Win a 2009 Lincoln MKS Courtesy of!

Win a Lincoln!!
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Sep 2008 11:46 am EDT

The watchful eyes of BBCool Doug came across this event going on right now... Thanks to you could win one of a TON of great prizes, including a 2009 Lincoln MKS (thinking back to the Bold's preloaded media I would have hoped for a new M3 Bimmer, but I do LOVE this Lincoln) or a new BlackBerry Smartphone (ten to be won).

Head over to and enter your personal info for your chance to win. GOOD LUCK!!!

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Win a 2009 Lincoln MKS Courtesy of!


Sorry, but that microsoft logo on the upper right of the advertisement gives me the not-so-warm-and-fuzzy feeling...

Don't worry about all the Microsoft stuff, because you will never get to use it. You'll probably spend more time rebooting it from security patches and updates from Microsoft. Either that, it will just constantly display a BSOD.
Let's hope Lincoln didn't tie it into any key components of the the brakes! You'll be trying to stop and it will be trying to send a Debug Report to Microsoft!

Removed battery: Found ESN but no IMEI. Looked under options, status: Found ESN but no IMEI! What gives?

I am unable to fine the number they want for the phone. there is there is an ESN both dec and hex but no IESM number.
So what do you put in? I tried every number I could find on the phone. Any suggestions. the phone is through verizon

I tried both the ESN hex/dec and everything else and no go... thats alot of work filling out all that crap and it doesnt even work...

The info they are asking for is a little too personal. Why do they need your email password? All they need is your email address.

That section is for the creation of your userid and password for the site. They use your email address and a password of your choice (not the same as your email password).

Tried several different times, but site does not recognize my sprint esn numbers. Tells me to please enter a valid imea number. So I guess this contest really isn't for everyone!

I think I would enjoy the Mazda6 more, I trust Mazda more then Ford and yes I know Mazda is owned by Ford but Mazda is still basically on it's own, this is shown by it not have the Sync system in it. And I've heard from a few BBerry users the Bluetooth in the new 6 works amazing! But I do like the look of the Lincon.

I monitor webpages on behalf of Ford and I hope you don't mind me posting here. The confirmation email must have a typo because Lincoln did not manufacture a 2008 version of the MKS. The 2009 MKS is the first model year for this vehicle and it went on sale this summer. Good luck with the contest!

Did anyone notice that only Canadian citizens are required to answer the timed arithmatical question....Now there are two sides to this equation, RIM being a Canadian company, I think we all know what their implying!!!

With all due respect to, what is the point of posting this if we can't enter the contest because no one has the IMEA or what ever it said. Ugh!

so i entered this contest the same day Kevin posted it and i received an email from them today saying that i won something although it wasn't the car or a blackberry its still awesome that i got picked