Jawbone Bluetooth Headset Review Teaser

By James Falconer on 10 May 2007 04:21 pm EDT

Jawbone Bluetooth HeadsetWhen the JawBone first arrived, the first thing I noticed after I got it out of the box... was, well... the box!

It is beautifully packaged. The actual device itself propped up on a pedestal. The rest of the accessories and instructions stored down below.

The colors and design of the package, and indeed the whole product is quite nice. It's a great design to look at, and I give that 2 thumbs up.

The Jawbone comes with 4 extra earpieces, AND 4 extra ear inserts. This is critical in ensuring a proper fit.

I must admit it took me a good 5 to 10 minutes to get a proper fit. You'll need to try out many combinations of earpieces and earbuds before you get one that fits just right. At least I did. But once it fit nicely it was quite comfortable.

The sound quality is quite clear. Maybe because I'm one of those blackberry users that is not used to wearing an earpiece (I'm a big fan of speakerphone), having a speaker right inside my ear was quite different, but nice. No problems with sound quality, or with the person on the other end hearing me properly. The device works as well as it looks.

Note: We will be giving the Jawbone a thorough user test in the coming weeks. We want to put it through its paces to see how well it performs over time. We'll also show you how to set up and use the Jawbone in case you want to pick one up for yourself. So stay tuned for part 2 of this review! 

More Pictures of the JawBone:

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset - What's in the Box

 A look at what comes in the Jawbone Bluetooth Headset box. Lots of goodies in there.

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

The Jawbone Headset straight out of the package. Note the classy 'pedestal'.

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset Accessories

 Some of the great accessories that help make the Jawbone so good. 4 different earpieces and 4 extra ear buds for that custom fit... the USB cable and AC Adapter.

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Jawbone Bluetooth Headset Review Teaser


I stood in front of an idling 18 wheeler and carried on a conversation and the person I was talking to was across the parking lot (we did this as a test)sitting in a closed vehicle and could not hear the rig idling while I was talking

Still looking for Part Deux, so here's my $.02:

I've had a Jawbone for about a month, now, and I like it very much. I can drive with the window open and my callers can hear me quite clearly; they are usually surprised to find out that my window is open.

For direct wind noise outside, I've heard several complaints about the noise reduction, but what can you expect when it's blowing right on the mic? Since it's summer, there's not much wind here for me to test it in. We'll see how it works this fall, since I'd rather not stick my head out the car window while I'm driving, and I don't think my dog would make a good impartial reviewer. ;)

I'm still fiddling with the fit. It holds its place well, but because I like my headsets to pretty much clamp firmly to my ear, I'm still getting used to the light feel of the Jawbone. The speaker simply rests in front of or slightly in your ear. I've heard that Jabra eargels will fit the Jawbone and help keep it in place. Can anyone corroborate this?

The ear hook socket is actually spring-loaded to keep the voice activity sensor resting against your...jawbone! The device senses when you are speaking and works to reduce any other ambient sounds.

Sound quality is excellent, even with background noise, though I would like more control over the volume. I'd like it to be a smidge louder, but my hearing is a bit substandard. The Jawbone automatically adjusts volume based on the amount of ambient noise it senses. There are 5 levels of this boost, and pushing the Noise Shield button on the headset cycles through them in order instead of allowing you to move up and down between them. I have found that I simply leave it set to the max level, and it works fine for me.

Got the Jabra eargels, now I have a nice snug fit. My ears are apprently somewhat oddly shaped inside, so it's hard for me to find headphones that sit in them properly. The eargels also fill my ear more, resulting in a nice boost in volume and reduction of outside noise for me.