Introducing the Ultimate BlackBerry Storm Contest...

The What Would You Do For a BlackBerry Storm Contest! Click for Details!!
By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Oct 2008 12:34 pm EDT

Here it is BlackBerry Nation... the Craziest Giveaway we have ever Dreamed up!

So you want a BlackBerry Storm? What Would You Be Willing To Do For A Free One? Luck of the draw won't play a roll in this contest... PROVE TO US you are one of the ten craziest CrackBerry Addicts out there most deserving of a FREE BlackBerry and we are going to give you one!

The premise here is simple. You have until Midnight PST on Halloween night to tell us What You Would Do for a free BlackBerry Storm (or any other BlackBerry smartphone of your choosing). From there we'll go through all of the What Would You Dos submitted and contact the ten contestants who are willing to do the most to get their hands on a FREE BlackBerry Storm (no ideas that are potentially harmful or illegal will be selected though... while fighting a Bear would be cool, we'd rather see you keep your BlackBerry thumbs intact).

The catch? This isn't lip service. If you're selected as a winner, to receive your free BlackBerry you're going to have earn it by following through and actually doing what you said you would do! Once we receive your video and photo evidence we'll send you your new BlackBerry!

For all of the contest details and to submit your What Would You Do, visit the WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR A BLACKBERRY STORM? contest page ( 

A HUGE Thank You goes out to our friends and external sponsors who helped make this event possible: Viigo, Horizon Wireless and BlackBerry Made Simple. At this point I'd normally say good luck, but luck isn't a factor. So I'll sign off with a GET CRAZY and check out the Storm Contest Page!

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Introducing the Ultimate BlackBerry Storm Contest...


At 59, and a retired firefighter, Im both too old and used up to do anything crazy enough to win onne of those new Storms, so I guess I will just sit on the sidelines and watch someone else do the crazy stuff to win one.

It's kind of funny... this contest idea did actually get dreamed up in bed a few nights ago!

I was lying in bed about to fall asleep and was thinking... Wow..I wish I had a BlackBerry Storm.. I'd do just about anything for one. Give up my first born child? SURE! too bad I don't have any... Sell my soul to the devil? HELLZ YEAH!! but when I yelled for him he didn't show up.

I fell asleep in frustration of not having a Storm and woke up in the morning with this contest idea! Seems like a silver lining to me.

This is gonna be fun! Think long and hard about your ideas folks. Get creative! Can't wait to see all the submissions. I'm assembling a team of "judges" for November 1st to go through and pick the top ten!

I would legally change my name to "Kevin Michaluk", travel to Winnipeg and walk around punching people in the face who have iphones and hand them my business card.

I would start fasting (with doctors approval of course) until I received my blackberry storm. I hope they don't delay the release. :)

should I write an email to you kevin, or just post what I would do here.
Here it comes:
sounds simple, but scares the sh** out of me...skydiving in new zealand. around 15000ft=about 1 minute free fall...
I will pay for a dvd of my jump (other guy filming me in free fall), so I would definately have evidence.
This is as extreme as it can get for me. I dont fight with animals :)

EDIT: question: who can participate in this? Im in australia right now, would do the jump in new zealand, and should I win I would prefer to receive the storm in germany at my home complicated. I hope I can still participate :(

Visit the Contest page -

ALL of the details are there, and that's where you enter.

You don't to be publicly stating your somebody will surely try and top them!!

As much as I love the blow-by-blow of every single ad, commercial, and video about the Storm, can we mix it up a little?

RIM *does* have products besides the Storm, right?

Read the graphic - it's ANY BlackBerry Smartphone you want. Doesn't have to be the Storm. Bold, wait for the Curve 8900, etc. It's up to you.

You have "Storm" in the headline, "Storm" *twice* in a huge font in the banner, a picture of the Storm, and you're surprised there's confusion over a 10px parenthetical?

Might want to re-think that one.

I seem to remember similar confusion over an appstore banner too.

It's not misleading Mr. Anonymous. We're giving people options.

It IS a STORM giveaway, and it's obviously branded as such, but not everybody may want to receive a Storm (some people don't want a touchscreen smartphone, period) but they may be equally (or even more!) excited about the Bold or the Curve 8900 or Pearl Flip 8220, etc.. So instead of excluding them from the contest, we've included them.

Still a Storm Giveaway, but if you don't want the Storm we'll take care of ya. That is, assuming you can read what's written on the contest page and don't get distracted by the Dude fighting the Bear (which I admit it's hard not to look at that).

nooope.. Read the Contest Page. Details are all there.

Submission deadline is Halloween at Midnight. From there we'll contact the top 10 winners, and they'll have until November 15th to carry out their What Would You Dos. Once they submit they're evidence, they're entitled to their device and we'll order it/get it to them asap as long as it's available.

So if get a hold of a winner on say Nov. 2nd and they carry out there task that day and submit the video to us, we'll have to still wait till the Storm comes out on Verizon (if that's the device they want) which sounds like it will be available on the 10th. But if the winners want a different device that's already out (say a Rogers Bold unlocked), we'll get that bought and to them right away.

you could...but the better thing to do is combine your separate ideas into one whacked out, crazy crazy all encompassing idea. that'll be what stands out.

Something tells me some of these ideas, like skydiving naked and whatnot, are going to probably cost more then the Storm would. Doesn't that defeat the purpose in a way?

Just a tattoo and a bikini wax??? I thought I'd see some crazy stuff! Just for that I guess I'll jump in
I'll make my own coffe for a week, instead of having the girl do it!! I know it's not exciting but #3 out of 10....not a bad deal!

Jewelzz.....actually I get into the office early and make the coffee for the wonderful ladies i work with and once a month take them to dinner. :)

If given the chance to win a blackberry smartphone (does me being a broke college student help?) I would go into my local dunkin donuts and/or starbucks wearing any outfit my girlfriend chooses, whether that be a tanktop of hers, a skirt, what-ever it has to be. Might be lame but hey I'd go through some public embarassment (hopefully no beatdowns) to win a blackberry!

just checking in..but you guys know you have to enter on the contest page right? responding to this blog post isn't an entry.

over 500 entries (ALL CRAZY) in the first 24 hours, so get thinking and get creative!

Where are the "will do" entries? would love to read them!
As for me I'll just sit back and wait to buy a couple!

Yea but do they wear thong panties on their heads while dressed in drag and balking like a chicken as they walk thru wal-mart?

Unfortunately I don't have a wild enough imagination to come up with anything that would make me a winner *sigh*