BlackBerry 9000 Unboxing Video

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 May 2008 04:22 am EDT

It seems the in-depth BlackBerry 9000 Review may just turn into a Series - there's a lot too report back with. With all the excitement I've developed some CrackBerry-induced A.D.D over the last 24 hours... so much so that I forgot I recorded the unboxing! I'll be sure to embed this into Part I of the review, but thought I'd post it up here too for your viewing pleasure. Lots more to come! 



I hate You are the frickin man! How many Blackberries do you own now?


can't wait to see the operation video.
the 9000 UI seems incredible.


When can I get a green crackberry frisbee? :-)


I want that phone! I just got a blackberry pearl last friday & was pumped just getting that one. But, OMG! I want that one even more! >.<


i'm bin waiting for that phone.
where can i get one (unlocked)


i got super anxious waiting to see it being opened


I find the BlackBerry Bold unbelievably exciting! I love the features & how it looks from the videos/pictures I've seen. Will this phone come out for T-Mobile? If not, is there another way to get the Bold for a T-Mobile user?


Im waiting for mine to be delivered, and am really just wondering whether anyone has compared this to the iphone? my company has blackberry as a corp standard, and has hundreds of thousands of them, but we now have a beta group of 1000 doing iphones, with lotus notes access into the corp email. any thoughts?


ok im sorry, but the back of the bold doesnt look to good, now it may be because i havent actually seen one, but from my point of view it looks kinda bad


Its too bad this phone will be EOL now.

I need to find me one.