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The BlackBerry House at SXSW 2013 and the Blog Bounty

The BlackBerry House at SXSW 2013 and the Blog Bounty
By Bla1ze on 8 Mar 2013 11:09 am EST

SXSW 2013 has now kicked off and will officially run up until March 17th. To celebrate the occasion, BlackBerry is hosting an open house party the whole time and folks in the Austin, Texas area can stop by the BlackBerry House to check out BlackBerry 10 in-depth.

Each day, BlackBerry will be hosting special events, showing off BlackBerry 10 and just in case that's not enough to get you to stop by, they're also hosting a blog bounty. The Blog Bounty starts March 8th and you can earn $100.00 US per app built with the BlackBerry App Generator. If you're not going to be in the Austin, Texas area you can still participate in the Blog Bounty though, read on for further details.

As noted on the BlackBerry Blog, the Blog Bounty will be ran virtually as well on Sunday March 10th, Tuesday March 12th, Thursday March 14th, Saturday March 16th, and Sunday March 17th from 10-2 ET and anyone looking to build an app in those times will be eligible for the offer as well, to a maximum of $2,000 per Vendor. If you're looking for the full details or need to know more about the BlackBerry House itself, you can hit the links below.

Learn more about the BlackBerry House
Learn more about the BlackBerry Blog Bounty



Wow, great incentive for developers :)


Yep its great, more useless Android ports in the BB world lol.

Saying that though, i hope some devs put some real hard work into their apps...i dont mind spending a few bucks to get an app as long as it works and doesnt give me issues.


If you read the terms, the app can't be "useless."


Strange given that 99.9% of the Android ports in BlackBerry World are useless.


Oh.. My. I wish I was a developer


The new C10 app is the bomb!

Posted via CB10


This is a very bad move IMO. It's simply going to increase the number of useless apps in BlackBerry World.


Same here. These portothon rubbish camps are just getting the numbers up. Damn the quality. I'd rather have 100 decent apps than 100,000 fart simulators.


Problem is people focus on NUMBERS, rather than quality when they talk about platforms. For actual users, quality apps are important, and i think the BFB program and BB10's dev tools give developers the ability to make them.


Looks like a very busy lineup of info moments ! The majority of us can't escape the chill of winter with a trip south but it looks like The Sheepdogs are heading south to keep ya entertained :)


Legit devs aren't going to change their plans either way based on a port-a-thon... quality apps come, but eventually, shovel ware lowers the relative profile of legit apps (a lot of "Noise" to get through), so I hope these are reaching their end.

Posted via CB10


That's pretty cool!
I wish I had enough money to travel to SxSW this year


Now this is an excellent idea. AND The Sheepdogs will be there from my home province :) Represent!


Whoever keeps saying there will be allot of useless apps, DON'T F**KING DOWNLOAD THEM!!!! Just read the description, or AVOID them. Gosh. Also, NOT ALL OR EVERY SINGLE APP IS USELESS!! Android ports? WHO CARES REALLY?!?! As long AS IT WORKS, you have APPS. People need to learn to APPRECIATE things.