More 9700 Information Showing In AT&T Internal Sales Systems!

More 9700 Information Showing In AT&T Systems!
By Bla1ze on 15 Aug 2009 02:58 pm EDT

We got confirmation from the pics Boy Genius posted about the 9700 showing up on AT&T's unreleased IMEI list--now, the 9700 is showing up in AT&T's retail sales systems as well. The above pic was sent into the CrackBerry tips email and clearly shows, when searched for--the 9700 does indeed make an appearance. You feel that folks? That's the feeling of a launch date coming.

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More 9700 Information Showing In AT&T Internal Sales Systems!


I LOVE my Bold, but this baby's specs are just phenomenal. The best of each of every BlackBerry's minus the ugly (Storm).

480x360...BEST screen
3G HSPA 7.2Mbps...FASTEST BlackBerry
3.2MP camera w/ sophisticated back camera!!
3G *and* WiFi
Screen and body look to be better balanced.

Could it be that AT&T comes up with a timely release for once? Even if they don't, I'll just enjoy my Bold 9000. :D

Anticipation is half the fun.

Mostly because they are the worst cellular service out there based on customer service mainly and partly because they don't have the infrastructure to handle their customer base. And secondly, even though they "suck" they still get all the best phones.

Their slogan should be,
"The best phones on the worst service!"

Yes! I've finally been joined by another English native and we've realized the Onyx has no language boundries as everyone has pledged their alegance to either the Onyx or Odin! yes!

what is so special about the 9700. Just another 3g device from at&t that will give you call failed about 10 times on each number dialed.

So I'm on AT&T now with a 3GS (switched from a Bold). I only pay $30/month right now since I'm on a family plan. The problem is AT&T - the service is atrocious. Their 3G hardly ever works (NEVER when on a call).

Here's the question: Do I get an Onyx and stick with AT&T, or switch to Sprint and get a Hero/Tour/Pro? If I switch to Sprint hopefully the service will be better, BUT, I'll have to pay the full $70/month myself.


Not to give your hopes up, i checked the SKU for the 9700 today at work and it is unavailable. The phone went into testing in July so i would say about Mid October maybe very early November release.

If AT&T's service is really bad, just buy the phone unlocked and put it on another GSM network like T-Mobile etc. This phone will be worth the cost to buy it and you can set your own terms with the provider...

from working at ATT for 2 years that screen just means the phones in testing as everyone knows already. without the price next to it, it could be months before it comes out. we all remember the bold and how long that took to release and that showed up in our system a little bit earlier last year.