Leaked: BlackBerry Storm User Guide!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Oct 2008 01:02 am EDT
BlackBerry Storm User Guide

Following up on all the leaked BlackBerry craziness from this weekend, BGR has now posted a bunch of pages from the BlackBerry Storm's User Guide that details the ins and outs of OS 4.7 on RIM's new touchscreen device. While we wait for the BG to get his server situation figured out (site is going painfully slow at the moment), we've taken the liberty of re-posting the whack load of images after the jump. Thanks BG, Enjoy!!!

BlackBerry Storm User Guide Images

BlackBerry Storm User Guide

BlackBerry Storm User Guide

BlackBerry Storm User Guide

BlackBerry Storm User Guide

BlackBerry Storm User Guide

BlackBerry Storm User Guide

BlackBerry Storm User Guide

BlackBerry Storm User Guide

BlackBerry Storm User Guide

BlackBerry Storm User Guide

BlackBerry Storm User Guide

BlackBerry Storm User Guide

BlackBerry Storm User Guide

BlackBerry Storm User Guide

BlackBerry Storm User Guide

BlackBerry Storm User Guide

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Leaked: BlackBerry Storm User Guide!!!


Other than getting this device in my hands, this has been one of the best weekends in awhile! Now all we need is a CB Review!!!!!!

Thx Kevin

This is great. We know almost everything about this phone and it hasnt even been officially announced by RIM yet! Heres hoping to some videos coming out this week!

You can find pricing online at a multitude of sites. Everyone is claiming $199 with 2 year contract and I'm sure you're aware that's only through Verizon.

Bless you for posting this and all the other 'leaks'. lol

I am SUPER psyched for this phone to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

All seems like "basic" BB functionality to me..it don't indicate anything other then simple functions and no elaboration on how the keyboard actually functions, nothing earth shattering there, but cool nonetheless.

Most impressive thing though..image stabilization, wish they had of included that in the Bold, it takes great pictures, when ya can get ones that don't have blur..but..that may be me and all the coffee, pop and energy drinks I guzzle lmao!

It is a basic BB with basic BB functions. That is the point. Before Iphone BB was the ultimate PDA. Now with the storm you will get the awesomeness of the BB with a touch screen better than the touch screen of an iphone. Also the camera pixels are much better than any other BB, and also better than the Iphone.

I have never owned a blackberry before, but this storm has definitely won me over! I can't wait for the launch date!

Quick question though-- how long after a blackberry becomes available does it take for the developers to develop new themes and apps for that specific smartphone?

Under normal circumstances most apps are backwards compatible and only require a minor upgrade to be next gen BB compatible, but where this is the first touch BB their MAY be a few hurdles to jump over for the developers, even though RIM has designed their touch system seemingly in a way it should be easy to transition, but that is yet to be seen or even mentioned by any developers who have had any first hand experience with the device.

As for themes, well your guess is as good as anybodys, we wouldn't even have Bold themes yet if it wasn't for the fact RIM as a company has more leaks in it then a pasta strainer.

LOL! I just noticed the "RIM BlackBerry Mobile Store" link in the browser, wish I had that link ;)

Wow, true!! I think that's going in the App Store Direction, don't you think? ;-)
Great news. Can't wait for the Conference!

Anybody know if the GPS will be accessible by third party (Google Maps) applications or if it will be locked to Verizon's application.

Also can the video/audio seek in smaller increments than the current 4.2 allows?

I'm kinda diggin the fact that you can transfer all of your Firefox bookmarks through the desktop manager too !!! !!

not sure why, but I'm not as excited about this phone as I was a couple of weeks ago. Not a fan of using the QWERTY in landscape only...I don't want to keep flipping the phone on its side and I don't like SureType at all. I want to wait for the Javelin, but I don't know if I can wait that long! Still an amazing phone regardless of my minor turn-offs.

I also don't feel that suretype keyboard.
Also, eventhough I shouldn't, I like to type while I am driving. From what I've read, you have to give each button a push to select...I am sure this is not going to work well with one hand.

I was waiting for so long to get this phone, but now I think I will go with something else.

I'm not a SURETYPE fan either. I hope someone will make a theme or something that will allow QWERTY in portrait. RIM should at least give you the option. Geez they are giving Multi-Tap as an option. I wouldn't mind if the keys were a little smaller in portrait for QWERTY.


I've used the iPhone plenty of times; and while I agree the iPhone's keyboard is tight at least it could be used with one hand. It would be cool if the Storm would allow a more compact QWERTY in portrait. Still not sure if it's a deal breaker, I'd have to play with one before a decision is made.

i own an iphone and i can text waaaay faster than anyone with a "real" keyboard (voyager ; glyde ; duo ' & BLACKBERRY CURVE)
the iphone is so amazing that all these "touchscreen" phones are trying to copy it and "overthrow" it and guess what they all failed. the iphone is the best and its keyboard takes about 30 seconds to get used to and texting in landscape would be a nice option but all the time.. ew. stop bashing phones that are better than your little blackberry...
this phone above would have never have even been a thought if it wasnt for the iphone
so why dont you "try it before you fry it"

Am I reading this properly with there being no Wifi? If so Blackberry just dropped the ball with the iPhone

This just keeps getting better! The 2 things I was worried about not being able to you can do according to the user guide. That is using your own created ringtones (which i can't do on my LG Glimmer) and having unlocked bluetooth for sending files........Oh how I can't wait for verizon to take over alltel so I can get this phone!

how crazy would it be if this whole thing was just a farce? Seriously, and RIM was just using this publicity to stay relevant in the cell phone industry until it got its devices out to the market. Think about it. It's certainly buying them time to fix the woes of the ATT/Bold situation by taking your mind off it and releasing new "leaked material". It could have stemmed off the fact that people quickly realized the Bold and iPhone are not true competitors, and now RIM is quickly realizing the barriers to entry for the touch screen phone market are virtually non-existent being that every other major carrier has a touch device in the line up. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised by anything at this point. How come we've seen the rest of the new lineup in the wild and not the Storm? It's hard to convince me they can let all of this information leak out and not a testing model of the device itself...

oh, and as far as the testing models out in the open, don't bring up the ninja guy because there's no way they wouldn't have used that device in a full review at some point. that was quite a while ago when it surfaced too and they didn't really give you a good look at the phone.

Also, I do believe this phone is for real, but there's a lot of shady business around it, that's all.

I am very interested in trying one out some time as I'm due for a Verizon upgrade in a few weeks.

You mean Crucial's been lying to us all this time? I feel so betrayed. Seriously, you're delirious because we've been getting so much information and we're so close to the announcement and launch date. Just take a deep breath, take a break from CB and before you know it, you'll have your storm.

.....We can all be called Storm Chasers!!! LOL..I'm so Funny!

I hope the sound quality/volume during a phone call is much improved over the 8330 Curve.

Availability of built in gps depends on the wireless carrier?

Are you kidding me?

This is a verizon wireless exclusive. Did the lawyers make them add this?

Or are we possibly looking at another locked down gps?

with all these features the battery must get drained fast??? wats is the battery life like for the BB storm?

I love Bberries but the Storm is a clown, because is the same product as before no changes, same UI for the OS system. nothing eye candy. I know is not that kind of a product but they could have polish the system. NO WIFI. for a divice that is going to cost over $600 (US dollars) i rather buy a nokia 6120 candy bar WIFI html, java, music and more for $199 retail price.

Lets be honest enough is enough, While RIM and VZW will rest in golden mantions, we will take a golden shower in regards of the product, ( not R kelly involved)


before you attempt to sound intelligent and whitty... learn to spell.

not going to even bother telling you which word you spelled wrong because it simply doesn't matter. bottom line though, you're an idiot.

you have got to me kidding with this kind of mentality. This "device" isn't going to "wipe out" anything. Watch the stocks? hmm... this isn't iPhone we're talking about here. there's no user fan base that already has iPods, iMacs, iRans and iRacks (gotta see the video to understand that). It's Blackberry... a company who has a userbase made up of primarily crotchety older men who have grudgingly accepted the digital age as part of their final years in the business world.

waitress, reality check please. Thanks.

making it verizon only is just poor marketting. Now before you verizon whiners step up on your soapbox, understand that Apple never had a phone on ANY phone service prior to the iPhone launch whereas BlackBerry has phones on Verizon and AT&T. Excluding AT&T now is terrible marketting strategy. All i can think is that Verizon paid for exclusivity with the blood of unborn children and puppies to Satan. Illogical for BB to make exclusivity when their phones are sold amongst multiple carriers.

Verizon Exclusivity = Alpha and Omega Epic Fail


I have to agree with this 100%. Sorry RIM, poorly planned objective here. You should have targetted Apple and iPhone directly by making this phone available on AT&T AND Verizon. You want market share, take ALL of the market by grabbing customers on every side of the fence.

Someone must have had their cranium stuff up their recycling center when they made the decision to go Verizon exclusive. Such a shame.

I was really digging this phone as I love BB's...but, I have AT&T which I love more...I was almost sold. DARN!!!!

I was just considering buying out of my fifth year of Verizon to get either an Iphone or a Bold, when I learned about the Storm. Compared to the phones that AT&T offers, Verizon's store is sorely lacking for cool hardware. Hopefully the Storm will fix that, or I will definitely migrate.