Hands on with Whatsapp for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 14 Mar 2013 05:22 am EDT

It feels that it's been a long wait for Whatsapp to arrive for BlackBerry 10 - but now that it's in BlackBerry World I'm so stoked. I've been longing for this day since BlackBerry 10 launched as I'm afraid to say I still have friends using the iPhone and Android - I'm sure they will see sense soon!

Whatsapp is running like a dream for me. I did have some battery issues initially, which may have been due to the app, but luckily an update was pushed out pretty swiftly which I presume will address that  - I shall update my findings in the comments.

So, above you will see what the application looks like on BlackBerry 10. If you have been considering the move to BlackBerry but couldn't live without Whatsapp you now don't have to worry. For me, Whatsapp is the perfect way to communicate with my friends on other smartphone platforms.

If you have picked up the BlackBerry Z10 you NEED to download Whatsapp - It rocks!

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Hands on with Whatsapp for BlackBerry 10


A few questions here:
I would like to see what happens when you close the active frame and someone writes to you.. does it show in the hub? does something pop up? Does the BB spark show on top of the app?? At least we know the LED works, but then - first thing you would go to is the HUB, if whatsapp is not integrated, that means i would have to go open the app and see who wrote?? Anything?.... Anyone? .. Helloo.. ooo.. oooo .. ooo :)

If you close the active frame, you'll receive a notification in your hub with the direct link... I tried and it works perfectly !! :o)

Clicked on the link and it says it's unavailable for this device (Z10) , can't find it in BBW either?

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I would be realy nice if it was tested before it was released, many Z10 users are having installation errors after the Download. Me running can download, but wont install.

Can't see the video on my Bold 9780. Can't see any video on the new crackberry mobile site. Can anyone help pls. BLACKBERRY BABY.

haha we know Bla!ze's phone number now lol

I'm having contact list issues, where someone new for me on whatsapp has msgd me, I know the person, and they are in my contact list, but not showing up in my whatsapp contact list. very frustrating

Or try 001 this is if it's a north American number. But basically just attach the prefix and see.

Why some have notification in their hub and some don't? Like myself I do not have it in my hub. What can I do?

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Or you could try refreshing the hub by swiping five times from the upper right hand corner towards the center of the phone while in the hub.

I downloaded yesterday and of course started using it right away, everything goes perfect.
I gotta say I'm one happy kid again.

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I'm having quite some issues too :/ Update fixed some of them but still not sure if they didn't release it a bit too soon.... My battery seems to be draining too...

Would be nice to see the Hub notifications as well! And how seamless the conversation opens from there without having to go to the app!

It has hub notification, you don't need to go to the app itself

BUT, you can't compose a msg from hub, you have to go to app, but when you have a conversation going, it's in the hub

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I know that. I was talking about the Hub notifications being shown in the video. I was actually more excited to see that than the app itself!

cant find on BB world and when i try to browse provided link via pc it says item not available
my OS is and fone is STL-001 :( waiting to download it since launched and still waiting
any solution please?

Doesn't work on and lower... update your os first... had the same problem...its working now!:D

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how do we update if the carrier dosnt push the update.
Stupid Stupid move from BB, their sud be a direct link for OS updates !!

Have you tried it? From what I've read in the forums, you receive a notification in the Hub. You won't see any app other than the ones developed by BBRY with full Hub integration until the API that enables developers to fully integrate with the Hub is released.

Well I do not own a Z10 and I did not know that the api is not released yet. So I am sorry for the wrong posting, however that the api is not out only means that they will most likely never integrate it fully into hub now, why should they. This not releasing the API beforehand is exactly the same that happened with webOS synergy, no messaging services used it because they all brought their own clients out.

Well, WhatsApp committed themselves to make the best of it with the tools they had. They're also bringing out updates for BBOS pretty often. So based on that, I'm positive that WhatsApp will enhance the experience of their app by adding full Hub integration. Think about it, if they wanted to choose the easy way, they could've ported their Android app, but they didn't.

And you don't have to say sorry. You didn't know something and I filled you in. That's it :)

I will definitely NOT use it and refuse to use it. That application is a security nightmare and the company seems to believe in security through obscurity...

I might as well send private letters on postcards - possibly more secure than that application.

(And yes, I have refused getting that application, there are emails, SMS, there is BBM and the good old phone call - more than enough to reach a person.)

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read the comments in the article about permissions. Devs don't have much of an option. Whatsapp needs access to your contact list, and messages (because everything is integrated in the hub) and your media because you can send pics.

The devs aren't given much option choices to drill down to specific. SO chill out!!

It is nothing to do with that. Whatsapp itself is inherently insecure because the security model is based on using your phone's IMEI number (I believe).

nope, it is based on your phone number. As soon as I signed in, it said I had 4 days left before I had to pay, because I signed up for whatsapp on my bold 9900 last year on march 17th or something lol.

I have read that the Canadian government has not been pleased with the security issues on the WhatsApp app. I don't believe these issues have been addressed. I'll try and locate the article.

The Item is not available for your selected Device. (EC )

on z10 STL 100-2

not getting the os updates as well :(


Full hub integration will not be there until BBRY releases the tools to developers to do so! It's not a WhatsApp things, it's a BBRY thing!

Imo all tools devs need are available to them. Not all apps will have hub integration. WhatsApp is not a social network like Twitter.

But it's a fact that full Hub integration isn't possible yet, simply because the current tools don't allow it. If you can't do something, you just can't do it.

What Os version do we need for whatsapp.
As my carrier just pushed an update to version but still can't get whatsapp.

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Weird man! I've seen version on different sites. It looks like this one is the latest, but I could be wrong. Maybe someone with a Z10 and the latest OS version could enlighten!

I'm on model STL 100-1 with like yours.
I just had the os update pushed after my first activation with the phone (just got my Z10 on 17 March 2013 - BBZ10 Indonesia Grand Launching), and I could tell you that whatsapp is working fine here mate.

Good, one less app for people to whine about. Anyway, it looks pretty sweet. I tried Whatsapp with my previous BB, and I didn't see much of a difference from just texting, so in my eyes, not a must-have app for me.

Having said that, HUGE kudos to Whatsapp Inc. for showing real support and care to their customers on BB by creating a native app through Cascades, as it looks and seems to flow beautifully. I'm glad to see they didn't take the easy and lazy way out that Instagram and others are taking by just porting.

The fact that there was an update already means they are on top of their stuff and they have earned huge respect from this non-user... I might even check it out now. Well done.

Am unable to start a conversation with my contacts.

Unable to edit / add contacts to group.

Unable to access whatsapp from the hub.

What's going on?

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Yes, to the extent that you can receive a notification in the Hub and open your conversation from there. But WhatsApp doesn't have his own tab (or whatever it's called) that presents all active conversations in the Hub. That's full integration.

I won't use it if it has battery issues. That was the main reason for me getting rid of the original version on my Torch.
Also I am in the UK and I can download it from last night.

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application not available for my Z10.
what a joke.
cant see how Blackberry plan to make a come back when even after a 10 month delay their system still has major issues !!!
seriously considering selling this Z10 that i paid twice the market price to get !!!

It works here! You can also try googling the following: "how to get latest blackberry 10 software for your z10 even if your carrier hasn't pushed out" and click on the first hit!

yes, sorry, its working for me now too.
i tried both the procedures, checkin for OS update over the web and also thru Blackberry link. (with a sim card & without)
currently im running
everytime i check, im prompted that there is an update available to install and when i click update it continues to download n install all over again on my device.
did this like 10 time in the past 5 hours. still no luck.
cant get my OS to update, the carrier says they dont know anything about n update :)
so i guess its not meant to be !!

It worked in the end right? You got now? Did you try to update again? Maybe it will now update to, which is the latest of the latest (if I'm not wrong).

Yes I did get the update. Now running OS
But no I still can't get whatsapp :(
Tried restarting my phone a couple of times, still no luck.

Yes !!!! i finally got whatsapp, running, it just needed some time i guess.
but i major problem, since i upgraded to, my BBM only works on WIFI, everything else works fine on my data plan, just BBM not working? any thought ????

my thoughts exactly, if i only knew i would have given it a couple of months and the price would have crashed anyway.

Second thing. If you wanna big mouth here, get your facts straight. People like Cisco Heerden (which is a friggin' cool name btw!) will eat you up and spit you out!

Well, you start with saying that the app is not available for your Z10. You blame that on "major issues" of "their system", which it isn't. It's your carrier that hasn't pushed the update yet. If it was a BBRY thing, no one would have an update.

You also speak of a 10 month delay, while BB10 was announced in Q4 2012, but then was rescheduled for Q1 2013, which is still running at this moment.

If you wanna sell it, go ahead, but do it for the right reasons.


Your own fault for paying so much. No one told you to pay twice the market price.

And I haven't had any battery issues but I am having trouble going into the app straight from the hub.

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Apple is the only company that was able to dictate that they will push OS updates. Probably threw money at the carriers and the carriers can't balls up to say otherwise... Carrier updates has always been the mainstream throughout the years, and unless you have an ios product or a Google Nexus, carriers have final say.

My WhatsApp has only synced 6 contacts and these are contacts I've texted before. The rest of my contacts (ones saved under Facebook and Twitter contacts) do not sync on WhatsApp like they do on I phones. Anyone else having this problem? Helppp!!

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Just a quick question, why can't BlackBerry release their OS update OTA like what Apple usually do? Once the new OS update is pushed out by Apple and all the users can just get it, regardless of which carrier they are on. Anyone?

Because Apple is the only company that dictated that All carriers have to comply with the Apples OS updates otherwise you don't sell Apple products. For some reason, carriers are too chicken to fight back because they are afraid to lose their precious apple products.

In the end, users don't have any issues because the providers take that extra step. I kind of digg that!

Can't seem to download still:( my os is and STL100-1
Link still says not available on my device and I have been on it since yesterday :( please I really do need help urgently

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I must say that I am very happy with it. Downloaded and installed without any problems. Received messages even when the app is closed. Got a notification in the hub, and replied to the messages straight from the hub without having to open the app. That's full integration for me. It just shows up with the generic bell icon for notifications instead of a whatsapp icon. And the conversations stay in the hub, just like bbm and others. For the time being, the notifications section in the hub is my whatsapp "Hub".

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WTH man, I still can't download it, says not available for my device
It should already be available right,?

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This is great! I use this app religiously. Messaging apps are better than regular texting, more features, group chats, faster, and it uses data over wifi. I have bad reception in my office but am able to use this over wifi. And since most of my friends use WhatsApp, I use less text and was able to bump down my text messaging plan from unlimited which saves me $120/yr.

The "one less app to whine about" comments are annoying, big apps like this is what consumers look for especially when it comes to making a decision on which phone to choose.

Instagram, Skype, and Netflix native apps will push this phone even further! !

Z10STL100-2/ you can't download something you can't find in bbw will just have to hope EE role out the update for OS ASAP. The link thru cb says unavailable for device. Restarting your fone won't change that.

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How's he an idiot if BlackBerry decide to roll out an app on blackberry world that requires an OS update to run or that fails to install on certain versions of 10.0.10.x? Don't slam others when you're in the wrong yourself! He has every right to be frustrated...

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How do you know everything you stated is fact.
BlackBerry have released the Os update so why shouldn't they release the app.
Again the blame lies with the carriers not the product.
But I guess it's easier to moan about blackberry then to contact your carrier and actually talk to the people responsible

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Could someone tell him why I would want this app if I already get unlimited texts. When I'm in Europe is it free to text back to the UK? Is it free to send pictures?

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Yes it is free to send pictures, videos, and voice notes.
It is also good for situations where you have bad signal but have wifi connection.

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Its free to text back, its free to send pix, its free to send videos, its free to send voicenotes and the app is free to download.

Plus...its similar to BBM but cross platform.

Nuff said

The app is pretty cool but i was a bit disappointed. I was expecting the native app will fully integrates with the Blackberry Hub but it doesn't. If you will try to create a msg from the Hub it will give you an option to choose between BBM, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn , email and SMS and whatsapp is not there!!! It will be perfect if they will release an update soon to fix this thing.
But all in all i like the app. Thanks to BB and Whatsapp.

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BBRY hasn't released the tools for developers to integrate apps in the Hub like the BBM, FB etc are, so it's not WhatsApp's fault.

They NEED TO DO this with Skype, Oovoo, Instagram, Kik Messenger and all that..just because thats what people like...is a MUST! and Photo Apps like Camera+ and LensLight. Be sure it works on actual BB10 Version by the way!

I got mine last night on the bus ride home. Missed my stop and ended up having to walk home in the pouring rain LOL. It was soo worth it though to get the app LOL. I say we all mass spam Bl1ze LOL

Working perfect and now I am running 2 whatsApp in my BlackBerry hahaha both have different no's....

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Whatsapp is still saying not available on this device, I'm using bbz10 and I'm here in London. Why is it talk so long???

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Had no issues whatsoever with the first d/l of Whatsapp, no battery issues or problems at all. Noticed an update at night, updated it, still no issues. My battery lasts 2 days on a charge with moderate use. Thank goodness for a native Whatsapp! The only way I talk to my family in Holland (save from Skype.....c'mon devs!)

Os version and its "unavailable for this device"
Same thing happens with jetpack joyride
No reason yo keep blaming carrier since its the latest update (i think)
So thank you blackberry <3

I found out is the latest version that carriers have been rolling out. Looks like you need a higher OS version to install WhatsApp than you currently have!

Well I'm not sure if my battery issue was the app or not but since installing the update this morning all is good. A happy James.

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Can anyone answer me on this. If I refuse to grant whatsapp permission to access my contacts, media card and all,will that stop me from seeing g my contacts and sending media to contacts after installing the app? Cos I just updated it and can't find all my contacts again. I don't see why they need to access all these stuff. Wasn't always this difficult on BBOS

Even on the old bb's it still needed access to your contact list etc. Don't know if it will work if you deny it permission to your contacts, give it a try and report back.

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Well yeah I know it always requested to connect to BBM. But I never got a request for accessing certain stuff, prob other than my contacts. I granted it permission and got my contacts back after a refresh, took a few min though. Now turned off but my list remains intact and I did send a photo from my media card and it went through so I guess....it would remain that way. I just hope all these little uncertainties get sorted. I know that on every reboot, something funny crops up. Lol.

I downloaded it last night here in the UK. I'm on the latest update as my phone is unlocked, did it via a voda sim.

One issue I'm finding with whatsapp is that every so often my fave list will show up with 3 or 4 contacts when I know I have over 30 contacts that use whatsapp. Then it disappears until I do a refresh of contacts then it will being them back again. But after an hour or so they will disappear and only show up as numbers.

The app is a bit buggy in that respect but hopefully an update will fix that issue along with the proper hub integration. As of yet I haven't received any updates for it, been checking every hour or so on BlackBerry world but nothing yet.

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Go to settings ----> security and privacy ----> applications permission and edit it and refresh the app and i will work

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Installed it this morning and was super excited till I found that it did not sync like on my BlackBerry 9790 :( hope an update come out soon to fix this bug

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Despite whose fault is that, it is not suppose to happen. And not only with whatsapp, all social apps and networks should be granted integration with BB Hub otherwise the Hub will be useless in my opinion.

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I'm thankful that we finally got this application but I'm not satisfied. I wish to create conversations right from the hub and that the group chats have different colours. The UI should be more like the BBM this one looks like the Android version

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Happy its available finally, but can't help thinking it's a really lazy, bare bones kinda job. No specific notification a la BBM or Facebook. And the UI seems really bland. Only my opinion but at least it's here and we can look forward to some updates.

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Lots of contact problems etc.. funny that I waited for official program and didn't load open what's app because I thought there might be too many bugs. Ahh well z at least we know as op said there will be updates,.....

Z10 Flavour since 12.2.13

Wtf man still nothing, so your telling me if my carrier doesn't send an update I can't get this........thats a bit lame

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my point exactly !!!
what if the carrier decides to sleep on the update for a couple of months ?? or skip it altogether !!!

I just get an error saying "Not available for this Device". I also am not able to get the latest OS update As my carrier hasn't pushed it out yet. Could this be the cause of the error?

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Downloaded and used it right away. Good so far BUT I think it duplicated my contact list :(

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I hadn't contact issues too which revolved on restarting and reinstalling the app
Now it doesn't seem to work on wifi.
Was better off with open WhatsApp!

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Ppl, if it doesn't work properly, delete the app, restart your phone, and go install it again, it should work perfectly after that.
Worked for me and like 10 ppl who I have gotten to do this.

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Am starting to hate my z10 because of being unable to download whatsapp, i really fed up with OS issue and other problem, am about to say Goodbye BlackBerry!!! Welcome back iphone

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T-Mobile orange EE UK have released a software update from 10.0.9.* to

After that update u are able to download what's app messenger.

Downloaded no problems with installations and found my groups from other fone.

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Checked to see if an O.S update was available on EE and it was so once upgraded whatsapp appeared in BBW.... thanks for the help guys.

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To all the idiots complaining and blaming BlackBerry the first thing you need to do it read the full thread, sounds like if you don't have the latest OS you're going to have issues. Blame your carrier. No different than those on Android. Those that want to go back to iPhone, see ya later, enjoy your archaic OS.

So does this native whats app still have the 99 cents yearly fee? Just wondering. Hows the east coast bla!ze =).....

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Yes going back to some ancient phone like the iphone just because of one app is just plain dumb
But my point is what if the carrier doesn't send out the update or desides to send it out in 6 months ??? ,seems a bit harsh for the user
I can't imagine a update getting in the way of an app I mean gtalk works its also a messenger type app, and there are a bunch of similar apps working, I mean I can't even see it in app world
I love my z10 and i am not switching over for something as lame as an app, it just seems a bit lame

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Does anyone know how to log out on whatsapp or at least stop it from syncing all my contacts?

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@goleafs so everyone is an idiot because people are annoyed! BlackBerry releases an app that can't be installed because they don't have the correct OS. In my opinion BlackBerry shouldn't have released Whatsapp until they were certain that it would work on all available OS. People stuck on 10.0.9.x should be allowed to run it, plain and simple unless there is a good reason for it. However I'm sure that there isn't that many code changes between the 2 releases. Both carrier and BlackBerry are at fault here so get off your high horse and chill!

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It simple amazes me the mentality of people. Last week they were all clamouring for the release of the WhatsApp; so out it comes for a device 40 days in new release and whoa they all have issues. It's like waiting for a birth of a child but expecting a teenager about to graduate.
If you don't like, then don't install it or remove it. If it is not for you, so be it. But quit the belly aching childish stomping as it serves no good.
The release is not perfect, but I hardly find it necessary to bash or complain to the degree that I scan through here as it is more than I had last week or even a few days ago. I expect changes, fixes, updates and just like the new phone, things can only improve.

Then the guys that already have the latest Os needs to wait for the others who doesn't... I don't think so. thx BlackBerry for lancing as soon as posible!!! Big ups

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Again....lame, at least make the update available to everyone
And no, I won't switch phones because of a simple app, just sucks a bit

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Totally lame indeed, the updated OS# is for fun nothing changed in the code that may be REQUIRED for the native whatsApp... /sarcasm.

They should also have waited for US carrier testing before releasing the phone in Canada. According to the same logic.

Keep calm and carry on.

Why haven't they made whatsapp for those whose carriers have not pushed out the new os update.

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BlackBerry or the developers can't control what carriers do. It's not Blackberrys fault if carriers don't push out the updates blackberry have provided them. It's up to carriers whether you get the update or not. Take your issue up with them.

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Well, half the problems with what's app could have been circumvented by having OS updates not pushed by carriers but by Bury itself....z thus might become a problem with other apps as well. Too any different types of blackberry models with different hardware for regions and different carrier os....

Z10 Flavour since 12.2.13

Wow, this thread is painful to read. So many people not reading the other posts before they whine and complain. Painful. This is a brand new OS folks. It won't be perfect and the little problems will be worked out. Just breathe for crying out loud.

Not giving fault to BlackBerry, again, I love the Z10 and am not planning to switch to any device
But I feel someone should have thought this out better
It's easy to say "Take it up with the carrier "
But it shouldn't be that way
Just saying
Maybe BlackBerry could setup a page on their website with the updates needed?
Or something

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Hey guys,

Has anyone found a way to send sms invites to non what's app users? Trying to get some folks on board here but when I got to contacts and click on them nothing happens.

Any ideas?

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I'm in the same boat - have sent their support a message about it. They have acknowledged with a ticket #...

they updated the app last night....performs much better now. initially i wasn't getting notified everytime i had a message. but that's resolved after the first update.

Most of my whatsapp contacts are just showing a display pic and no display name. I already have these contacts saved in my device with the proper number format too. Back in my Curve, I'd see these contacts' display pics and names, no problem.

I tried then to save the contact in whatsapp, so I can get a proper display name instead of just a phone number showing up everytime. But there is no option to do so either.

So, is anyone having this issue??

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So far so good... Having one issue, the "notification" icon in Peek still shows after I open the message. Will reboot to see if this corrects it. Otherwise, good looking app and works fine.

Hello BlackBerry, please release the API to developers for them to integrate their apps into BlackBerry Hub! The notifications totally caught me by surprise, NO WHATSAPP ICON? AND JUST A BELL ICON?

If that's the case, so what if i got notifications from more than one third-party apps? Am I supposed to guess whether the notifications are from apps A, B or even C,D,E,F (since they only show up as bell icon)? That makes no sense at all and it kinda contradicts the purpose of having "notification", since i have to guess where this bell-icon-looking notification came from.

To be honest, i'm kinda disappointed by this handicapped notification system.

but correct me if i'm wrong but it's only a free trial :S. was it like that on the old blackberry app....

was always 1 year, then 1 dollar. awesome deal if you ask me, worked nice on older berrys, just have to get it right on the bb10 and id happily pay 5$, have paid more for crappier apps i seldom use (eg playbook apps just for the sake to have some on it ....)

a few issues that's for sure

first - i have no contacts - since my contacts are pulled from work exchange i am assuming it's permission issue

second - here is a good one

i installed whats app at the same time as my wife on her z10 - we both had it installed on our old blackberries - get this.... i got 11 months free - she got free lifetime.... interesting .....

No problems here. Vodafone UK on latest is here. Have you got the update for what's app?

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Hi guys,
just a few comments
1. I was unable to DL until I got the (STL100-2 / Unlocked / France) - (BTW, Updated OTA, thanks to a Pay&Go O2 SIM I got when I was in transit at Heathrow)
2. My contacts went threw
3. Notifications does not seem to pop in the hub (but had no call after I restarted the Z)
4. OMG, I'm gonna chat with the iPeople now :D ?

WhatsApp support has just told me that the missing "Tell a Friend" feature" will be coming in an update - but no timeline....

Whats up basically took my last 20 calls and texts and made them my favs and I can't edit the fav list. and feedback on this one ?

Can anybody tell me minimum which os is compatible with WhatsApp my current os is stl001.

I can't find WhatsApp in BlackBerry world

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I have a sim free z10 using a three (UK) sim and no update - a very kind soul offered a solution - buy a Vodafone sim get update then whatsapp - all hunky dory- and not sure if it's psychological but seems like the phone runs faster - (ex iphone4s user)

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I'm a user of the new blackberry z10 and up until now i haven't received a link on the new whatsapp in my appworld what do you think can be wrong. or people in africa (Ghana) are not allow to hmm..

I was initially on 10.0.9.x and Whatsapp wasn't even visible on BlackBerry world. Last night I used the autoloader.exe from BBOS.COM to install which worked perfectly. I could then see whatsapp so OS 10.0.10.x is definitely a pre req. However, I then tried to install Whatsapp from blackberry world and got the error "Error installing application". It seems like a general issue so I opened a support ticket, just awaiting their response. Hoping this is fixed soon!

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I prefer open whatsapp... this whatsapp doesnt have multicolored bubbles for group chat. really annoying

Really annoying that whatsapp doesn't show on my bb. It's sim free and tbh this just plain sucks bb

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The problem I'm having is.. I just added a new contact in my phone and when I go to new chat and search for the contact to send them a message, they are not there to select... so I presume I have to wait for them to message me first or something which is kinda Gay.

Again though not BlackBerry's fault, it's WhatsApp S fault :)

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Please help me, how do i move favourites on my whatsapp? Also i can't seem to see any of my contatcs statusses? Please help, thanks, anneke

It is there in the app world...it gets downloaded properly...but it's givin problems while installin....my whatsapp is not getting installed on my Z10....please help...temme wat can i do 2 install it prply n start usin it....

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Folks, here is the official reponse from the support ticket I opened with Whatsapp this morning:

We apologize for the inconvenience. In order to install and use WhatsApp Messenger on BlackBerry 10, you will need to have Software Release, otherwise known as BB OS Version for your BlackBerry device.
You can check your BB OS version in the BlackBerry Settings:
BB Settings > About > [Category : General] > OS Version
If your BB OS version is less than, you will need to wait for a device update from your mobile provider.

So there you have it!

My software says I running the latest but it not. Anyone no of virgin are releasing the Os 10.0.10 software.

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Please I still can't install this App on my Z10 someone help...its showing not available for this device.

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I couldn't get an update from my carrier as well, but i took out the simcard and did a manual update from BB Link. Got my update and installed whatsapp. No problem at all :-)

My contacts have transferred to what's app which is great. However I am unable to start a conversation with anyone in my contacts. I have to go to my favourites. If not in my favourites I'm unable to message. Any ideas

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Uff still missing some featurings on this version of whatsapp, i used to turn off the alerts and led indicator for messages of groups, i see that i cannot do that in this version for Z10, if i'm wrong or unaware, somebody please, help me!

Its not as good as in android coz u cannot use it in share list and even u cannot forward any file from chat, wasted my time waiting for this, went back to android the king of smart phones...

Hi! I have downloaded whatsapp on my Z10 however I can not access my contacts and can not whatsapp anyone unless I invite them to whatsapp!!! Does anyone know how I can intergrate my contacts on my phone with whatsapp???

I am having trouble adding New Contacts from a Whatsapp group directly into my Phonebook (Contact List). I have to note the number down, go back into contacts and add seperately. Anyone facing the same problem or have a solution for this?