Photo Space Effects comes to BlackBerry 10 and it's a real sweet photo filter app

By James Richardson on 14 Mar 2013 01:03 pm EDT

We are not short of camera filter style apps on BlackBerry 10, even though the OS is still so young - and in fact with the native photo editing that is present many folk won't bother with third party apps at all. However, I found a right beauty the other day - Photo Space Effects. It's an Android port but seems to work wonderfully well on the BlackBerry Z10. In fact, the app has had over 400,000 downloads on Android so the developers must be doing something right.

Once you launch the app you have the option to either use the BlackBerry camera to take a shot or to jump into your photo gallery to select the image. When you have decided which photograph you wish to alter you can zoom in and out as well as move from side to side - so technically cropping. Then it's onto the fun part. There are three tabs at the base of the display. Effects is first and there are a great selection of filters - many of which I prefer to the likes of Instagram. Then you can choose a picture frame and there are some real beauties here. And then finally you can add text to the photo and position it where you want it. And that's it - just press done and your image is saved to your BlackBerry Photo gallery.

In addition, you can share the image you have sweetened up via Facebook and Gmail. There is also a Instagram tab but sadly we are still waiting for that to make its way to BlackBerry 10.

Photo Space Effects is free to download so go grab it. Go on, do it now! It's real nice.

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Reader comments

Photo Space Effects comes to BlackBerry 10 and it's a real sweet photo filter app


yea occipital was suppose to bring their panoramo app to BB10 and they showed it off on the developer device at BB World last year. It's weird that it has not come yet.

Cut the developer some slack. They could've not given us the app at all. The general public isn't going to care. An app is an app to them and that it works great is all that matters.

Hey James,
You noted that there's an icon for instagram
If you have instagram sideloaded, it will transfer it over :)
Thought I should let everyone know

At the same time though, I do have to say it runs in the background, and keeps grabbing ads. I uninstalled it because it was simplying using data plan :)

Yeah it's alright but you get notifications from it every 5 minutes trying to get you to buy something

Posted via CB10

this app sends me texts saying people want to chat with me, delete and permanently removed from my device. sorry apk2bar site but why do you feel this need to spam my phone? get rid of that bs ad I might redownload it, otherwise its a steer clear for me.

why would you review an Android port instead of some native apps? I remember CrackBerry team promised us to review Build for BlackBerry apps ;) This is definitely not one of them and it's buggy

In other news the GS4 looks like a GS3.5 maybe this is the way of business when your on top already.

I'm an American who loves the underdog story..the underdog is always working hard to show and prove.

The GS4 launch event taught me two things.

Samsung gives the worst presentations and I want a BlackBerry10 even more than I did a few hours ago.