Raketu Offering VoIP for BlackBerry

By James Falconer on 10 Jan 2008 11:31 am EST
Raketu VoIP for BlackBerry

Looking for cheap international calling rates on your Berry? We might have the solution for you. 

Raketu is offering low international rates through a browser-based app for your BlackBerry.

To calculate calling rates, you can use their handy rates tool. I fiddled around with it a bit and found out that I can call a land-line in Chile for 2 cents/min... Or a land-line in Belgium for 1 cent/min. Not bad. Rates do jump up though when you call a cellular line. The same call to a cell in Chile would run you 20 cents/min, and for Belgium 22 cents/min.

Why Chile and Belgium? I don't know. However I do know you should check this out to see if you'd benefit.

For more info you can visit the Raketu website.

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Raketu Offering VoIP for BlackBerry


I know VOIP is great ( I used skype at home with a local skype number for business calls) but my method for those overseas calls - an I make lots as a Canadian in Austrlia - is to buy one of those discount calling cards that you can top up and call everywhere in the world for 2 cents via my card on the Blackberry. Maybe not as sexy as VOIP but a lot easier and probably cheaper.

where do i sign up
how much does it cost to call vietnam and if i travel overseas can i use this service with my wifi to call home from abroad?

The tool is pretty good. The quality is great. No more phone cards = ) I wish they could actually read out entries out of the phone book, but they say they're working an many more features.