September 4th Launch Date for the AT&T BlackBerry 8820

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By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Aug 2007 05:29 pm EDT

This just in - AT&T has sent out mailers announcing September 4th as the official launch date of the new BlackBerry 8820. According to our tipster, the specs are still calling for full integrated GPS. That's right, from the documentation he received from AT&T there is as of yet no "official" mention of the GPS being locked down as per previous reports! What's going on here?!

September 4th is not far away.  I guess all will be known soon! Stay Tuned...

* * UPDATE - August 29th * *

It seems that our 'tipster' was RIGHT! The boys at BBCool are reporting that our Rumor (above) is indeed likely Fact. Apparently RIM and AT&T are in the process of re-negotiating the GPS status of the BlackBerry 8820. The reason? Negative feedback and Bashing in the Blogosphere got AT&T's attention and made them reconsider the decision to limit the GPS on the 8820. Whether this is the true reason or not I'm not sure, but if so kudos to all the websites, bloggers and individuals who raised their voice! did its part - the 15 minutes I put into photoshopping the 'AT&T Angel or Demon?' graphic was time well spent if this all proves to be true! :)

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September 4th Launch Date for the AT&T BlackBerry 8820


Hey Kevin,

Are you saying that AT&T will NOT be disabling the built-in GPS? I'm assuming it will also have WiFi. WOW, if this in fact is the case, this will be close to being the perfect BlackBerry!!

Now, if RIM would improve the keyboard.....


Whats been indicated in this story is the fact that all documentation presented so far, seemingly from AT&T points to the fact that it will still have integrated GPS and not be dumbed down, and ya WiFi is a given in this case as thats one of the key selling points for the 8820, all we can do is sit back and play the waiting game on this one :)