BlackBerry advertising awareness on the rise, iPhone dipping

The BlackBerry Z10's extensive marketing campaign is clearly making progress.

By Simon Sage on 14 Mar 2013 12:10 pm EDT

Recent research by YouGov shows that awareness of BlackBerry's advertising efforts in the U.S. have jumped from 6% in the middle of January to 21% by the end of February. 34% of existing BlackBerry owners that were looking to get a new handset in the next six months were going to stick with BlackBerry. 17% said they were going to switch to iPhone and 31% said they were going to switch to a Samsung device. By comparison, iPhone purchase intent had dropped from 14% to 7%, and ad awareness was down from 44% to 38% between January and March.

Though that may sound rough, at the same time last year, those figures were closer to 30% retention, 34% defection to iPhone, and 12% to Samsung. The data was collected by surveying Americans to see which manufacturer brands they've seen in advertisements recently, and which they would be most likely to purchase from.

BlackBerry ad awareness

Leading up to the U.S. launch of the BlackBerry Z10 next week, marketing is going to play a huge role in generating awareness. Sure, you fine, dedicated CrackBerry readers will know just about every nook and cranny of the device before it gets into your hands, but everyday consumers will likely hear about the Z10 first from a TV spot or a banner. The Keep Moving campaign is really nice and proactive, but even going about daily business in Canada, I'm spotting many more traditional print ads from BlackBerry than I've seen in a long time. 

What about you guys? Have you seen a lot of BlackBerry ads out in the wild? How do you think mainstream awareness is doing for the BlackBerry Z10?


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BlackBerry advertising awareness on the rise, iPhone dipping


I've seen so many different BlackBerry ads in the last few months that it's freaky. They sure have been doing a fine job of creating awareness in all types of media.

BlackBerry is stalking my life..and I like it.

Seriously though, I can't watch a TV show without my ears pricking when I hear, "The new BlackBerry Z10. Keep Moving."

IDK if anyone saw it last night but a new BB10 ad aired on CNN around 11.30 pm was really nice. Now i think i see what their marketing plan is, start airing ads after the major US carriers announce their launch dates. Hopefully Tmobile will announce something soon too, tired of this long wait.

I'm in the Wasington, DC area. I'm the only person I know with a Z10 and I've seen non in the wild. That isn't too surprising as they are not yet sold here. Almost no one in my sphere of influence cares about the new BlackBerry phone. Finally, I've neither seen nor heard any advertising since the Super Bowl. I work with IT techs , non of them know the AT&T and Verizon pre-orders opened.

I'm very open minded when i read posts, but when i got to the part "I work with IT techs, non of them know the AT&T and Verizon pre-orders opened"... I didn't know what to think.

I'm not too interested in any phones or pre-orders from AT&T or Verizon, but because i work in IT i know that pre-orders are on because i read technology news.

Maybe you guys are just busy... keep up the good work.

I've seen several full page spreads in the Wall Street Journal... its nice, except I wish they were for the Q10 already!

I hope those interactive Blackberry vans make their way to the US. I have yet to see any ads :( on tv, posters and such in carrier stores will be great to advertise as well.

I am not sure if I am reading the numbers right but it looks to me that the big news of this study is the huge shift in consumer preference between Apple and Samsung. The numbers are almost reversed. There is still about the same number of people leaving the BlackBerry platform for others. Let's hope the just launched marketing campaign turns things around. For the time being though Samsung is the big winner in consumer mind share, at least according to this study of buying intentions.

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Yeah, let's hope the marketing campaign helps, but it's no guarantee. I've seen countless clectronic billboards with blazing neon pink and blue backgrounds advertising the Windows Phone. Very pretty and attractive colors to attract you to read the billboard, but that does not mean people are buying the phone. The TV show "Gossip Girl" switched to Windows phones in their final season as publicity. But they still not have dented the the Apple/Samsung fortress at all.

I'm anxious to see the sales number of the BlackBerry phones here in the US.

I'm seeing a huge Blackberry advertising presence in Montreal. Billboards, posters, TV commercials, 'brought to you buy' TV spots, etc. I even saw the Blackberry van patrolling around the downtown streets a few weeks ago.


i really hope that the adverts are as great in the rest in canada as it is here in Montreal. like you mentioned, they really use all available media to advertise the Z10 : i eared this radio ad to win a z10 on virgin radio Montreal this morning, than before living home i saw another one on radio Canada (the french Canadian broadcast television) again , in the metro i was reading a news paper and their were several adds in there as well. if its really like that all over the country, than i promise everyone will know about this phone in a few weeks.

To those of you on T-Mo I think this may have been part of their marketing strategy to prolong the excitement and prevent the BB10 launch from being just a flash in the pan soon forgotten.

Consider this: long-awaited launch on Jan 30, slight delay till variously-spaced international launches, then slight delay till US launch separated into att launch, then vzw launch, then tmo launch . . the I'd bet after a slight delay there will be the various Q10 launches, then followed by another device launch and/or possible playbook bb10 update.

If they had just dumped the truck Jan 30 and/or launched everywhere at once there would be a chance that it could have gotten lost after htc/samsung/other product launches, as it is the excitement and anticipation keeps growing . .

so take heart, you may be part of the master plan ;)


Keeping their name in the news weekly with the staggered launches. And it's worked even better since most of the launches have been considered more "successful" than not, so far. So it's not just constant news, it's constant good news, and that's the type of stuff that helps change perception.

Looks like Samsung's billion-dollar advertising budget is working. Does anybody know BlackBerry's 2013 advertising & promotion budget?

I saw two commercials for the z10 today while watching a tv show online. I love it! It the only time other then the superbowl I can remember seeing a commercial. This is a very good sign

I heard last year Samsung spent 400+ million on advertising and Apple spent 300+ million. BlackBerry should at least spend 300+ M in my opinion. I have not saw a commercial yet, other than the super bowl. It should be a barrage of commercials these next few months to get even more attention. Other than BB fans, no one else cared about the SB ad and it was too far in advance and a waste of money, even though they have it to waste

Seen a bunch of z10 ads in print and on TV I think they should get a billboard on the Gardner or other high vis areas ie Times Square.

CB10- z10

There is a large billboard on a building in downtown Calgary. When my daughter's 11 year old friend saw it yesterday she say, "hey, that is the phone your Mom has". People are starting to mention seeing TV Commercials. Keep Moving!

I've seen nothing in the USA yet...I know there's been a few commercials this week, but with the launch dates now confirmed, I'd have expected a blitz of a campaign, especially if one of these US carriers is on the hook for a million units.

Kevin, sounds like a good plan but is it executable? we need to have everything and everyone on our side to accomplish that. we need to have major apps that appeal not just to business people but also to teenagers. for BB10 to succeed we need to be able to attract college and high school kids as they are the ones who can market the phone better. if a college or high school kid loves his/her BB10 device and it has all the apps needed, trust them to try to get their friends on it too. look at IOS and Andriod phones, asides from the big $$$ spent, word of mouth ad has gone a long way for them too. My friends are stil trying to get me to dump both my bbs but i will be getting both the Z10 and Q10 to show them whats special about BB10.

Well... in this case I was just the idea guy. Didn't think about execution.

I don't think you'll ever get NYC to lose the Big Apple name. Ppl would get angry. But I'm sure there's some fun to  be had here one way or another :)

Hahaha, wow, great idea! =D

As long as it's not renamed "the big sugary soda" you should have a chance ;)

Hi Kevin is that the reason why CrackBerry HQ is moving to NYC?? Let's turn everyone into crackberry addicts ;)

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Kevin: Have you heard anything about delays on your phone? Since it has been postponed for almost 3 weeks in Norway?

Other then 5 of my friends that have the z10, haven't seen them in person yet but I have yet to see a Z10 in the wild. I live in Cambridge, ON and work in Mississauga.

In my office they don't support BB's, they are an iPhone shop and now allow Androids. Use Airwatch as the MDM client. I have reached out to Airwatch to see when they will support BB10. Hopefully I can use my device at work.

Still coming across people saying they will never go back because my phone will start freezing soon. Try to explain new software but iPhone peeps be hatin lol

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I was in Brazil recently - saw a Z10 in the restaurant (person sitting near to me).
I pointed at mine and asked where he got his. He was from Canada, too.

Small world.

Haven't seen one in the wild yet but have been using my white z10 in NYC. Most of my work involves photography or video so use my phone to show examples, etc. I can't count how many times someone would stop me mid sentence and "that's a blackberry?" which happens about 30 seconds after they look at the screen and then notice the subtle branding on the bottom. It is then followed by excitement and generally playing with the phone and loving it.

I think the success of the platform will be really influenced by people actually seeing it in the wild and becoming accustomed to it more than by advertising. The goal is to break of the stigma created by older devices and the only way to do that is to see the phone running smoothly and perfectly.

"[breaking] the stigma created by older devices"

I could not possibly agree with this statement more. In my opinion, that is BB's single greatest obstacle, and the only thing I feel could stand in their way with BB10. Problem is, EVERYBODY knows of BB; the BB of old. When I mention BB to people they refer to it as a dinosaur, because NOBODY is aware that BB has completely rebuilt their OS from the ground up (except for people like us). The only ad I saw (Super Bowl) did not make it clear (I think) to a layperson that BB is completely, completely different now. I almost feel that BB advertisement needs to make fun of their own legacy devices (no disrespect to people who own one), to draw attention to their brand new, modern OS. "Remember BB? Well, scratch that! BB has completely reinvented itself from the ground up, with a completely, brand new, modern OS!" Then cite a few rave reviews. At least people might change their mindset and be willing to pay attention. Otherwise, they'll just ignore it thinking it's more of the same old... I really believe they need to emphasize *an all new BB experience - RE-built from the ground up*, or people will largely dismiss it. I teach at an American University, and none of my students seem to be aware that BB has a brand new OS.

I've seen plenty of advertisements and I'm sure plenty of people are aware of BB10 but I don't know how many people actually know anything about the devices or OS itself. The most important thing is going to be getting the actual phone into peoples hands so they can say for themselves "Yes, this is different from iOS/Android and I like it... a lot... take my money."

Definitely seeing BlackBerry advertising everywhere in Vancouver... at bus stops, on busses, at airports (demo booths at Vancouver and Toronto), large wall-sized billboards at airports in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, on AirCanada boarding passes, newspapers, websites... everyday, I see something about Z10.

I get the Globe and Mail everyday at my desk, and for the last month and a half there has been one full size or at least half page size ad EVERY DAY.
Some days the ads are BlackBerry only and others are from the carriers with a huge picture of the Z10 on them. You can tell there has been an excellent team work between the carriers and BlackBerry.

hardly any advertising in the US at all and the first launch is 3/22 !!! maybe the ads will start a week in advance? 3/15?

This is the first post of a comment since I got my Z10. I like the new website guys! Anyway, I can Honestly say I am proud to see such good advertising and consistent advertising of a platform that is really better than the others. I was embarrassed by one ad last year(or maybe two years ago) with the rock and roll and Parrots. What I have also en has been what I was hoping for. No Apple condescending stuff, no Samsung goof off stuff, more 'The BlackBerry is your Partner'!

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Last night at around 11pm I saw the TV Just Keep Moving ad for the first time. Nice. That is the first real BlackBerry ad I have seen in a long, long time. Not only Keep It Moving, but Keep It Coming, BlackBerry!n

There's will be a Battle when S IV going to the market at the same time. I hope the best for Blackberry Z10 can do.. Remember this is the place where's Apple born and every corners occupied by Sammy. But Nothing is impossible. God bless America !

Here in Montréal the ads are crazy downtown, in malls, everywhere . Every tech store I step into, their ad is posted. Walmart spams it. I go on YouTube and the blackberry Z10 ad just decides to play for itself while I watch my videos. Very bold haha.

But they have been very good so far and based on that graph, sales will continue to rise when people become more aware if the device. Heck even we as Z10 owners are doing marketing, but for free :/

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I think Mr. Heins should treat us all ice creams for our hard work and efforts in showing people how great the new BB Z10 are =)

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Great to see BlackBerry sponsoring the Mercedes F1 team, this is a promising partnership.

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i live in alberta, but yes every where i look i see bbz10 adds..lots on tv on the interweb... lots and lots of adds...bbery is doing its work in overdrive to get the word out on the new phone...

lots of bell adds promoting the z10. i would say its all positive. futureshop cell mag for this month as a big write up on the z10....

I've seen a few, more in print than on television but I'm a walking billboard myself always find a chance to slip in a Z10 comment to friends & family

I'm happy that BlackBerry is selling device but this article is misleading. What are the numbers for last year? The only percentage that should be accounted for is the difference between the drop of last year compared to this year. If you wanted to get technical you may want to compare the trend of the last 3 years. Also other factors are in place outside of what is mentioned in this article. Your better than this CrackBerry.

Here in upstate NY I haven't seen many ads but I did pick up a Sunday NY Times on March 3 and there was a full-page BlackBerry ad on page 7 featuring the Hub. I don't pick up the Times every Sunday but I would be very surprised if they didn't have an ad in last Sunday's paper also, as well as in daily editions. Otherwise, I have just been a few small ads here and there. I hope to see many more as we get closer to the carriers' releases.

I see plenty of BlackBerry banner ads on my BlackBerry browser on my BlackBerry phone (9810). You had me at BlackBerry.

Definitely the Marketing team is doing their job with Blackberry. That was something that they guarded down in previous release. And Marketing is the Key, otherwise ask Apple. They have been able to promote their products even thought it doesn't worth it and people anyways go and buy them.

I have seen plenty of advertisements online and on magazines. I personally make sure everyone sees my phone.

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Z10 advertising is everywhere where I live. I hope it's not just in Canada but in the US as well

i feel like they need to increase the marketing a bit....i live in NYC and I stil havent seen a commercial on TV, nor have I seen any prints, ads. I have seen a few online banners though

Nuthin but the super bowl add & YouTube ads here in NJ unless I'm missing it... got a email from Verizon today promoting it

Bldshd 189

I like that idea. I'd rock a BB, Z10 or #TeamBlackBerry sticker for the cause. When my Z10 comes in I'll be waving that baby around like a BB flag. ;-)

Did anyone see this week's promo on ABC for Last Man Standing? Tim Allen's character was holding a black Z10. Sweet!

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Unfortunately where i live is all about Iphones and S3.

People are not willing to give it a chance.

Sometimes i am asked if my z10 is a torch...

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In Canada, like many of you said we see a lot of adds. For the US folks, the adds should start soon. In Canada, they started as soon has the BB10 became available in stores not before. I truly love my Z10, it's light years ahead of my old BlackBerry Torch 9800. I was worry about not having a physical keyboard, but the BlackBerry 10 keyboard work extremely well. Won't change for a Q10.

I'm a Canadian z10 user and previous iPhone and Samsung user too. And the z10 is by far the best phone to date. Just needs more apps but they are coming.

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I live in the Chicago, IL area and the only ad I have seen was the Super Bowl ad. Just the same, I pre-ordered my white Z10 with Verizon today. I have a business account and the phone is to be mailed to me. Until yesterday, I didn't think I would see a phone until May. Perhaps, I'll get lucky and see the phone prior to the scheduled March 28.

I hope that CB reposts a lot of the Z10 articles once the US launch arrives. All of the articles have been nice to see but, if you don't have one yet, it's almost a waste. The future of BB is reliant on the success of BB10 in the US question about it. Hopefully Kevin and the gang are listening.

Not sure if people are aware, but the new Samsung G4 seems to have copied BlackBerry's HUB which they call the Samsung Hub. I think this alone will be a threat to BB10.
The iPhone should continue to lose market share as soon as word of mouth gets aggressive with very happy Z10 owners. Seems Samsung has an issue on innovating and so they resort to copying the competition.

I think that the choice Blackberry made in delaying the launch in the States was brilliant. This is key, the USA is key for a successful launch. They chose to roll out in proven markets, primarily Britain and Canada, worked out initial bugs, not many, but critical to a successful launch. Buzz in the States among existing users has grown...they will not be disappointed. I believe in general that BB attracts the more reserved, intelligent cross section of the population and at this point traction is there....a month ago, I was not sure, now I am.

Like other U.S. posters, I have not seen any advertisements in print, radio or TV other than the Super Bowl ad - and I watch way too much TV. Maybe I'm on the wrong channels. I am seeing plenty of iCommercials, and now, a ton of S4 ads. I would love to see Blackberry make a big splash during the coverage of the NCAA tournament ("Marchberry Madness").