Rogers BlackBerry Bold Invite - Thursday, August 21st!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Aug 2008 10:37 am EDT

Rogers Invite

Update: Definitely will be this Thursday. Check the PRESS RELEASE! **

Looks like Canadians may just see the BlackBerry Bold on Rogers before this week is through. The invite above spills the details... let's hope this launch party is accompanied with others across the country and signifies the nationwide availablility of the Bold!

We heard the Bold received its final certification by Rogers this past Friday, which typically means it should be available for dealers to order a few days later, and then add another day or two for them to take delivery. So if it is not quite available at all locations by Thursday we won't get too upset, as it should be everywhere soon.

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Rogers BlackBerry Bold Invite - Thursday, August 21st!!


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that's hilarious. thanks, typo fixed. i know how to spell real goodz for the most part eh. i DO make lots of mistakes... but ya know, you're supposed to ignore them - not point them out.

typically more concerned about the content of posts rather than the grammar. we're a blog powered by CrackBerry Addicts, not professional journalistic type ppl. pRoPer PuNctuAtion is of Second ConCern wheN i'm in a rush to get things posted.

But I'll try and do better! Just for you!! :)

Keep Crack'n.

You should have perhaps, thrown some BlackBerry news/sentences in there, as your examples. And I would say "eh?" but they'd just point at that.

"No pricing details have been announced yet, but the Bold is expected to be expensive to operate with pricing similar to Apple's iPhone, also only available in Canada through Rogers."

Uhh yeah...toss a $199.99 price tag and THEN that statement would be true, heck even the $299.99 version would make it true, but at $100 dollars more..slightly less then true.

Can someone buy me one and ship it to the US? I'm tired of waiting and some think that the AT&T Bold will be delayed until Oct.

"The first major new BlackBerry model in more than a year, the Bold is a high-end BlackBerry that has twice the screen resolution of current models made by RIM.

The Bold, or 9000, matches the resolution, but not the size, of the screen on Apple Inc.'s iPhone, which has emerged as a potent competitor in the smart-phone category.

AT&T Inc. says it will be the exclusive U.S. carrier for the Bold, as it is for the iPhone. An AT&T spokesman declined to say Thursday when the company will release it.

But Peter Misek, an analyst with Canaccord Adams, said he expects AT&T to start selling it on Sept. 15 and Rogers Communications in Canada to release it on Aug. 18."

Ref |,2933,405302,00.html

Called it, third week on the dot...what do I win?

What is this, grade school english???....jeez!!

I've been a crack user for last 4 years. And as much as I love blackberries, I'm not paying 400 plus $35 admin fee, plus tax for a blackberry, on a 3 year contract. How is that subsidized? Anyways, on august 15th, when i found out the price was 400, I BOUGHT THE 8GB IPHONE 5 HOURS LATER. NO JOKE. I wanted a 3g phone, and I wasn't paying 400 for a 3g phone. I waited and waited, cancelled my globe and mail, and have had news to read on the train for the last week.

I surely hope, business people are business minded. And realize paying 400 for a phone, that they ultimately want to send/receive emails is ridiculous. ESPECIALLY ON A 3 YR CONTRACT.

Honestly, I have the touch, and know personally how much of a pain it is to type on. BUT, when i actually tried texting on the iphone, it being thicker, i was able to surprisingly type pretty fast on it, on my first attempt. The predictive word correction was amazing. I believe the thinness of the Touch makes it almost impossible to hold while typing. FOR those of you sitting on the fence try out the iPhone. Considering, I'm paying 30/6gb, as much as my voice plan, having a large screen benefits wonders. Don't knock it till you try it. ;)