Coming Soon: OtterBOX BlackBerry 8800 Series Case Review

BlackBerry 8800 Series Case
By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Aug 2007 04:06 pm EDT

YeeeHaaaaaa! Here we go again. We've managed to get our hands on OtterBOX's unreleased BlackBerry 8800 Series Case. WoooHooo!

Long-time readers already know we are big fans of their 8700 Case. We absolutely destroyed one in our OtterBOX 8700 Case Review (we dropped it, shot it, drove over it and golf tee'd it) and then named it a Best of WES 2007 Winner (be sure to watch the youtube stupidity video at the end).

The new OtterBOX 1933 BlackBerry 8800 Series Level II case is slimmer than its 8700 predecessor, and also looks to be a bit more friendly for everyday use while hopefully still offering OtterBOX's unmatched protection against scratches, bumps and drops. More good news is that the scheduled $49.95 MSRP is half that of the 8700s, which will make owning an OtterBOX that much more affordable. 

We're not quite sure when the new OtterBOX BlackBerry 8800 case is set to hit the market, but we are going to get to work on the Review so we are ready for it. The odds are the case will be obliterated to pieces as we find its limits.  Hopefully no BlackBerry 8800s will get hurt during the review process, but it is a risk we are willing to take in order to provide an accurate assessment of just how tough this new OtterBOX case is. Oh the things one has to do in the name of CrackBerry!

Have any suggestions for how we should beat this new bad boy case up? Let me know! 

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Coming Soon: OtterBOX BlackBerry 8800 Series Case Review


I spoke with a lady by phone at Otterbox and she said that the price is basically halved because it's not as rugged as their standard boxes are and it's supposed to be water resistant, not proof. It is a nice looking case tho.

Yeah, the case is definitely a bit less "military hummer" and more "civilian hummer" in design.

The approach here could be so that you don't expect toooo much out of the case. The 8700 case was also water resistant (not proof), but due to the fully enclosed style of the 8700 design, I'm sure a lot of people may have treated it as waterproof...possibly resulting in some fried berrys. With this approach, little less rugged and more open, people will treat it as a little less invincible.

Still looks like it should offer great protection though - the review will tell all!