Video First Look: BlackBerry Storm2 9550 in Action!

BlackBerry Storm2 Review
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Jul 2009 05:12 pm EDT

* Update: October 15, 2009 - Read's Official BlackBerry Storm2 Review. Click below! * 

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* update: wow, apologies in the video for flipping around the device so much in my hands. must have had too much green tea this afternoon. *

Last week I got uhh... creative and errr.. in photoshop umm... chopped together some images of what a BlackBerry 9550 (aka BlackBerry "odin" aka BlackBerry Storm "2") would look like in my hands. The photos turned out pretty good, so I spent a little time working on my CGI / special effects skills and managed to render up the video above of how a pre-production BlackBerry Storm 9550 might also look in action! So yeah, I have no actual vid editing skills but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;)

Check out the movie to get a good sense of what the next-generation BlackBerry Storm is all about. Couple key things to point out: a) this is early hardware and very early software (newer versions of both the hardware and software already exist) so don't make any performance judgements just yet, and b) the device in the video does not have WiFi (at least according to the OS it's currently running) but rest-assured that all future CDMA BlackBerry smartphones to be released will have WiFi, including the Storm 9550.

As for initial reactions, here are my quick thoughts so far:

  • the hardware is much nicer - this is what Storm "1" should have been. It feels nicer in the hand and the concept is executed more cleanly. Improved engineering all around. Examples: better battery door integration (no need for "feet" for an ill-placed speaker port or hooks to hold the door in place; tighter tolerances (no gaps/light shining through); buttons are part of display
  • the click screen is more user-friendly - assuming when the 9550 hits the market the operating system is running as fast and smooth as it does on a non-touch BlackBerry, I *think* maybe I could give up my physical keyboard and make this my daily driver. Watch the video to see it in action. RIM's premise of separating navigation from confirmation is the same, but the actual SurePress / TruePress / Whatever It Gets Called technology is better. Definitely a better feeling while typing. The display still moves downward a bit (you can feel a physical movement as you push down) and the glass is solid.
  • the operating system is basically the same - the hardware in the video is running a version of OS 5.1, so with the Storm 9530/9500 to be upgraded to 5.0 soon, the basic device software difference between Storm 1 and Storm 2 will likely be negligible. The new Storm has more device memory so will be smoother running, but from a basic usage / visual / apps standpoint nothing major is changing.

In going hands-on with the 9550, it becomes clear that this next-generation Storm is really an evolution of the original Storm. Yes, it's better in every respect, but I'm getting the impression it's sort of like when a new model year of a car comes out - it doesn't make the old one instantly obsolete. If you think about the Storm 9530 owners who have stuck it through and invested time in their device (OS upgrades, learning the keyboard so you're quick on it, etc.) and are using it effectively now, they won't necessarily need to run out and buy the Storm 9550 the day it comes out as they're now expert 9530 users (though more memory on 9550 should make a big performance difference). But for the people who didn't have the patience to pick up and use the original Storm (and wait for upgrades which have improved the device a lot since its initial release), the Storm 9550 should be much more to your liking. One of the things a lot of existing BlackBerry users didn't like about the first Storm was that it felt un-BlackBerry. The Storm 9550 is getting the BlackBerry-goodness back. 

So what do you think so far? Any questions? What do you want to see? Let me know in the comments!!!

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Video First Look: BlackBerry Storm2 9550 in Action!


This thing still looks like a terrible device. It would have been so much better without a click screen. Kevin, you don't even sound thrilled about it at all! haha

why? The click screen is what makes the phone very accurate to type on as opposed to other touch screen phones. I like it almost as much as typing on my friend's bold.

Well.. I'm saving being thrilled until it gets released. The hardware is MUCH better engineered as stated, but how it is will depend on how fast the software is running in final form. If it's not as quick as a non-touch berry, then i won't be very thrilled. If it can be as smooth to use as a traditional bb, then i'll be pretty happy.

it's the software on the storm that is miserable. 151 rips but thats now and i still get random reboots every once in a while. i agree, though, i'm not getting excited until this thing get released.

everyone is complaining about the click screen..but i like it..i make less typing errors compared to the iphone touch screen

... you should have noticed the radios present when he showed the OS version:


The Storm was designed to work on all North American bands for GSM & CDMA (hey, those folks in Europe would have no use for a CDMA roaming device would they?), as well as EDGE here in North America. The supported 3G band is the only europe-specific thing. So this being a pre-production model, it's not an issue to get the GSM completely unlocked and throw in a Rogers (or AT&T) SIM just to demo the unit. Production units would have the North American bands locked out for GSM, using only CDMA on this side of the pond.


rhumors are flying about via Rogers promo sheets leaked out some time ago that there will be a North America GSM edition of the Storm (quite probably Storm 2). Here-in lies the problem. Unless I'm not aware of something, or misunderstanding something, AT&T cannot carry the Storm due to its agreement with Apple (something about not being able to carry a device too similar to the iPhone?). Rogers here in Canada doesn't seem to have any such agreement, and so could very well carry this device.

AT&T folks? Perhaps at launch, if you're that bent on getting this device, save up the pennies and take a quick trip north of the 49th parallel :)

I am one of the few that loves my 9530, but this clip made me a little sad that I can't get the 9550. Oh well, can't wait for LTE Blackberry devices to show up.

also, is there anything new that the odin will have that the storm currently does not (other than what was mentioned in ur vid)?

Can we get more info on the hardware this phone is packing? Proximity sensor? 3 way accelerometer? Faster processor?

I think the Storm 2 absolutely needs a faster processor. It also needs at least 1GB of application memory!

Yes, PLEASE RIM put a proximity sensor on this thing... that was a horrible omission in the 1st generation. Somehow though based on the design I don't think it has one.

this proximity sensor thing that you speak of , is that the thing that stops the phone from clicking buttons when its on your face?

the feature is called multi-touch and no i don't think it will have this feature...but thats just based on what i know

Both phones have Multi-Touch. That is how the copy and paste works. As of now there have been very few if any applications that make use of it, but it does have it.

also, is there anything new that the odin will have that the storm currently does not (other than what was mentioned in ur vid)? any inside info on when its supposed to be released and which service providers will get their hands on this unit first?

With your next update can you show navigation in the browser and outline any possible improvements over the Storm Browser??

I know it is still early software, but is it any faster?? Does is handle Javascript any better than the original? Does it do a beter job of zooming to columns?? Is it any easier selecting links?

I can't wait until this phone comes out so that I drop att like a hat and switch from my bold to the new storm. I like my bold ... but miss having a touchscreen (used to have an iphone)...and I hate att!

I am totally going to pay out of my contract once this phone comes out on verizon!

OK, so if I'm reading right this is a mock up?

Anyway, I am looking forward to Storm 2 for 4 reasons:
1) MORE DEVICE MEMORY in my opinion the tiny memoery alotment is the cause of much or Storm 1's problems. They tried to pack too much new technology into the old memory size.

2) WiFi: some apps I would like to use would benefit from or require wifi downloading.

3) The buttons won't fall off!

4) I really like the Storm despite the problems it has had. I played with my bosses new Tour last week while setting it up for him, and while I had thought I might switch to it from Storm. the small screen and trackball navigation made me crazy in only minutes. So, I am now spoiled by large touch screen tech.

Kevin, where did you download those vids and what program did you use to convert them to your Storm?

Haven't used video much because it's so unnecessarily complicated to convert a video...kinda wish DM 5.0 had better media capabilities...

Jetman, I asked Kevin the same thing about the F1 vids. Did he get back to you, or did you find out where to obtain? thanks, Pockets 20dc60a8

So it is solid that the phone won't have anything new os wise ... except for version 5? I was hoping some touch based type enhancements...sigh.


What about the phone and does the screen lock when in a call? What does the call screen look like?

I see the Lock Button was replaced with a Power button. The other side looked like a Mute button.... is there a Standby Mode on the Storm 2?

The new app memory looks good, but they really need to add the ability to store application on the media card.

I've heard that it only gives you the ability to validate some security stuff from the media card. I hope what you write is true!

I'm glad it still has Sure-press, because I've heard
storm 2 won't have clickable screen.
Although it doesn't seem so faster than 1st gen,
looks great.
I'm afraid of falling in love with my current storm lol.

Oh boy, another Storm RIM just had to release for us to run out and go buy. Well, by the video, I didnt see any improvements as far as the OS is concerned. Still takes too much time for the screen to rotate.. I do like how much app memory it has, but its still as slow as the .75 OS on the 9530. I guess I'll just stick to my 9530 until they come out with a much better release BB.

Are you stupid or something read the article.This is a very early OS and NOT the OS that will be on the phone at release.I hate people commenting when they don't read.

Yea, its very early alright...and its gonna be the same way it happened with the 9530. Everyone hurried up and ran out to buy it with the 1st release and it caused nothing but unhappy customers. Yea, I did read, and I also watched the video and watched just how slow the new Storm is compared to mine and I already dont like it... maybe u need to watch the video again and see for it real good next time.. I wasnt cracking on the phone itself, I like the new features it has.. I was talking about the OS...and how VZW and RIM made us all promises that they were gonna come out with a new OS to fix all the bugs in the beginning and it was all untrue.. so you tell me why, being that I was just one of millions of unhappy customers with the 9530, should I be so over joyed about this "New Storm" being released??????

The OS is VERY early (in the PC world, probably comparable to Alpha stage) - and so is the hardware. To have the OS running as well as it does at that stage shows the potential, and the only thing that seemed REALLY bad was the accelerometer lag. I'm thinking that by the shipping revision it will be MUCH smoother. The transitions ALREADY look nice.

Thanks Kevin,

As a storm owner that does not have any problems with the original device and enjoys everything it lets me accomplish is it worth the upgrade that I will be eligible for in December... I mean you said you would actually be able to use this as your primary device, could you explain the difference in feel between typing on the original device (storm) and the new device (Odin)? I couldn't get a good read on it in the video. Thanks!

The little hooks on battery cover really make you "wonky"? :)

With the OS, that was an early version of it, right, doesn't look like we have much to gain in all the wait for OS5. RIM still hasn't managed to make the new OS5 any faster than the current software available today, and actually was much slower than what I see on my Storm.

Didn't see much in Storm 2 compared to my current Storm to have me drooling, except maybe WiFi. Thanks for the preview.

All I have to say is I love blackberry's and I love I'm gonna show it tough love and say the touch screen navigation on it especially in the browser better be at least as good as other multi-touch zoom, flick scrolling, text reflow etc etc....This is the 2nd generation Storm. No more half ass functionality

Does the screen actually MOVE when powered on like it does on the original Storm? or does it just CLICK?

Does the screen wiggle at all like it does o nthe first gen??

it's less floating than storm one.

no wiggle left to right

when you push down while typing the display moves/clicks down JUST a BIT. like a tiny bit.. u can see it if u stare at it, but it's not a lot of distance... but there's a distinct in/out to the feeling.

when the power is off? Is it some sort of electromagnetic mechanism? I guess i'm having a really tough time figuring this screen out...

I cant wait till it comes out. Hopefully VZW will allow me to have an early upgrade when this officially releases.

I'm so not getting that thing. You need a touch screen, go with Palm or iPhone. Until Blackberry comes with a descent OS adapted for such device, I'll never consider getting a touch screen BB.

Is that RIM and/or Verizon had better offer some sort of discount for those wanting to move from the original storm to the storm 2. I'm on my 3rd storm already... all because of dust that accumulates under the screen.

AAAhhhhhh it clicks! That question has FINALLY been settled :)
Still needs a fresh OS though. Im not getting one till then because its essentially the same device

Wow,typing on the keyboard still sucks.And that's with it running OS 5.1.How much newer software should we expect? I know Kevin's trying to put a brave face on it but all the real nice hardware improvments won't mean poo if you still can't do basic things easily like type.Why is RIM so commited to SurePress?The accelerometer wasn't impressing anybody either.Say what you want about the iPhone 3GS but based on this preview it still runs circles around the Storm,hardware-wise.

can't find it within your capabilities to type effectively on the storm doesnt mean that is the case for everyone.

Wow you can't type easily with a Storm? My nine year old daughter can figure it out. I'm not really sure why any one would think it's hard to type on it. Maybe it takes a day or two to get use to but any phone would.

Perhaps your just a troll who has never even used the device. You do have thumbs correct?

I was hoping that the new storm the no clickeable...
i prefer the normal iPhone touch to open and type..

Well.. thats me.

They are moving in the right direction with the phone. The only way that it is going to replace my current 9530 is if the production unit has WiFi. Overall the phone is looking nice.


that the 9550 WOULDNT click???


All I can say is EAT IT.

Click click click click click

i know u said it still using the old os..but the screen tilt was slow..and the last 15-20 seconds of the vid you couldnt rotate the screen to face upwards...i have the first generation..and the only prob that i have with it is that it still freezes up going to skip the storm 2 and wait for the 3rd gen..unless storm 2 still has issues with if storm two isnt smooth, like the iphone..i'll have to look else where

Doesn't seem to be any better than the 9530 other than more memory. Accelometer appears to be just as laggy as the Storm. I was hoping OS 5.1 would be more impressive, but appears not to be much of an improvement over the current OS. Think I will stick with the current Storm and not waste a 2 year upgrade on the Storm 2. Was hoping for more, but the Storm 2 doesn't seem to be much of an improvement.

1. will you be able to turn the clicks off so that it can be used like a regular touch-screen

2. any love for Sprint?

Kevin, why does it look like you were still struggling to type out just a few words? This is very discouraging. Sad really. I really hope this is not another hardware problem with the clicking, and will be fixed with software.

I had such a bad, bad experience with the original Storm, that I'm still really soured on anything that's a Storm. Updated or not....really happy with the Tour though.

I agree with you about the storm, especially because it looks so similar. I look at that phone and think of the problems i had with the first storm

definetely not getting this... why would i give up my storm and spend another 600 for storm 2 that has wifi and new buttons wooopdidooo.

Yeah I'm feeling the same way.

I could personal care less about wifi and my 9530 meets all of my needs as far as app memory goes. The 150 or whatever mb would be nice, but now thanks to Lyricidal and his 9530/9500 .151/[9000] Hybrid beta6v5, My phone has been setting pretty at 49mb the entire time I've had it installed.

But when it's a free upgrade for me I will get it. I don't think I'll ever go back to a track ball berry.

Use the phone to make a call. Bring up the FULL crackberry website to 1)see how it renders the page and 2)see how fast it loads. A side by side comparison to how the audio is vs the Storm 1. Flick to scroll? Zooming in and out.

I know its early OS and hardware release but at least do more with the phone PLEASE!!!

I had the 1st Storm. NEVER will I go back to that kind of Berry. I have the Tour now. Can I say I missed buttons? I hope this will be a solid device for the ones that want it. Good luck!

If the speaker is not on the back of the battery case then where is it? The phone is flipping around too fast for me to really see if it is on the side or somewhere else.

The hardware is majorly improved and with snips of the new OS features not to mention a taste with bbm5 and OS's going to be killer

the resolution should be higher...period. And the browser should be iPhone class. There should be atleast 1 or 2 reasons why I should consider switching from the Bold/upcoming Onyx to a Storm.....currently there's none.

they should've made an option for typying without having to CLICK the screen, so you'd have the option of clicking and not clicking.. would be really great, don't you agree? :p

Wi fi is great but there's not much more to the storm 2. Until they make use of the on board video and make the browser better as well as remove the 5mb download limit I will stick with my storm 1. I will not spend $700 on this!

lets just say the first storm was a complete disaster. they pushed that thing out with the intentions of fixing problems later. too many crashes and glitches. i actually returned it 3 times until they offered me a curve. lets hope they have learned their lesson this time because if not, rim is definitely out of the touchscreen market.

Does it click more than once? As in 2 sides can be depressed at for when in landscape keyboard for faster typing?

My main concern is that instead of adding things to it they take away good features like the clamp things on the side of the battery cover, and the speaker in the back of the phone with those 2 leg things that hold it up when its on the table, making the sound come out louder from the speaker. instead of giving us a much smoother os and better screen we get this shit, i feel cheated..

So you sell over a million of a product - and you learn your lesson? I guess I don't follow that logic. The percentage of people who had problems with the storm are small compared to numbers sold. RIM would probably be quite happy if they sell as many Storm 2's as the original. With that said, if WIFI is about all that is really new, I'll stick with my original (1st) Storm.

im not too impressed. the storm 1 is a nice phone and this seems just like a more polished version of it. the improvements seem minor. i like the pearl type keyboard in portrait though and ill miss that forsure. i would have problems typing on the storm 2 without the pearl type keyboard.

@bcheung - Whoa Whoa...where did you hear there will be no SureType (Pearl Type as you called it below) keyboard? Was that said in the video and I missed it? That's ALL I use to type! Please someone say it's not true!!! Why would RIM do away with this keyboard option?

"By: bcheung | Date: Tue, 07/21/2009 - 18:54 | reply
im not too impressed. the storm 1 is a nice phone and this seems just like a more polished version of it. the improvements seem minor. i like the pearl type keyboard in portrait though and ill miss that forsure. i would have problems typing on the storm 2 without the pearl type keyboard."

@bcheung - Whoa Whoa...where did you hear there will be no SureType (Pearl Type as you called it below) keyboard? Was that said in the video and I missed it? That's ALL I use to type! Please someone say it's not true!!! Why would RIM do away with this keyboard option?

"By: bcheung | Date: Tue, 07/21/2009 - 18:54 | reply
im not too impressed. the storm 1 is a nice phone and this seems just like a more polished version of it. the improvements seem minor. i like the pearl type keyboard in portrait though and ill miss that forsure. i would have problems typing on the storm 2 without the pearl type keyboard."

I honestly think so far its looking like a sweet phone. I for one was never a big fan of the original Storm as it has way too many problems. I think RIM has knocked it out of the park with its design and i think its exactly as Kevin said, "this is how the first Storm should of been". Being that its still a very early build we all cant really judge it yet. The software doesnt seem like any drastic changes from 4.7 but i guess well just have to wait and see.

Even After seeing this I'd still ditch my storm for a physical qwerty keyboard. I liked it a lot when I didn't have to use it as a business too but as a social phone its fine. I can see a a big market for it though. :-) Very nice review though!

Now i'm really glad i bought the Tour. I want nothing to do with a clickable screen. I had 4 storms and after they all got a couple months old the click screen got harder to click until it eventually wouldn't click anymore.

Everyone has been obsessed with the amount of app memory that their Storm has. This Storm 2 had 143 MB of app memory and was sluggish as hell. Is it not the app memory at all and purely software that makes the Storm slow to a crawl?

I have .151 installed and now recommend the Storm to people who are curious about it. Before I told people to stay as far away from the Storm as possible.

Like Kevin said, if you know how to work the device it is a great phone. I am running one of the newer hybrids on the phone and it is fast with a boat load more memory. The phone works great. I wouldn't give it up. Plus putting the latest and greatest OS's on the phone keeps it interesting. Go to the forums on Blackberry OS if you are interested.

I am sooooooo not impressed with this crap. While you suckers are running out to pay Rim for another piece of their expensive bullsh** ass garbage. I'll be purchasing an iPhone. A phone where the device and the operating system actually works smoothly in sync with each other. Hasn't Rim learned anything from Apple and the iPhone yet??? Oh, and by the way... Yes I am a current Storm owner. But not for long. Ha! Ha! Ha!

I'm considering getting the iphone also. I think it is finally ready to be purchased. I'm still thinking about it though. I have the ipod touch and I love it. Might as well get the iphone so I can carry one device...

Such an Iclone. Why even be on CB, what are you waiting for, get your icrap and check your blood pressure, this is only the tip of the iceberg. hahahahahaha

i have to agree with 07thking, this is my third bb, it started of pretty bad, but now this this is running like a champ, all in all its a bb . if your looking for the best go with another blackberry , ill give you a month with the iphone before you realize the grass isnt greener on the other side

...again...just like I did for the last Storm. ;-) My Storm goes through issues from time to time, but I still love it. Glad to see it in action if only for a little bit. Don't hold out on us Kev, open the flood gates and open-er-up!

The only reason I would get this is for the WiFi. I'm actually itching to get rid of my current Storm. There is one thing that would help me change my mind and buy the new one. More user preference options. The ability for the user to turn off the damn click and being able to lock the screen from rotating to the portrait view would be awesome. The click option would seem to be half way there since it turns off when on standby now. Is there any options like that now that wasn't shown on the video?

Seriously can't wait for this baby to drop, only sad that I will have to change my pin #. People please stop with the what should have been please, I love my storm now, does it have glitches yeah, which smart phone doesn't, plus the storm is a 1st gen device, babies grow up, no worries friends! Kevin, thanks for the CB juice, awesome vid man!

Thanks for the video. I have the Storm and I love it. Typing is a breeze, and I don't understand all the anti-"SurePress" sentiment out there. In my humble opinion, SurePress makes typing on a touch screen so much better. A definite plus for me. Click click click...

Storm 2 looks nice and I'll definitely buy it as a replacement eventually (ie. will get but no rush).

Having said that, what I'm really waiting for is the Magnum.

this looks almost the same as the old storm. Im gonna stick with the first storm cause mine runs flawlessly right now. RIM needs to make it alot thinner, like the iphone. But who am i kidding, that will never happen. Apple is run by geniuses...

Geniuses that are just now getting copy and paste, mms, video caption, and when was the last time you said to yourself " if i only had a compass"

these are the people that you look up to, but still went with the blackberry. get off steve jobs nutts

I heard that Verizon will be coming out with it in probably November (around the same time the storm came out last year). I love my Storm and can't wait to check out the next generation of it.

I'm so glad the screen still clicks, and I hope everyone that hates it and everyone that was so sure that it wouldn't click chokes on a big warm.... sausage.

Kevin, what I would love to see in another video:
*I'd like to see the unit demoed immediately after a battery pull.
*I'd like to see what's under the battery door and battery.
*I'd like to hear if the unit has a proximity sensor to eliminate face clicks while on calls.
*I'd like to hear if the OS has built in options to disable screen rotation and/or screen locking.
*I'd like to see a demo of the camera to see if it still takes 10 seconds to capture an image.
*I'd like to hear if there is any noticeable difference in the browser's functionality and performance.

Thanks so much.

Thanks for the early peek Kevin. I find it interesting they changed the green answer key to show the phone up rather than down like in the storm 1. I wonder who complained about that?

Hey Kevin, can you take a picture of all the Blackberries that you have? I'm just curious what kind of mountain it would like haha...

Whats up with the screen... It looks like the same size :-/ ... OLED 3.5 screen would be quite an edition to this phone

I like the revamp of the hardware: smooth surface with no loose buttons and no big gap. BUT, I noticed that OS lagged just like the old storm 9530 that I had, which is not good. Everyone is saying that will not be the OS it is released with and I hope not or it will be a complete fail. The lagginess is what the majority of the ppl complained about among other things. I also like the addition of more app memory. I wont do what I did the last time and run out and buy it though. This time I will let others do the testing first.

Thank you RIM for keeping the click and thank you Kevin for your review. My wife bought the Storm1 on day 1 and I still can't get over how much better click is than touch. If touch is so great why does every mouse button click ? Apple made their Powerbook trackpads click. As far as typing, any touch screen will mess up if you hit the screen with more than one finger at a time while trying to type. I am a huge fan of the Storm and will be on line for the Storm2.

i would like to know about the call quality of the 9550 . with my storm people are always complaining about me sounding muffled or distant .. i think that will be the only thing definitely preventing me from copping this baby on launch day =)

love the idea of wifi; love the buttons on the screen and the new battery door !! =)

the hardware looks nice but the OS needs to be completely redone. it sucks. the look everything is garbage. get a tour everyone don't waste money on rims touch screens.

those formula one videos Kevin..are they preinstalled on there or did you put them on there. And if you did what conversion did you use to get them full screen?

In the video, the phone is rotated so quickly I couldn't see where the speaker is now located. I'm gonna be pissed if it's in front so that it will blast out my eardrum if I bring the phone to my ear when it's in speaker-phone mode. I had a phone or two that did just that. I wanted to throw those phones on the pavement.


Well, I'm still not liking the clicking and stuff. I like the fully QWERTY keyboard still. It is my opinion that a lot of people who have BlackBerries and have the fully QWERTY keyboard do not really like the Storms touch-screen. This lady I work with LOVES it, but it's also her first BlackBerry ever so she's never used a fully QWERTY keyboard. For people who like the iPhone or want something similar but not through AT&T, yeah, it's a great phone. I'm just not sure that the Storm is meant for business people, like myself.

it looks so EXACTLY the same as the original I almost can't believe it.
I was really hoping for an interface that makes you say "wow man"... but I now see that is not in the works.
this just seems like they are putting a little bit more under the hood but it is still ugly and clunky.
I will not be getting this mobile device even if it does have wifi.
to keep me on board it needs to have an interface like the Palm Pre.

That's what I want to see in the next video. I already know that's early hardware in the current video. I'm "sure" that RIM and VZW is testing the final OS and already working on the updates.

Is the BBM version on the Storm 2 you have there different than the one leaked last week? I only ask because I wonder if it really does have threaded SMS?

I think RIM should totally blow us away with the Storm 2 after a disappointing showing with the Storm 1. Does not look like this is going to happen. Sorry to say my next phone may be the Verizon iphone after my upgrade for the Storm 1 comes in may.

but this is what I'm starting to think. Love RIM, they make a solid product except for when it's come to the Storm. They'll always be number 1 for my work phone (anything except the Storm) but unfortunately for my personal they are falling short.

Kevin, GREAT job, as always, but how did you get a hold of TWO 9550s??? Did RIM give them to you (us) as payment for removing the earlier photos? Does this have Rim's blessing? Are these like the dummy ones Verizon stores are suppose to get? I only ask because if RIM is OK with this that may mean the 9550 could be right around the corner. My NE2 is up today and I can't wait to get one!

P.S. I don't understand why everyone is surprised by the clicking screen...RIM told us that months ago.

Looks sleeker, but it looks like a lot of my nagging issues with Storm 1 are still present. I'll keep my eye on it, but I'm happy with my Tour.

I consider it a huge improvement from the current generation Storm. While I am in love with my Blackberry (it's my first), this thing just makes it look like an older woman. ..Hehe.

Wish I could have it. Looking at my old Storm is starting to become hard.

Well I was waiting for this video. I may not jump on this phone. It seems that the bugs from my storm 1 are still there.

Telus where is my new Iphone?

let's all hope they update that clunky software. Awesome hardware, but eww @ that software. Man was that slow and unresponsive. It was hard to watch I didn't even finish the video.

I am not impressed by this phone or its features. Looks and operates just like my buggy Storm.

I clearly remember seeing and hearing the same comments before the storm came out...its still in testing, the bugs will be fixed.

Well, that hasn't happened yet. I am postive this is the same scenario.

I will not be fooled again.

It is total garbage. It lags terribly, I thought they would have least fixed that.

I wished they kept the metallic buttons. i don't like the ultra plastic look. the OS needs some tweaking if you ask me and some updates OTA can definitely work that out. Like faster scrolling (hint: flick) or even full screen fotos for phone calls! why in gods name cant we have that option?! WHY? I shouldnt have to install much less pay for that from 3rd party! Or the ability to edit contacts via desktop manager! ok i think i am ranting, cant wait to get the "Odin" nonetheless!

Anyone else notice the lack of external speakers? While it may look "prettier," internal speakers are a big hatred of mine (the sound quality is just SO muffled and bad, even for phone speakers).

Minor aesthetic changes to the media app as well, it no longer has a unique layout, and instead acts like a folder to all media apps (which it probably simply is now.

Also lock button replaced? This could be a very bad decision (it's my favorite button!). Although I would assume they would add an autolock feature if it was removed, or that standby is also a "lock" until pressed again.

Wifi, new buttons, no gaps between the frame and screen, and more app memory seem like pretty big perks though :)

they sounded very clear in the video i heard everything the guy said however i really wish bose made cellphone speakers that would be awesome

OK...I love the upgraded memory, upgraded screen and WiFi...but how in the world is a newer Storm slower going from portrait to landscape than my 1st generation device?! That lag was worse than my Storm1 before the OS upgrade. If Rim can't match the fluid/fast movement on the accelerometer then I won't be upgrading to a Storm2. When I see the final device it had better be really fast.

Kevin - thanks for posting the video. I love the new look and can't wait to see more information as we get closer to launch.

Next time you should read what it says about the vid...
"Check out the movie to get a good sense of what the next-generation BlackBerry Storm is all about. Couple key things to point out: A) this is early hardware and very early software (newer versions of both the hardware and software already exist) so don't make any performance judgements just yet, and B) the device in the video does not have WiFi (at least according to the OS it's currently running) but rest-assured that all future CDMA BlackBerry smartphones to be released will have WiFi, including the Storm 9550."

When I first got the original storm, I had a fit. Everything was wrong , just not what i was used to from rim. The storm made my third bb. After a new unit and the new update, and learning to type using suretype, the phone is perfect for me.Mostly I love the screen.
The tour just came out and I must say that im impressed. Takes me back to the 8830 days. It has everything that I would want in a BB, minus the screen. The lack of WiFi dosnt mean anything to me.

With that said the storm 2 is a must have. I cant see them making the same mistakes that they did with the first one by releasing it too early, although they got it right now.

Well, I'm about to come off a WinMo device (Touch Diamond) after it met the pavement at high velocity (and no I didn't throw it... it was suicidal I swear!). I've been asking the guys at the local Telus store what they think, so far they've been recommending the Tour. My issue is I ~love~ the touch screen, and the Storm actually performs really well even with its little hiccups.

That said, even if this device is this "laggy" at launch (trust me folks, I've seen slower and it ain't pretty), I know RIM is going to take care of it and get it up to snuff within one (or maybe 2) OS updates.

I will be blatantly honest folks: those of you hating the click screen? It is worse without it, believe me. Nothing like hitting the wrong key a couple times or going into a link you really didn't want to hit. I've done that enough testing the iPhone out and even with my current device.

So that all said, I think shortly after launch, I will be picking this little number up from the Telus store (maybe here in T.O, maybe in Peterborough... wherever there's stock) when I've got the cash to roll out... and... uh... assuming it comes to Telus :| which it better :|

how long did it take for RIM to get out two OS updates for the Storm 1?

Oh that's right, 7 months.

Maybe for you folks on Verizon down in the USA, but I seem to recall revisions coming out much quicker up here in Canada... I could be wrong though. But RIM wouldn't do the same thing twice to us... would they? Seriously?

it wuld b nice if u made another video on diz phones hardware nd some of its software such as browser and apps/app store

I will most definitely be getting this when it comes out. Held off on the first storm because of all the problems. Plus this will have wi-fi awesome

Anyone who's wondering where the speaker is... it looks like it's either right up at the top (as in literally on the top edge of the device) or it will be down at the bottom (a la Pearl Flip). I could be wrong though...

hey awesome vid Kevin...
what about the camera.
that always has bothered me on the first gen storm and the video camera.

being the storm is my first BB, I am more than happy w/ .151. I have no real need for wifi. I'll stick with the current storm.

yea the storm 2 looks really cool but i like a few others will stick with the 1st gen storm. with a software upgrade my storm works pretty good i just hope that with the 5.0 release it'll be as fast as non-touch screen bb.

With it off it doesnt click...........When its on it DOES click? Help me understand that. Is it an audible click or does the screen actually click in? And if so, HOW? hahah

What is that thing popping out of the right side of the phone and it looks like those rubber buttons are about to fall off.

Considering the Tour is the best phone I've ever owned coming from the storm 1, this isn't tempting me in the slightest. I feel sad for it actually.

I'll stick with my Tour and update my Storm1 with OS5.0 when that comes out. No deal breaker for me here but i'll give the new OS a look when it's released.

Tour FTW!

Not all that impressed, all of the downsides that were present with the original storm are still around for storm 2.

Not a particularly original thought, but definitely wouldn't buy it if it was released like this.

wow. I am so not impressed. I hate my storm 1, verizon has no reasonable alternatives, and the blackberry operating system is boring. what's there to be excited about. I wish I could get a G1 on verizon (officially). I-phone is too buggy for my taste and the storm is too boring.

i hope they made the sure press even around the whole screen this time! I hope we don't have to do any fixes to make the screen click evenly all around. How does the screen feel? did they change the clicking mechanism this time around?

I hope that we all read what Kevin said, about this being "early hardware and early software", before making final judgements about the phone already. I appreciate seeing this video to give me some sort of idea of what the Storm 2 will be like. Unfortunately, the phone doesn't seem very impressive....from the video. The bump in app memory, did not improve the clunkiness/lag at all. So, this seems to be more of a software and processor issue. Hopefully the processor has been bumped up, and we get much much better software/ui experience upon release. All of this being said, RIM has had plenty of time from last year, to come up with improvements to the Storm series, and I will be looking to try one out upon release. Unlike, what I hear many others saying, the click, made for a better, more accurate typing experience for me, and I'm able to type as fast as anyone using a fully qwerty device with my current Storm. If that has been improved upon, that's even better.

so i know it was an eary version of the OS but he did say it was 5.0 software so why such a lag? also, besides the wifi what is really so great about it? should i really change from 1G to 2G?

Well that's your own choice. There's probably a couple reasons why so much lag in this unit:

1. It's all pre-production - no matter what anyone says, the OS is definitely not finalized, the hardware is definitely not finalized, you name it, odds are it's not final.

2. It's a CDMA oriented device... running on GSM :| - yes, you heard me. The device, yes, supports GSM bands in North America for EDGE and voice, but odds are that's an unlock code put in by Kevin (or someone else at CB?) to test it out on the Rogers network. Hey, if you were told to speak a language you aren't used to speaking, wouldn't you have issues? Now before I get flack for that one, yes, I'm fully aware the device supports GSM, but it, just like any other world-edition CDMA blackberry, requires an unlock code to open up the GSM bands to work in North America. That probably has to take up some memory somewhere.

3. This one's just a shot in the dark, and I know Kevin's top-notch when it comes to how our beloved berries work, so he's probably been playing with it from before we got to see it in video. I did notice he was just using the back button to move back to the menu. So, there is every chance that there were also applications running in the background, hampering device usage.

Oh, to really answer your question about whether to switch from 1G to 2G? If you like your 1G storm... stick with it :) the biggest difference, other than increased ram, is the addition of WI-FI :) and unless you burn through your carrier's allowance of data that quickly, I doubt you really need it. It is helpful though.

I've been using the Samsung Blackjack and Blackjack II in a corporate environment for the past 3 years so I was unsure about purchasing a phone with a touchscreen. I tried out several touchscreen phones at the stores including the iPhone. I think the click screen is a great feature for those of us who are new to touchscreens. It prevents me from hitting the wrong key/link. I'm used to pressing down on actual keys so the click screen came natural to me. At first I made a ton of mistakes when composing e-mails but now I'm just as fast as I was with my Blackjacks. Glad I made the switch.

I do have to agree that the video did not impress me much. And in a way, I'm glad! I didn't want to be like the iPhone fanboys that felt suckered after Apple released the second version. Once my 2 years are up I will probably upgrade (if you can call it that) to the Storm 2 (Thunder?).

Thanks for the video review CB!

- A new CrackBerry member!

Maybe you could do a full on Blackberry Storm 2/Odin vs Black Berry Storm 9530 and really do big in-depth comparisons with the two devices and really se if its worth really getting the coming BlackBerry Odin if you already have the BlackBerry Storm 9530. You could do more spec reviewing like processors and new features of the phone. I understand it might be hard to get these specs esspecially as coming phones are normally not displayed to the public until close to the actual luanch date but if you could do reviews on all these this that would really fantastic. I was also wondering if it would be worth it to get a Storm Odin when ever i can and replace it with my Nokia E71. (I've been in love with the Storm before it even came out i thought WOW it really looks pretty nice but lick i didn't buy it as a christmas present or birthday present because a really cool one is going to come out. The BlackBerry Odin. And its all because of your video it got me as excited as you were flipping and flipping the phone over and over again.) Thanks Hope to see that video if you could.

pretty solid, I agree 100% on hoping the software will be as fast as a physical BB like the Tour, etc. (not to even mention WAY better, like the new OS.) pretty stoked tho to see how it turns out.

I thought the 9550 wasn't supposed to have the same "clicky" SurePress screen (or even an improved version) as the original Storm had. I thought it was supposed to be a real touchscreen...

Bummer. I was almost considering one... :(

@bcheung - Whoa Whoa...where did you hear there will be no SureType (Pearl Type as you called it below) keyboard? Was that said in the video and I missed it? That's ALL I use to type!

"By: bcheung | Date: Tue, 07/21/2009 - 18:54 | ...i like the pearl type keyboard in portrait though and ill miss that forsure. i would have problems typing on the storm 2 without the pearl type keyboard."

in the video in portrait mode, it was a full qwerty key board and not the suretype keyboard. i dont know what happened to it, but it is also all that i use when typing on the storm. if they take it out, it will be missed at least by me.

They change two buttons and it's suppose to be better? LOL! what a joke, looks like this one is going to be as much a piece of shit as the other.

I'm actually glad to know that an improved version of this phone is coming out. That means we should get more updates hopefully since they'll be running the same os. Thats the way I look at it. I'm not going to buy a Storm 2. Even though it has more memory and will probably run better than the current version I learned that I really would rather have a blackberry with a keyboard. And since I've never used or had wifi before I'll wait until the next blackberry with a keyboard and wifi come out for verizon before I upgrade. This is my first blackberry and unlike some first time berry users I like the keyboard better after playing wth the Tour in the Verizon store I know I like having the keys better although I do keep trying to do things by touching the screen. :D

Go to youtube to see it... "BlackBerry Storm 9550 In Action Video". No promise how long it will stay like that until RIM has it taken down as well.

I've never heard your voice before, it's a nice voice to listen to, like a newscaster almost. I'm curious, at 3.07 minutes youtube time, swear I almost heard a "moi" start to slip out which was quickly corrected to "me"? Is that the Canadian, eh? ;-)

afa the Storm 2, it's a sharp phone, no doubt. But I still don't trust it. First go round was pretty stressful for me, lol. Not up for more and am really liking the Tour. We shall see!

I downloaded the video, the 9550 is sweet, i still have my storm 1 ever since, the leak to the 5.0 sucks waiting for the offcial if it ever comes out =L im running leak OS .151 its pretty koo, and plus to answer that question "Mountain" there wont be any dust comin in it's a full touch screen kinda like an iphone screen and plus when u lock ur phone on the 9550 the whole screen wont click that's pretty koo, even the button at the bottom connect to the whole screen, so yea im waiting to get that, well not at first ima wait it out first tho' =)

the old storm was so slow you had to wait after you hit an action key. Does the new one run any faster, that is the main problem i had. like you said work to the speed of a non touch blackberry.

I am def. excited about the new storm but as most storm 1 users may know there are a lot of problems with the operating system. Just like the first storm im sure the new one will have some problems but the ones who first get it will have to be the testers. I love the new hardware but it needs a multi processor like the new palm trio. And from what ive heard the operation system is the same.