Red 8100 Pearl for Rogers to be Discontinued

By James Falconer on 4 Jan 2008 10:38 am EST

The Red 8100 Pearl from RogersOur Rogers insider recently tipped us off to this little tidbit:

"According to inside files, the red 8100 for Rogers will be discontinued as subsidy will be lost as of March. Yet another sign of new things to come..."

For those of you that own a red pearl up in Canada, you may soon have a 'collectors item'... Then again, maybe not :)

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Red 8100 Pearl for Rogers to be Discontinued


so i guess they are keeping the black, and moving all the colors to 8110 or 8120? good way to do it i guess, because if anyone wants a red one then, they will have to go for the new version of the pearl and pay more. i've also herd the new versions will feature 7-8 colors, now it depends on how many colors each carrier will pick up.

This does not come as any surprise really, they have been handing them out like candy over the past 3 months, anyone with a rogers accoutn can call threaten to cancel and get one anywhere from $50 to $0 besides that, the next level of 81XX Series is well on their way through other carriers, Rogers is just catching up too them at this point, next you will see it gone from AT&T as well.

i called rogers today and did the usual thing of threatening them that i was leaving and going to switch to telus (which last time netted me a new curve for simply extending my contract). Because i have a total addiction with switching my tech, i sold the curve and am looking for a Pearl, which is about the only BB i haven't used. Anyway, the guy at rogers said the best he could do was $450 on a 3 year. Seems a little much seeing that they were handing them out for free at christmas time to new customers. For a fact, i, personally have made Ted Rogers a very wealthy man after 10 years of faithfully paying my ludicrous cell phone bills. The fact that Rogers wouldn't bend a little and give me a break on a product that is nearing the end of it's life cycle seems a shame. The csr said they had no news of any pending discontinuation of the red pearl, but given their track record, i'm sure it's just customer service having no idea what they're talking about. Anybody getting rid a pearl for cheap on the Rogers network and wants to help a fellow crackberry out?

I dont know if you are in the US or what but I got mine in Canada from here

they still have the pearl for $0.00 on a 3 year. I had a year left on my current plan and rogers csr said the same thing to me about $450 for 3 years. Needing a new phone and wanting a pearl I found the Rogers loudring site and got it for $0.00.

hope this helps ya, got good service from them , and fast shipping included.

hey thanks so much for the tip. I am in canada, and i have a long time left on my contract. Can i order from them and still use my current account or do i have to start a new one and buy my current plan out?

I was able to order thru loudring and keep it on my existing account. I had a family plan with 2 phones on it and all they did was get me a new number for the phone and add it to the family plan. So what that did was add 3 years ( for the pearl ) to the account. When you do order it just tell them on the comments section of your order: your current account number etc and let them know you want to keep one account. Whatever you end up doing with them save all your correspondences via email for your records just in case there is any confusion. ( which I had done as a precaution )

Another nice bonus ordering thru loudring is they sent me 2 holsters, wired headset and an extra car charger along with the home charger. Granted the holsters were simple open ended ones. Only glitch was when I got the phone the number they assigned me was in a totally different area code from where I was. However one quick phone call to Rogers ( not loudring) and I got the number changed instamatically no charge.

hope you get your pearl