Pre-Order Verizon BlackBerry Tour At Best Buy Mobile

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By Adam Zeis on 6 Jul 2009 07:18 pm EDT

Only 6 more days until "Tour Time" and everyone is starting to get antsy. I'll be at my local Verizon corporate store on Sunday, and sure many others will be venturing out early as well. If you don't have a local store in your area or just want to try and beat the crowds, it looks like Best Buy Mobile may be the way to go. Best Buy is offering Verizon Tour Pre-sales at all of their stores, and you can pre-order the device with a $50 deposit to be guaranteed a shiny new Tour come Sunday. There is no news of this on Best Buy's site so you'll have to swing by your local store to get in on the action. Big thanks to Michael for the image.

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Pre-Order Verizon BlackBerry Tour At Best Buy Mobile


she confirmed that they are doing pre orders and you will be guaranteed to get the phone on sunday. she said you put $50 deposit and then they give you a $50 gift card or something you can use towards the phone.

I just left my local best buy. I was the SECOND person to do the pre-order. They will charge you $50.00, but give you a $50.00 gift card, as the placeholder. They will then call you the day the phones come in, and you get the phone. As I have a corporate account, this is the only way I was able to pre-order.

If the Best Buy you go to can't find the info, tell the sales rep to go into "employee news" or "employee mail". The flyer is in there. There is a UPC they have to scan.

Good luck !

It is a nice option, but I still think I will try my local corporate store. I am a gambler like that.

And nice Info Pablo, thanks

It's not a charge, it's a's deducted from the price when you p/u the phone. This is what I did when I p/u my Storm.
They made appointments when I did mine, so people didn't crowd the mobile area, and for the most part it worked....some delays.

That is what every BestBuy mobile rep I speak to in the Charlotte area tells me when I call to ask about the Tour release date. They say I can do the pre-order, but they don't know when they are getting it.

I would assume they are getting the phone on Sunday? I asked the rep if I should just come in on Sunday, and he said they would call me when to come and pick it up.

And BSR thanks, for some reason I was at a loss for words and missed the word rebate, and used placeholder, lol.

Can anyone confirm this - I went to my local retail Sprint store in South Philly and the guy told me that thru Sprint, they will only sell on-line or via telesales. Sprint retail stores will start selling the Tour sometime next month.

This was weird to me, but hey that is what they told me.

I work for Bestbuy mobile and we have had the pre order slips from 4 days ago. No one has pre-order any at all how about my store selling the bold for $30 I am getting me one

at my store we are guessing the 17th. we still haven't even got the dummy phones in. I checked the "RSS" Yesterday and we don't even have any on the truck to our store yet Real or dummy phones. I will check again tomorrow

What is wrong with the editorial integrity of this site?..

The way it looks to an outside observer the only carrier to have the tour is Verizon... either get an editor, get a sprint blogger or cut out the bias...

How about before you blast this site on their editorial integrity you should actually LOOK at the flyer pictured and READ the article. Duh. This is obviously some deal between BBYM and Verizon, if Sprint didn't make a deal like this how is the "editorial integrity" of this site lacking by not reporting it???

So what's the price? What's the price to those not eligible for the new every 2? Wirefly seems like the best bet for those in that situation at 279. the vzw website is still telling me that it'll cost me 500+ from them.

the guy did not seem very confident that they would even have the phone sunday.

and he did not know the official price.

i'll just order it online on sunday and get my ne2 credit from vzw...which i would not receive if i bought it at best buy he told me.

I work for Best Buy Mobile as well, and to confirm, the $50 deposit is given as a gift card, which can be used towards the price of the phone.

Give BBY a break- if sales consultants don't know the price or when the phones are coming, they're not lying. Unfortunately, they don't tell us much.

I'm pumped though!

you guys are scaring me now..the women i talked to sounded sure that they would have them on sunday. im going today and im going to make absolutely certain that they will have them on sunday or else ill just go to the verizon store early and wait outside.

so lets say i preorder at best buy..put down my $50 and they give me the gift card for $50. then i go to my verizon store on sunday morning and just get it there instead..can i just not get the phone at best buy and use the gift card for something else? im thinking about doing this just in case they run out of the phone at the verizon store. best case i get it at verizon and use the best buy gift card for something else cause i need some stuff there anyway and worst case i miss out at verizon and get it at best buy when they get it. can someone who works there tell me if this is possible? thanks!

You would be able to use your gift card on anything in bestbuy you like. it's not limited to just the phone

Yes you can use the gift card for something else, if you end up getting the tour somewhere else.

Also, verizon and bbym always have either the same price, or lower. The advantage to bbym is that there isn't any mail in rebates (you get the savings instantly), and we price match (:

That's nice and BBYM has a good thing going, but I'm eligible for a $100 NE2 discount. Would I get it if I went to my local BBY versus the Verizon store?

Just made my pre-order at BB and I was only #3 in line. But he said I'm "guaranteed" to have it on Sunday. Fingers crossed!

I talked to my local Verizon rep yesterday and he stated to me that plenty of Tours are going to be at hand for the store. He said because this is not a popular phone compared to the STORM that everybody will get a phone. Go figure

All I can say is I am glad I pre-ordered from the VZW site - I do not want to put up with any mess like the Storm part I do not have to set foot in a dreaded VZW store, which I am pretty sure most VZW customers hate doing.

I don't know what's up with Sprint! They just don't seem to care about satisfying its customers. We are always left in the dust...last to get the great phones! Get with it Sprint!!!

Best Buy Mobile locations will be receiving the BlackBerry Tour on Sunday. The devices are not in our DC's yet because the initial shipment is going to be drop shipped via UPS rather than coming on one of our regular trucks. As for the Sprint BlackBerry Tour we haven't received any communication as to the release date on that. It is however in our inventory system, so we WILL be carrying it at some point.