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BlackBerry Q10 with rubberized back caught on camera

By Adam Zeis on 9 Mar 2013 10:32 am EST

We've seen plenty of the upcoming BlackBerry Q10 at this point, but some new images of what looks to be an early developer unit have surfaced. The images show the black Q10 but oddly it has a rubberized battery door that is more similar to the that of the BlackBerry Z10. We've seen (and fondled) the Q10 multiple times now and never seen a battery door like this, so we don't expect that it will show up anywhere unless it gets offered up as a third-party replacement for the OEM door.  

I for one would love to see this offered as an alternative option though - I totally love the feel of the battery door on the Z10 and it would be great to carry that over to the Q10 as well.

What's cool here too is that we get another look at the Q10's NS1 battery. That bad boy is sporting 2100mAh and to say we're excited to test it out is an understatement. Keep in mind that the Z10 battery is 1800mAh, so with all that extra juice plus a smaller screen size, the Q10 looks to have some amazing battery life. 

Check out the gallery for more photos and let us know what you think in the comments!

Reader comments

BlackBerry Q10 with rubberized back caught on camera


Love the z10. Will be testing the Q10 once released as I still miss my keys of my late Bold. Besides I type a lot and the screen is of reduced size anyhow. The HDMI gives me big screen when i need it. Want BlackBerry Bridge to return to its original glory as that was my phones screen. PB owners with BlackBerry phones know what I am talking about. Really missing my Bridge. Kevin Please Get Thor To Return The BRIDGE!

Posted via CB10

Totally agree on the bridge. So love the bridge from my Torch to my PB. Wondering if or how they will implement the flick keys from the Z10 to the Q 10, they're kind of addictive.

Posted via CB10

Problem with offering the battery door in a rubberized alternative is that the top piece that surrounds the camera and flash would still be the carbon glass that is set to come stock on the Q10. Not sure how the back would look with a carbon glass top piece and rubberized battery door. Would BlackBerry then have to offer the phone in 2 finishes?

Looking at the pictures above, that style wouldn't apply in this case. The battery cover doesn't cover the top portion of the device's backside.

Anyone know if the glass weave back will be coming to the z10? Can c be done considering it is just the back plate. That would be cool to have on my phone

Posted via CB10

I would snap up one for the Z10 in a second if it was offered. I love the white/carbon look. That would be sweet.

BlackBerry should pump out custom z10 back covers. Would be cool. Like when Kevin put the black cover on the white z10 to make the oreo. NHL teams, football teams, beer brands, ski brands.....so people can make their own statement. but these should be OEM produced and marketed. The rubber back on the z10 Is awesome, and I like how it grips not only in your hand but on surfaces. Hard plastics and metals are too slippery.

Posted via CB10

Get a cool case bro. Not only it will display what you want, but it won't slip and it will protect your phone from an infortune

I use the holster at work so work so no chance of a protector. Don't care for them anyhow. Also, do not get the otter box. A friend of mine bought a z10 and told me he was having a lot of issues. When we met up at hockey, he had it in an Otter Box. It covers up the bezels but it is for the z10. What a waste.

Posted via CB10

If the Q10 come out with that back door, I will definitely jump in head first and sell my Z10

Posted via CB10

You know what would be cool? A virtual trackpad running as an app if you really need it. That would be redundant but also very neat!

The z10 feels great in the hand, and I'm sure the a10 will to... my niece will be getting one as soon as it's available.

Posted via CB10

Since we won't be seeing the Z10 on Sprint - I am stoked to see great developments on the Q.... Even though we are going to have to wait til Q3 to see this badboy on Sprint!

I love the back of the Z10. Will get a Q10 when it comes out my missus needs real buttons and she's on an OS6 Bold. Although the Samsungs and Applles get loads of press when I commute to London there are LOTS of OS6 BB devices out there.

Now this is exciting! Good to see the Q10 sporting a rubberized back for added grip. Next I want to feel the keys and the responsiveness. If the feel of the keys and the back are good, might need to swap it for the 9780.

I'm loving the BlackBerry z10 right now I can't wait to try the q 10! BlackBerry need to get this phone out quick I know a lot of people are waiting on it

Posted via CB10

Thanks Adam for posting that. I think you are right on the mark. The MS1 battery with the 2100 mAh batt should be a real work horse. I would suspect that a heavy user could get 8 hrs easily and average users 10 plus. That would be a true work platform for the road warrior. I cant wait for the carriers ( esp VZW) to kick this thing out to you guys so we can get the real batt runtimes etc. As for the backing. I could see them easily use something similar to the rubberized backing next to the batt door, that is already used on the 9900 series. Grips enough to hold well and doesn't tend to snag when returning it to it's holster.

Rumoured. Please refer to crackberry's official specs article for the real deal, or wait until somebody does an official tear down.

Doesn't the white Q10 have a rubberized back? I thought the glass weave was only for the black one. Perhaps this is the same as the white, but in black?

I know this is random, but I'm really getting annoyed with these 'make money at home' posts . . isn't there anything we can do about those?

(yeah I know, if I don't like them I shouldn't read them . . I hear ya )

I'm sick an tired of people complaining about all these different stuff PB bridge Facebook and Twitter. It's a new platform there's no need for the old Bridge anymore. Just think about it for a second. All the bridge needs to do is supply an Internet connection. Heck I sold my PlayBook the same week I got my Z10, the phone is more powerful. Well maybe for bbm and sms, but have your Z10 left your hands since you got it? Lol.

Posted via CB10

Totally disagree about the Bridge. It is a bigger screen for my phone. When you are running a business, and you are not in the office, I can view emails, word docs, excel spreadsheet etc on a bigger screen than 4.3 inches. The PB with my Bold 9000 with trackball and the bridge was everything. Yes I love the z10, but now I am back to a small screen unless I HDMI to a tv. If i don't get the Bridge back, honestly throw out my PB.

Posted via CB10

SELL IT if you only bought it for blackberry bridge. Honestly, if you DON'T appreciate it, Why did you buy it in the first place? Sheesh.

Agree with bridge. I will be upset if the q10 comes out with a larger battery than the full touch z10 that doesn't make sense to me at l. Especially since people complain of bad battery life. It would have been nice to say 20 hrs out of the box. And I have yet to see really improved battery life since I hijacked a Rogers update. Think it would make a difference if the carrier you use hasn't supported the update yet? Also noticed every time I separately open the cb10 app and want to comment it says user banned, please fix this, otherwise fantastic app!

Posted via CB10

I also agree with the guy above bout people complaining, especially about the app things give it a bit of time and it will be perfect. But bridge is still very worth while, like opening a Web page on the pb or watching a video or sms or BBM on the pb would be nice, especially if someone uses the pb a lot it was handy to respond to a text or BBM without even taking out your phone or picking it up. They should even add in voice calls if they could. Route them to the pb and use speakerphone!

Posted via CB10

I think just about everything BB has done with this launch has been good....launching the Z10 first was brilliant. If they released the Q10 simultaneously I think Z10 sales would have suffered and the device that BB REALLY needs to be successful to take on Apple and Android would have been relegated to the back ground. Now hard core BB qwerty fans are loving the new innovative touch screen and yelling from the mountain tops! Good job BB.

Considering roughly half of the z10 purchases were made by Android and Apple users, it's not only BlackBerry faithful that are yelling from mountain tops.

Posted via CB10

Loving my Z10 but this q10 is looking good. I would have to get it with the rubber back, it my favorite part of the z10

Posted via CB10

Obviously second attempt to post worked. Posted - got error - viewed my account page - posted again. It's ok. Hmm

Posted via CB10

can't go to the next or the previous after the third pic.
Additionally, when i clicked the pic to open it up the new tab i got an error on a blank page "Error generating image."
Win7, Google Chrome 25.0.1364.152

Damian :

I agree about the bridge. There is no need for it anymore. And my BlackBerry Z10 is almost glued to my hands since day one. I live it so much, I haven't even touched the PlayBook since I got it. When I used my bold 9900 it was nice to bridge it with playbook and use it sometimes. Buy now everything i need to do I can do from Z10. And if someone wants to open the spreadsheet on the go or something else, you can just do it by tethering the PlayBook to your z10 or create the hot spot from Z10 which works so fast and better than any other phone out there.

Posted via CB10

I concur, have not touch my pb since the Z10 came along. Used to use pb constantly instead of my 9850.

Posted via CB10

@Playbook007......for those having bought the Z10 otterbox....and having issues on the touch screen....a little tip, i find the plastic screen too thick....so i snapped it off and everything is fine....=) now am just waiting for a privacy screen to be produced. (not from otterbox)

Posted via CB10

Those complaining need to GIVE IT A FRIGGIN BREAK! It hasn't even come out yet and these are RUMOURS about the rubberised backing.

I like some heft to my phone so the Z10 and the transformer case is perfect. Form and function in one and works with the media docks great.

Posted via CB10

I actually really like this. One of the things i dont like about the Q10 is the fact that the BlackBerry logo on the back seems to be brushed on like a sticker, rather than embedded and shinny like the Bold 9900 and this rubberized Q10 beauty. Small nuisance, I know but elegance makes all the difference to me. The build quality of the 9900 is just amazing and I want every aspect of that transferred to the Q10. However minuscule