Visual Voicemail - iPhone vs. SimulScribe

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Jun 2007 02:48 pm EDT

Our Best of WES 2007 winner SimulScribe makes a statement with this commercial. This might just be the best iPhone parody clip yet... Check out the clip, and then check out SimulSays for your BlackBerry today!



simulsay sucks. you cant use custom greetings the transcribe is annoying.

Ashton Wilcox

i've been using it for over a month now and love it.

a) you CAN record custom greetings, so i dont know what you're talkinga bout there. you don't do it over the phone though - you actually record a *.wav and upload it to your account on their website's backend

b) the transcribing is pretty impressive. it's not always depends on the person who's leaving the message. the big thing is that once a person leaves a voicemail the voicemail itself is downloaded to your phone immediately where you can listen to it. so even if you never use the transribe service, it's worthwhile because you never have to dial into voicemail again

my only gripe is that the transcribed messages take a few minutes to come through. so once someone leaves a message you have the voiceclip immediately, but if you dont want to listen to the message and want to read it, you have to wait an extra couple


LOL. What's truly funny is that it takes the TREO user an extra 25 seconds to try and figure out how to get the web site. Then, once you arrive, all you have are some lame text links. No photos, no enhanced content. Don't even get me started on the of other browser features that just aren't even available on the TREO.


GOTTA love it. I don't know what I'd do without this service. Being able to get a transcript AND audio file of all my voicemails is just too cool. Maybe they've updated the service since the other posts last year, but I'm able to customize my outgoing message through the phone, I get my transcripts and the audio file delivered to my berry via email AND I can still call in to delete messages and log in from home and use the website to manage everything. Not a bad deal if you ask me.