SanDisk Announces the HUGE 12GB MicroSDHC Card

By James Falconer on 9 Jan 2008 01:23 pm EST

SanDisk 12GB MicroSDHC CardSanDisk has announced their new 12GB MicroCDHC card at CES.

This is good news for berry lovers that are running OS 4.3 (we think hope this card will work with OS 4.3). If you are running OS 4.2 or older you will need to wait for the upgrade to use higher capacity cards like this!

So for all of you that take advantage of your BlackBerry's media capabilities, this 12 gig bad-boy will be able to store a combination of 1,500 songs, 3,600 photos and 24.5 hours of video and will be coming down the pipe shortly. No word on a release date yet, but look for it at in the near future!

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SanDisk Announces the HUGE 12GB MicroSDHC Card


This is great news for those of us who want to carry more music, pictures or videos. BUT ---

When are ATT prisoners, oops, customers going to be able to get 4.3 - meaning those of us who bought a Curve, for example, prior to any general software upgrade that is now being sold.

This is awesome, i really HOPE it works on the new O.S. Rub this in all those i-phone users collective faces (my brother mainly).

Haha at least at AT&T you guys have a curve. Here over at verizon we wont get a CDMA Curve until the Blackberry 9000 comes out... Its a blast being a year behind.

I'll be first in line for this baby. I use the 4gig chip now. It's kinda of easy to fill up with your adding allot of videos and music. Not so much the music.

The only other thing I will need a extra extended battery. The battery life on my 8130 Pearl is impressive but I spend 4 to 6 hours a day on it, playing games, movies etc...

I had a Moto Q. Yea yea. I know what your about to say. I agree. Thats why I'm hooked on BB's. Anyway. I got a extended battery for it. It came with a extra back piece needed because the battery expanded the size of the phone. I was OK with that. Can we buy similar for the Blackberry 8130 Pearl?

first of all is not 1500 song is 3000 song each gig holds 250 songs. bad typo, fix it right if you want to sell it.

hello im a computer technician at att and i fully agree with mr.doosh each gig hold 250 song so it will be 3000 song scandisk made a erros about this so they should fix it when ever they have the chance