Sprint Now Shipping The Sperizon Tour?

Sperizon Tour
By Adam Zeis on 20 Jul 2009 01:25 pm EDT

Here's a good laugh to make your Monday a bit better. While many of us were busy playing with our week-old Tour this weekend, forums member kurpaige was simply laughing at the "Sperizon" Tour that UPS left at the door. As it turns out, the Sprint boxed Tour, sold by Sprint and shipped out by Sprint, turned out to be Verizon branded. Odd? Extremely. We're not exactly sure who is to blame for this mishap, but you can be sure someone will take the heat.

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Sprint Now Shipping The Sperizon Tour?


This is probably more the fault of RIM than sprint. I don't know all the details of the packaging and shipping process, but I imagine that the phones are packaged in their final packaging in the factory and shipped to sprint from there.

Whats also hilarious is in Canada provider TELUS MOBILITY has the Tour but when people are opening up there boxes they a have a Sprint branded Tour!

Quick, drop a line about how stupid Sprint is and show your lack of intelligence today.

You may want to think a little more about how this type of thing happens before spewing out your clever comments folks and bashing Sprint.

And I'm sure if this would have happened to Verizon you would have blamed Sprint somehow too.

Stop being so sensitive. If i send Sprint $100 plus a month for a phone bill, I can expect they have their people open the box to confirm that it is the correct phone before they mail it out. RIM is not the ones who look stupid. Sprint is!

I seriously doubt that any carrier employs people to sit and open boxes just to make sure they are as advertised..

This type of QA .."incoming inspection" ..went out in the 1990's as facilities moved to ISO9000 and could document and prove their levels of quality & reliability (and in this case.. box-stuffing accuracy). The issue is totally at RIM, and the lack of QA

What i wanna know is. does the ESN match up on the Box to the Device? if so thats really messed up.

I would not be so quick to blame RIM. This could be blamed 100% on the logistics partner and not RIM. RIM ships phones from factory. Boxes from another manufacturer and other misc wires, etc. from another manufacturer and then the logistics partner puts it all in the box.

UPS is an example of a company that handles this type of program and they do it (or used to) for Dell Computers.

It's pretty easy to figure out what happened. Someone put a Verizon branded bottom piece (if this is anything like the curve you can switch these very easily) onto an otherwise 100% Sprint phone. Sounds like this has happened to a few others as well.

AAH sprint we know you wished you had verizon coverage and amount of customers but this isn't the way to go about it.

I am glad someone posted a pic because this same thing happened Friday when I got my Tour! It cracked me up that it came in a Sprint box, with Sprint stickers and packaging, but said Verizon! I am suprised a lawsuit is not in order!

Kind of feel this guy got the bright idea to take a picture of his buddies verizon branded phone next to the sprint box and pass it off as if sprint sent him the wrong phone.

So for now I'm saying this is straight BS

although i cannot be 100% certain, i'm betting this person is trying to draw some attention by showing off a verizon tour right on top of a sprint tour box. It's not impossible for the mix-up to happen, but it's very unlikely, so i think this dude is total B.S.

i was one of the people who also recieved a verizon branded phone in a sprint box. everything on the phone was sprint as far as software but they wrong name plate...i called them and took a picture of it and all and sent it to headquarters!

I smell a buyout ....sniff ..sniff. ...j/p so is that really his phone? what if its a verizon customers phone what happens then?

First women pretend to be men, then pontiac swears its a bmw, then Michael jackson pretends to be human. Now sprint pretends to be Verizon . What's this world coming to?!

I wouldn't complain about the dark bezel Tour if I were him! 8)
He's actually lucky if by chance he can activate it ha.

I was waiting for someone to say it's fake, :) I don't have the creativity to come up with something like this lol. I already posted the pics of the phone booted up with all its Sprint glory. It looks like the bottom piece was put on the wrong phone. Probably do to the rush of RIM trying to get Sprint all the phones they sold people knowing they didn't have them in stock. I have a lot of my friends asking why I switched from Sprint until I show them Sprint TV they don't believe me!!

I wanna know shy Sprint didn't have a better handle on the keyboard design colors. I hate that the numbers are red; I would've preferred them to be black/white like my old Curve8330. Not related, but the picture above reminded me to ask aloud.

I used to work for a company contracted by Motorola. Things like this happen more often than you'd imagine. That's one of the downfalls of having the same device on multiple carriers. I wouldn't be surprised to see more reports of the same issue. Usually it's not an isolated incident.