How to Change Your BlackBerry's Wallpaper's BlackBerry 101 Lecture Series
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Oct 2007 05:12 pm EDT

Welcome to a Tuesday evening edition of BlackBerry 101. My apologies - this lecture should be up on the site every Tuesday in the wee hours of the morning but thanks to some server issues class is starting a little late today (teacher was stressed!).

In this lecture we're going to give a quick tutorial on BlackBerry Wallpapers. If you're looking for wide range of BlackBerry Wallpapers,'s user-contributed BlackBerry Wallpaper Gallery is the place to go. It's growing by the dozens each day and will soon be HUGE. You can also create your own wallpapers with's BlackBerry Wallpaper Maker and then share them with the CrackBerry community by adding them to the gallery. [ for more info on these tools, click here ]

Now that we've covered where to find BlackBerry Wallpapers and How You Can Make Your Own, the rest of Lecture 7 covers how to get them off the web and onto your phone!

You can Wallpaper A BlackBerry?
YES. It's True. You can Wallpaper a BlackBerry. Wallpaper refers to the image on your BlackBerry's Home Screen. I guess you could call it a Home Screen Image, which is actually what RIM refers to it on the BlackBerry device itself, but calling it a wallpaper is just much more fun. What actually is a wallpaper? It's simply an image file, formatted to fit your BlackBerry's home screen.

The Image Size for BlackBerry displays are as follows:

  • 320 by 240 pixels - BlackBerry 8800, 8300 Curve, and 8700 Series Phones
  • 240 by 260 pixels - BlackBerry 8100 Pearl and 7100 Series Phones
  • 240 by 160 pixels - BlackBerry 7200 and 7500 Series Phones

Remember, a Wallpaper is not a BlackBerry Theme, which includes icons, rollover affects, phone screen graphics , etc.. Rather, a wallpaper is part of a theme - it's simply the image that loads behind the icons/shortcuts on your BlackBerry's home screen and can be changed independent of the theme.

How Do I get a BlackBerry Wallpaper on my Phone?
There are a few ways to load your BlackBerry up with Wallpapers:

  • Email the image (or a link to the image) to your BlackBerry.
  • Download it directly to your BlackBerry by visiting a website from your BlackBerry.
  • Snap a photo with your BlackBerry's camera, and save image or set as wallpaper.
  • Transfer it over to your BlackBerry via USB (boooo!!!).

As you can probably tell, I hate having to connect my BlackBerry handheld to my computer. Afterall, it is a 'wireless' device so for me I like to stay wireless. With's Wallpaper Gallery and Wallpaper Maker, both allow you to "Email This Wallpaper" to yourself. Simply enter the email address that goes to your BlackBerry, and the image will be sent directly to your phone as an attachment to the email. If using the Gallery, you will be sent the URL to the file or both the URL to the file/and the attachment (as you choose). If the wallpaper arrives as an attachment, simply open the attachment (which opens the wallpaper on your BlackBerry's screen). From there, click your BlackBerry menu button and you will have the option to save the image or immediately set the picture as your Home Screen Image.

Alternatively, you can click on the URL contained in the body of the email (assuming you found a wallpaper in's gallery and used the email option). This will open your berry's web browser which will automatically download/open the image where you can again choose to either save it or set as Home Screen image. This is the same method as if you browse websites directly on your BlackBerry looking for BlackBerry wallpapers.

You can also transfer files over to your BlackBerry via USB (again,'s Wallpaper Gallery makes it easy to download the file to your computer's desktop) using your BlackBerry's Media Manager Software. BlackBerry's Media Manager is going to be a Lecture topic of it's own soon, so I'm not going to get into detail here on this method. For now, use the Over the Air solution!

How to Change Your BlackBerry's Wallpaper 

Step 1
The existing BlackBerry Wallpaper
Step 1
  Step 2
Go to Your BlackBerry's Media Folder
Step 2
Step 3
Go to Your BlackBerry's Pictures Folder
Step 3
Step 4
Select Folder That Contains Wallpaper 
Step 4
Step 5
Choose Desired BlackBerry Wallpaper
Step 5
Step 6
Preview the Wallpaper! Does it look good?
Step 6
Step 7
Hit Menu Key, Set as Home Screen Image
Step 7
Step 8
Your New BlackBerry Wallpaper is Set!
Step 8

Homework Time!

That winds up this lecture. It was an easy one! Last lecture you learned How to Install a Media Card and I said your Homework was to fill up the card and hopefully you have done that. Wallpapering your house is something you might want to do once, twice, or if you're me, then never! When it comes to Wallpapering your BlackBerry, you can do it once, twice, three times, or even 20 x times a day!!! Now get to it!

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Reader comments

How to Change Your BlackBerry's Wallpaper


I don't know if anyone will read or respond to this, but I just got a refurbished Pearl yesterday. I've been running it through its paces, and I've just found this site. These classes have been great! I just downloaded a wallpaper and made it my home screen image, but most of the top of it and some of the bottom is cut off by AT&T's information, with the original wallpaper. How can I get rid of it? Thanks.

I am having the same problem with my wallpaper as tjrohr, the top and bottom are cut off. I can't figure out how to fix it...

I see that some of my fellow crackberry nubists (like myself), are having difficulty with the wall papers being cut off a little at the and bottom.

The way you fix that is by zooming in the picture while you are previewing it. Then when you have it to your desired size, which should be a click or two up from normal, then set it as the home screen image!

Enjoy and hope this helps!

I have a blackberry 8700g and I love it. I am stationed in Germany and I'm not hooked up to the internet, how can I add pictures, and ringtones to my device with a USB cable with my desk top manager?

I am using the standard theme that comes with AT&T.
Zooming the image that I got from this side ( the most popular Wall paper : plain Black :p ).
I still couldn't get the image is to fill the whole screen,
Any help please?


I am using the standard theme that comes with AT&T.
Zooming the image that I got from this side ( the most popular Wall paper : plain Black :p ).
I still couldn't get the image is to fill the whole screen,
Any help please?


How do I set the ringtone for my text/email inbox? I go to ringtones but the only option I get is "set as ringtone" not text message ringtone.

Can anyone help

another question whats sms text and mms?

This is very helpful. Unfortunately, it's not working for me. I received my BB 8310 today and I'm a first time user :-) I uploaded the picture; saved it to my 8310 but I only get a half pic. It does not cover the entire screen like I want it to..

Any thoughts?

I had the same problem you guys are mentioning where the picture you set does not take up the whole screen. As stated in these comments above the fix is to: Change the theme to BB dimension Icon. Then set the picture as home screen image. You have to go into options --> Themes and switch your them to BB dimension Icon.. then repeat the steps above in this article to reset the image as the homescreen image.

The theme should be set to BB Dimension Icon. When selected, go to Media and select the picture that you desire, then press menu and then set it as a home screen. This should resolve your problem.

Thanks for the post I followed you step by step and changed my wallpaper in 2 secs. I am 2 days new to BB and I already have a new friend.

Has anyone had a problem with not having a media folder icon on their blackberry?

I cannot figure this out. Any suggestions please?

Hi all,

I appreciate the help with the wallpaper images -- it worked on my phone! But is there any way to keep the images from the AT&T theme with the full picture? I really don't find the images on the BB icon theme as user-friendly and easy to recognize and would like to have a full picture with the at&t images .. any help on this?


Me too! Thanks for all the help! I wish someone would have told me about this website sooner! If anyone does manage a way to keep the AT&T theme with full picutre please let me know. The icons for BB are way to big. Now that I finally have my wallpaper up I can barely see it because of the icons.

Thanks in advance!

When I go to "preloaded pictures" and click on it, it is empty...??? Any ideas what I'm doing wrong. I just got the BB today. I uploaded a ringtone from this site and followed directions on here and it worked perfect. Also, how do I get it to stop vibrating before it rings? Thanks, Cindy

What does this notification icon mean? it is a yellow phone receiver with an X above it. It's not email or text. I can't figure it out.

I cant stand those preloaded pics personally, Ive tried to delete then but I dont see an option to delete on the BB when im viewing them. Gotta hook up to the PC to do it?

I downloaded my first theme ( you know, other than the standard one) and I really like the fonts. I changed the wallpaper on my home menu but is there anyway I can change the wallpaper that pops up when I have an incoming call?...I mean other than the caller id pic

The top and bottom of the screen on the AT&T theme are hard coded to have the cloud image behind them. It's not technically part of the wallpaper, it just matches the cloud wallpaper. If you look carefully, you can see where the image is different.
I agree, that it kinda sucks cause I actually like the AT&T icons but can't use them with any other wallpaper. The trick is to find a theme with icons you like and transparency on the top and bottom border so that any wallpaper you choose will show through.

I found where to go to get the pictures on my phone. But there are no pictures when i try to open my preloaded pictures. Do i need to take it in to where i purchased it at?

I'm kind of new at this
Where can i find themes for my BB Storm for VZW. I am also on a Mac running Tiger.


So, I've got the changing the wallpaper thing down.
My question is and I don't even know if you can do this or not... How do you change the image that comes up with you lock you keyboard?

Just got my 8300 Curve. It came with NO preloaded pictures or ringtones... Is this standard? I'm greatly disappointed... I got online on my pc and found this site. Super! I could download what I needed. However, when I saved a wallpaper attachment I don't know where it went. I opened my pics folder to look for it and found nothing... What do I do now?

When I cahange my wallpaper, it only changes the bottom 2/3 of the screen leaving the top third as Clouds (previous wallpaper). How do I make this change to the entire screen area?

Change your theme per the below.

BB Dimension Icon

Then download your picture, save picture.

Go to

My Pictures
Highlight and Select the picture you want
Set as Home Screen

Exit and enjoy.

Sweet I just downloaded my favorite Welder pic and set it as my wallpaper,this tutorial was easy as pie,thanks man!

Ok... I understand how to change the wallpaper for the home screen! But my new Tour shows an ugly picture of goldfish whenever I lock the device (along with the "owner" information)...and this is not an image I can see whenever the device is unlocked.

Is there any way I can change the picture the Tour shows while it is locked? I've been tearing my hair out trying to figure out how to change it...

Thanks, Jackhmr

When I highlight a picture and press the menu key it gives me

Fit to screen
View actual size
Switch Application

It does not give me the "Set as home screen"

What am I doing wrong?

How do I change the words under the icons to black lettering instead of white? My background image is very light and I can bearly read the letters.

How can I change the menu list to ICON list on 8700g? I can't seem to figure out. I was playing with my BB 8700g earlier and thought of changing to menu list. Now, I can't figure out how to change all my lists into ICONs. Right now, all my item lists are on menu display instead of ICON display.