Pearl Flip Update: Pricing, Availability and More!

BlackBerry Pearl Flip Update
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Oct 2008 08:51 am EDT

The CrackBerry blogs have been fairly quiet these past few days in regards to the Pearl Flip as BlackBerry Storm leaks continue to roll in and thoughts of the AT&T BlackBerry Bold keep many of us occupied. That said, it's time for some Pearl Flip love. Continue reading after the jump for the latest scoop on the BlackBerry Pearl 8220.

Gone are the thoughts of the Pearl 8220 being a low-cost entry into the world of BlackBerry. We pretty much knew that notion was out the door the moment we saw Rogers pricing of the 8220 leak and now T-Mobile USA pricing has surfaced which further confirms it.  Via the CrackBerry Forums and TmoNews:

T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl 8220 Pricing

  • New Activation 2 Year Contract $149.99 (after $50 MIR)
  • New Activation 1 Year Contract $199.99 (after $50 MIR)
  • Full Upgrade 2 Year Contract $167.99 (after $50 MIR)
  • Full Upgrade 1 Year Contract $217.99 (after $50 MIR)
  • Partial Upgrade: TBD
  • Retail Price: $349.99

Keep in mind Rogers will be selling the 8220 for $149.99 on a 3 year contract. Hopefully some big promos will accompany the sale of this device to help get the price down further. I'm excited for the Pearl 8220 as it's going to attract a whole lot of new users to BlackBerry Nation, but can't help but be a little bit disappointed. I can't help but think back to those early marketing picks of the T-Mobile KickStart which showed the device as being all young and hip, with a multitude of funky colors to choose from (with the option for funky "future graphic prints" on the battery door). And let's not forget those $50 on-contract rumors either. We went from an altogether divergent, edgy move from RIM to the standard BlackBerry play, but in a new form factor. Still exciting, just not quite as exciting as a lot of us hoped.

The BlackBerry Pearl Flip should be hitting stores sooooon. Word dropped on the PinStack forums that we may see the Pearl Flip on T-Mobile as early as October 15th and the BoyGenius just yesterday posted some leaked photos taken from a Best Buy terminal showing that the Pearl 8220 (in red) should be in stock by October 26th. When it comes to Rogers we're now hearing the Pearl flip has been delayed to the third week of October (after the sloppy code the Bold launched with, they're going to be sure to have it solid on the Pearl 8220 at launch).

While talk about the AT&T Bold's launch delays are rampant, not too much has been said about the delays we have seen in the Pearl Flip go to market. Think back to this Rogers September Back to School Pearl 8220 promo that was supposed to run but never did and a leaked T-Mobile roadmap that put the KickStart as launching by August 1st and it's fairly obvious things are a little bit behind schedule. But a launch is imminent now, so better a little late than never. No harm though... in reality it's only us hardcore BlackBerry Addicts that are likely aware of these delays, unlike with the AT&T Bold where the masses are beginning to wonder where the heck it is (RIM/AT&T should really just do a joint press release and let us officially know what the scoop is there!).

The Pearl 8220 will be rolling out on a lot of carriers around the world, so as saw with the Bold we can likely expect to see a slightly staggered launch as it hits the market. In this case those, it should be available in North America first (or maybe second or third! LOL).

As for the 8210, the 8220's sibling that will feature GPS vs. the 8220's WiFi, we're hearing that's been pushed back on the AT&T pipeline until early 2009. Stay tuned... will update as we learn more.

And More!
In Canada, the Rogers Pearl 8220 launch parties are now almost over (the last one is tonight in Calgary). BlackBerryCool posted some photos taken from an earlier Pearl 8220 launch party that are worth checking out!

That's it for now! Getttting Exccccited????!!

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Pearl Flip Update: Pricing, Availability and More!


I really like the looks of this phone and I would love to get it. I have been waiting it seems forever for the Bold. This will be my first BB and coming from an iPhone (as a phone, imo, it is a great Browser) I can hardly wait. But I am (and have always been) with AT&T and still have a year on my current contract from my iPhone 1st gen. It costs so much to leave a carrier during a contract (and I have so many roll over minutes I'd hate to loose) and I don't know anything about TMO as a carrier (or any other carrier, for that matter). I do want a really good product but I am tired of the waiting. I also have a Blackjack I and it runs 3G on AT&T and it has always been just fine and still is fine after all of the 3G iPhone came out. No real problems at all. I am in central Arkansas and have no idea how good TMO is. If I knew it would be better than I have and a better plan I might jump ship and go get the BB Pearl 8220 if it is out b4 the BBB.

Ill tell you the truth on the carriers. Being some one who has worked for 2 major carriers and had service with all 4 major carriers. TMO sucks ass, best prices lotsa mins but horrible reception. It costs u 5 dollars a month if u dont have auto pay, they charge u 5 dollars extra a month for unlimited mobile 2 mobile. U have ur fav 5 but thats also an extra 5 bucks a month. If you want to get the pearl flip i recommend just buying it out right and unlocking it. You can still get all the ATT stuff on it like the black berry plan and so forth. Tmobile is horrendous.

Your semi-literate post is just plain stupid. Reception is a strictly localized issue. In many markets T-Mobile's coverage qualtiy is far better than AT&T's. In some, it's worse. As someone who worked for two carriers, you should understand that better than most people. Typically, the maturity of the network determines the quality. In most areas, including where I live, AT&T's GSM network is much younger than T-Mobile's.

As for the extra charges you mentioned, that varies from month to month in market to market. Even with those charges, they are generally much less expensive than AT&T. I'm using an unlocked iPhone (and sometimes a Curve) on T-Mobile because the same feature set and number of minutes would cost me over $55 more per month on AT&T. It's just not worth it.

The most valid criticism of T-Mobile is the delay of their 3G rollout, but the FCC is partially to blame for that.

I have gotten great service & prices from t-mo for years. There's good reception in the phoenix area. And there's no five dollar charge for myfaves and I'm not paying five dollars extra for paying by check. Maybe you have lousy credit or something if you're having to pay additional charges. You can't beat t-mo's rate plans.

On the blackberry website (, it says all the Pearl Flip 8220 accessories will be available on Octorber 6th. I think the phone is going to be released on that day!

Whats so great about the G1? It looks like a cheap phone and the hinge will probably break pretty easy...

I think the Pearl Flip will be awesome! I've always been a flip phone kinda girl and now that my fav device comes in a flip style I'm TOTALLY stoked...

I'll never switch from my berry... I LOVE her!!!

the phone hardly looks revolutionary to me....i would expect this type of phone to be released on a 20gbp a month contract in the uk with no charge for the handset. the pearl really is a second tier release....

I agree, being in canada, and on telus, seeing the bold launch and all the hype it brought, now this second rate phone. yes it looks sleek and different, true to RIM, and it will attract a new market, but IMHO the new market will be highschool prema-donas, my 0.02.

I will not be showing too much interest in this phone.

Agreed. They took a Pearl, added a flex cable and a bigger display, and created what IMO, is really an after-thought design. I have/like BlackBerrys, but I think this one missed the boat.

I agree with the no Touchscreen. After having an iPhone for a year I will NEVER have another Touchscreen as long as they work in the current way....that is to have the screen open to hitting buttons, keys when talking on the phone. Plus the sound quality on my iPhone leaves a lot to be desired. My Blackjack sounds better. But the Stomr does look great.

Well if your a smart BB user you would know that you can get the autolock feature. Again like i said if your a smart bb user. and if your even a smarter bb user you know to always have a black berry pouch to protect your golden device.

Paying $150 for a Flip Phone of any kind while signing a 2yr contract is RIDICULOUS! :(

This is really really disappointing TMobile... so much for an affordable and cheap Berry. The Pearl Flip fails... and it is not even out yet!

My girlfriend (along with many other people) were considering this device because of its low price point (supposedly)... but now those hopes are all gone!

but I agree that Rim missed out on a great opportunity by not going with the funky colors. I teach at a high school and teens, especially girls, are really into colored phones. I don't think this phone will do it for them. Not that I want a funky color, I just think that they missed out on expanding into a wide open consumer market! I'm afraid that Rim is a little too staid to make a BOLD move like that.

you're kidding right? they've released sooo many colors of pearls and curves... the red pearl flip is going to Best Buy... i'm sure they release the not so flashly ones first for the business crowd since that's RIM's biggest market... and then the flashy ones come a little bit later..

If you look at the link in the article, they had bright pink, orange, green, yellow. Teens would have eaten that up. The colors on the regular pearls are pretty sedate

I do hope the pricing leaks turn out to be wrong as I just can't see this being hugely successful at the prices listed. I can see the phone doing well with $49.99 to $79.99 being the 2yr contract price for new or upgrade. $99.99 might sell still, but not as well, $149.99? Nope, that will certainly not win any people from the likes of a normal flip phone. My wife was considering one if the price was right......doubtful she will consider it at $149.99 though. Look at all the free Motos and Samsungs they have right now! Disappointing.....

I totally agree with everything stated...

$49.99 would have been ideal, maybe $79.99...

$99.99 would have been pushing the envelope, but willing to dish out the dough for a BlackBerry Flip.

Now $149.99 is crossing the line... I would never pay that much for a Pearl Flip! *wow*

That's what t-mo charges for the 8120 Pearl, which seems like a comparable phone, so I expect that will be the price. But I would like to be wrong.

This was supposed to be the BlackBerry everyone could afford. RIM and Tmobile pretty much failed at targeting the flip phone demographic.

Seems a little pricey for a flip-phone, I agree. Granted, it's a BlackBerry flip-phone, but still, I'd have thought the cost would be lower with a 2 year contract.

As far as having no "cool colors", I'm sure the 3rd party accessory manufacturers will have it covered, such as the wide range of skinz & such were available for the RAZR phone about 5 minutes after that particular device hit the marketplace.

Come on people this is a flip phone that has browsing messaging, video and mp3 this thing is worth the 150 price tag.I love my pearl and being a vzw customer I crave the Storm but if not for the storm I would consider switching to Tmo for this flip. An come on if they can pay for the data plan they can shell out 150 for the phone. Remember people this flip is still a berry not a sh*ty razr.

I haven't heard anything about exclusivity with this phone. If the Storm under performes I hope they open this phone up to the other carriers. I know they wanted to throw a bone to TMo after getting hosed on the Bold an Storm but this one should be a wide release.

I haven't heard anything about exclusivity with this phone. If the Storm under performes I hope they open this phone up to the other carriers. I know they wanted to throw a bone to TMo after getting hosed on the Bold an Storm but this one should be a wide release.

Considering that I travel alot and can live without my berry, I can't wait for this phone to make to Tmo! I will be first in line to get it (if i can get up in time)! As far as funky colors, they will come out (hopefully so that my lil sister can leave me alone about BB)! I am excited about the Kickstart because now my mom and lil sister can have one and get rid of their craptastic razrs....

you guys are so frickin cheap!! Its a 150 bucks, gimme a break. Thats a fair price for a high powered SMART PHONE!!! its not an LG chocolate, its a blackberry. $100-150 is a fair price with a 2 yr agreement. You guys are all spoiled, and need to stop asking for everything free.

Since it is October 2nd: The AT&T Bold is fast becoming a distant memory. If and when it arrives in the US, it will have lost its appeal.

personally i think that 149.99 is a decent price considering that the phone is just coming out. it is blackberry! 49.99 for a blackberry? seriously? i think that if people want it as bad as they say, 149.99 will sell just fine.

Think about it... when the pearl came out for T-Mo they charged almost $300 for it!! this is a flip PEARL ppl!!! the only difference is that its not a bar...

think about this... it may take some time to process... i know... its not SUPER revolutionary... but name another flip smartphone that even COMPARES to a blackberry....

still thinking???

thats what i thought :)

blackberry selling a phone for 49.99 is a BAD idea. i don't know why you were all excited for such a low price. the whole appeal of a blackberry is it's reputation and brand image. it's like a louis vuitton purse.. if you sell it for cheap it will lose its stigma. blackberrys are THE phone to have. if someone really likes RIM devices for the quality and features they provide... 150 is not an unreasonable price. RIM and t-mobile are smart for pricing the phone this way. if someone is looking for a cheap flip-phone they can count on samsung - not RIM.

I completely agree. Also, I mean people went bananas over the iPhone and they were nowhere near reasonable. I say the price is perfect. I mean, I am not doing an upgrade, I am paying the retail price. It is "QUANTITY VS. QUALITY", I would prefer QUALITY any day!!!!!

I completely agree. You get a BB to have the 'hip' thing, not because it was cheap. If it was 50$ everyone and their grandma would have one, like a RAZR.

First of all, when did RIM say this was gonna be the "Blackberry for everyone"? I don't remember any press releases on that. And how do you equate that with being inexpensive? People, this is still a fully-functional Blackberry. It can do everything the Pearl can do, it just happens to flip closed. Why would they sell this for any less than what they're selling the Pearl? There are dumbphones out there that cost more. Seriously, this is an excellent deal for this phone.

I friend of mine had one and I fell in love this phone when I saw it. I'm a flip phone fan but just got the 8120.

I compared the screen to my 8120 and it was the same width and just a bit taller.

The phones were same width but the keypad buttons on the flip seemed much bigger and easier to use.