead of the lame file explorer that is built in. And best of all the application is donationware, meaning you can download it for free and then just donate what you feel as though the application is worth to you, if you wish. Keep in mind when donating, donations go towards further development of this great app so be generous with your donations if you find it useful. OS 4.3+ for this one folks and all devices supported.

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BBFileScout - BlackBerry File Explorer And More!


little app. Better than the native file manager since you can get to it easier. Added bonus in being able to open and create zip files.

This little app reminds me of Xtree when it first started out as an alternative to using Windows File manger or DOS' file managment. I just hope that more folks that do apps for the BB, will keep memory in mind, and don't allow what happened in the MS world, as memory and HDs for computer got larger, programs and utilities started to get bloated in size.

This is great... I was finally able to delete the sample music (over 1 meg) as well as sample pictures from device memory on my Storm. But here is where it gets wierd... I know how much memory my device has after a battery pull since I reboot this thing daily. After rebooting (TWICE!) the memory is exactly the same as before. You would think that I would have reclaimed 5-6 megs. Anyone have any idea what gives here?? I'm confused...

How were you able to del the sample music and pics from the device memory? When I try i get that the file might not be deletable.

Hi, I was trying to access the store/applications but it is greyed out and it doesn't show anything in there. How can I see all my apps with this program. Also system does not show anything. Thanks

i tried to go to the system memory to delete all the pre-installed pictures and music but it wont let me in, a message showed up saying"unable to access system on this device".

Why isn't this the default file manager for Blackberry? A definite must have app. For anyone who has had to use the workaround of accessing files through media explorer, TRY THIS APP. Easy to setup and great to use!!