AT&T keeps things simple with their BlackBerry Z10 branding

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By Adam Zeis on 11 Mar 2013 11:06 am EDT

When carriers release new devices, often times they always try to sneak their branding on somewhere and the BlackBerry Z10 is no different. While Rogers actually isn't sporting any carrier branding on their Z10, Verizon went the complete opposite route and is throwing their branding not only on the front of the device but on the back as well. It's not the prettiest way to do things, but there will be no mistaking a Verizon device that's for sure.The option is always there to change out the battery door at least if you're not a fan of the design.

AT&T BlackBerry Z10 Branding

AT&T looks to be taking a simple approach to branding for the Z10 this time around. As seen in their upcoming devices, there is no carrier stamp on the front of the device, rather just a simple AT&T globe logo on the bottom of the battery door - which again can easily be swapped out should you choose to do so. I actually don't mind this branding so much - it's very subtle and not at all obnoxious, so most users shouldn't have an issue with it. If you're going to use a case on your device then it doesn't matter so much in the end regardless.

What are your thoughts on the AT&T Z10 branding - love it? Hate it? Don't care? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks Chad!

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AT&T keeps things simple with their BlackBerry Z10 branding


Not long as I get the phone..I can be their walking advertisement.


I agree girl! I have been lonnnnnng awaiting this phone! I will be preordering tomorrow and leaving work early (with a lame excuse) to pick mine up on the 22nd and spend the rest of the day enjoying my Z10!! I can't wait!!

Does it really matter...seeing as how by using their phone and paying them X amount per month you are a walking advertisement.

My question is this, do you guys know how to replace the ATT splash screen with something else? I think it would be cool to have my face be the splash screen, because I love myself.

I concur! I'm happy AT&T went this route. The first, half-good thing they've done. Do we know how much off-contract price of the phone is?

Rogers does have their brand on the splashscreen (which sucks/ugly imo) where as Bell/Telus does not!

Which disappears once your phone has rebooted, i dont think its that huge an issue having the splash screen come up for a matter of seconds then it disappears once the Z10 has booted up.

I have an unlocked Z10 here in the UK and with my sim card, i dont get any carrier/network splash page so i feel left out lol.

i think the splash screen depends on the carrier itself. i am on telstra, and the big T screen appears for a sec before entering the standby screen after the boot up, however i tried to pop in an optus sim and there is no splash branding screen. so i conclude that the carrier splash screen depends on the carrier itself and it is NOT injected to the handset at all.

thank you god!, i ironically like the AT&T symbol, so having just that on my phone will be fine.

Thank god it has been announced, i was going crazy

I'd prefer no logos but I think the iPhone is the only phone right now that has enough persuasion with the carriers to keep it logo free. Still I think the AT&T logo is relatively small and not that bad especially when compared to the Verizon 4G LTE branding. Unfortunately for me I have Verizon for my family's phones so guess I'll be looking for a spare battery cover and/or a case on my Z10.

This was bothering me as well. When you click blog view you will notice that the address bar changes as well. So I saved it as a bookmark so that every time I click it it automatically brings me to blog view. Dont think there is another way to do it sadly

Hmm maybe check your browser settings. Maybe it's not saving the cookies that tell it you want blog view. I haven't had an issue once I switched over.

It remembers it until I shut down the browser. Launch the browser again and go to CrackBerry and I'm back to Featured View. I'm using IE 10.

Looks tasteful, although I would not be surprised to find an AT&T Globe on the front also when the device is in the market. Lets hope they retain the look shown here.

I like the globe. I think it is cool. Also, WHO CARES? You can just remove it if you want to.

Gimmie...gimmie...gimme...gimmie...MY PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!

I like it, similar to the branding on my Torch 9860. Just a simple logo on the back near the bottom on the battery door.

i'm sure like all AT&T phones it will also have the AT&T logo on the screen on startup. Don't really need logos logos everywhere. I'm sure just having the Z10 will cause enough questions about the phone.

Very simple and small...can't complain. I will be more than happy to own the phone first thing March 22.

All of this info just makes me feel sicker and sicker about giving Verizon.. the front logo is off center and looks so thrown in there.. I'm OCD and gonna have to find some way to remove it without destroying my phone cuz that looks SO bad. Good on you AT&T, glad atleast someone cares enough about their customers.. /:

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I found this other way using scotch tape and a pencil eraser that was posted here on CB by "Ojhoana" on a thread about the Verizon's carrier branding. I'll be trying this when I get mine:

".... some scotch tape and good #2 pencil eraser. Apply a piece of scotch tape, press smoothly over the logo. Then erase, not hard, repeat until logo is gone. The scotch tape removes the layers of paint of the logo."

BBRY is up 10% already today! I guess the shortlister couldn't hold it off anymore after att announcement!

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Thank goodness they kept their logo off the front face of the phone. There is no need for it (Ya I'm talking to you Verizon). Mind you, I'm not a fan of "BlackBerry" across the front either. Also, who is to say this is what the AT&T phone will look line in the box. They could have just used RIM's marketing images for the ad...

I quite like the AT&T Branding - it looks inconspicuous, and professional, and looks like someone took time to make sure they could brand without detriment to the overall look of the phone.

One another note - Can nobody do anything about the spam that is being fed into the comments? It really detracts from an otherwise excellent site

I like it. That enough branding on the outside. Now let's hope the OS is mostly crapware free.

Looks good. However carriers should tread lightly with their high end phones. High end customers are a picky lot and they don't like getting pushed around. Verizon is tone deaf to these facts, but they are pretty much tone deaf to anything their customers say. Fortunately their tech department and engineers keep making a great network and product to sell. As long as the hardware guys keep doing a good job (see FIOS) Verizon has room to make a lot of screw ups.

Verizon Z10 is horrid looking with the awful branding all over the phone. Man I really hope that the Q10 is close to being launched. I already have two very big Z10's at home (PlayBook) just waiting for a BlackBerry10 update.

I need that lovely work horse of a phone called Q10!!

Actually think this looks quite nice. Well done ATT for once, lol!
Can not wait until next Friday.
Now if I only knew what the off contract price is going to be.. cause that's the route I'm going...

Why do people love carrier branding I am totally against it. Networks don't pay me an incentive to promote their network if they did by all means they allowed to brand it.

Can't hardly wait! FWIW, I also like simple and clean for branding, as it seems to go with the device aesthetic.

I prefer no branding but I understand why they would and am glad they went this route instead of doing what VzW did.

Branding is a form of advertising. We are being forced to advertise for them. I guess giving us the phone for $199.99 allows them this right. Once the 2 yr contract is up then we should be able to trade in the old back cover for an unbranding one-hahaha. What I am more concerned with is all the bloatware that may appear on the phone and we will not be able to remove it.

It's definitely better than Verizon's branding on the front and the back. If AT&T just goes with just the logo it won't be bad but my other phones through them had both the logo and the AT&T name on them, but only on one side.